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Dohvinci Art Studio Easel & Storage Case Set

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Product Description:

Let your creativity pop off the page with a unique make-and-display art experience that just might get you hooked. Brought to you by the makers of Play-Doh modeling compound, DohVinci design kits let you decorate and personalize your world in so many colorful ways. It's super easy for almost anyone to do! Just use the innovative air-dry design compound and Styler tool to create dimensional designs with bold 3D lines. And unlike most paints or markers, don't worry if you make a mistake. Just wipe off your design and try again! Once you're ready, show off your beautiful creation as it air dries!

What It's All About:
Whether you feel wildly inspired or just want to chill out and have fun, every DohVinci experience is unique and easy! Just follow 3 simple steps to get started on your project:

1. Choose a color.
2. Slide the Deco Pop tube containing colorful design compound into the Styler.
3. Squeeze to create colorful artwork with a fun dimensional effect!
It's a lot like the experience of a glue gun, but without electricity or hot, sticky messes. Check out the included Inspiration Guide to learn basic techniques and fun ways to combine dots, lines and swirls into multi-colored designs. Swap colors effortlessly by pushing the Deco Pop tube out of the Styler and popping in another. Once you're done designing, you don't have to wait - you can display it immediately as it air dries! So what are you waiting for? Live boldly and express yourself with DohVinci designs!
Play-Doh, DohVinci and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.

Take Your DohVinci Designs With You:
Don't leave your DohVinci supplies at home - take them with you and design in 3D wherever you go! The Anywhere Art Studio kit is a 2-in-1 easel and storage case that folds up for easy portability. The case has 7 slots to hold your collection of Deco Pop tubes, a stand just for the Styler, and a large central compartment to hold your art boards and other projects. This case is also a perfect starter kit as it includes 4 Deco Pop tubes, a Styler, and 5 art boards including 2 blank boards for truly open-ended creativity. Use the art boards as a template for practice, then explore your creativity freestyle with the blank boards!

Experience Your Imagination in 3D:
Get ready for an arts and crafts revolution! The vibrant DohVinci design compound was inspired by Play-Doh modeling compound, but it was made for older kids who are looking to decorate and display their own keepable creations. In fact, when you're feeling extra crafty, the design compound also sticks to surfaces like wood craft, cardboard, paper, and other materials. If you've got any DohVinci compound leftover, try creating your own DohVinci projects at home! Just make sure to get a parent's permission first, as the compound can stain some surfaces.

Easel and storage case, 3 art boards, 2 blank design boards, Styler and 4 Deco Pop tubes.


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