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Hasbro Transformers Voyager Class Protectobot Hot Spot

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Here's a good one. Protectobot Hot Spot comes one per case, with 2 slots being a G2-inspired Megatron, which is the one you're likely to see sitting. Hot Spot goes first, and with good cause as he hasn't had a "normal" toy in years. Sure, we had a Legends-scale "Hot Zone," plus a Titanium Series toy, but this one is a real full-size plastic Autobot warrior that comes in bright blue and has a really good new head. Heck, it's so good you might want to swipe it for other toys like BotCon Spark (or Pyro, whatever.Hasbro-15417


Launch the missile and set it aside for now.
Rotate each of the panels on his forearms around.
on the inside of each shoulder armor panel, fold out the pieces that form the side windows.
Rotate the shoulder armor so it covers the front of each shoulder.
Straighten each arm out.
Straighten out the panel that forms the back section.
Swing the head back and lock it in place.
Swing each arm back and connect the two shoulder armor pieces together.
Press the panels that form the side windows against the sides of the vehice in the front.
Swing the arms up and rotate the missile launcher cannon around.

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