Barbie Color Reveal Set with 50+ Surprises

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Barbie Color Reveal Set with 50+ Surprises

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Product description

Product Description:

Barbie Original Color Reveal Doll Set with 50+ Accessories Surprise Blind Box Kid Toys Waterproof Funny Playset for Girl GRK14

Barbie Color Reveal dolls deliver the ultimate unboxing experience -this giant set features more than 50 surprises that include a Color Reveal Barbie doll, a Color Reveal Chelsea doll and three Color Reveal pets! There are also repeat color-change features, a long-haired wig, clothing, accessories and storytelling pieces to play out a dream slumber party! And there's a game, scene elements and reusable packaging that add to the fun. Kids start by opening the bucket and emptying the 28 mystery boxes; everything can be stored back inside when playtime is over. Find the play mat, punch out the corresponding dice and games pieces from the packaging and assemble them; then use them to travel the game board and unbox packages as instructed. Once everything is open, begin the revealing fun. Remove Color Reveal Barbie doll from the tube, fill it with warm water, then insert the doll and swirl her around. The water turns silvery, and when the doll is pulled out, her features are revealed! Do the same to reveal the looks of the Color Reveal Chelsea doll and each of the three Color Reveal pets. Find the sponge, dip it in ice cold water and use to create color-change effects Barbie doll's and Chelsea doll's bodice. Use warm water to transform back. Repeat the wow moment over and over again! Flip over the game to find a slumber party scene on the other side, and use the additional pieces to play out sleepover stories -accessories include pajamas, sleeping bags, snacks, pet gear and more! Kids can punch out the child-sized eye masks from the packaging to immerse themselves in role-play even more. They'll love opening this package, getting this slumber party started and playing out daydreams, sweet dreams and so much more! Which dolls will be revealed Barbie doll cannot stand alone. Colors and decorations may vary.

Decode, reveal, transform and play!

Kids will love unlocking this Barbie color reveal set that takes her through the unboxing experience and reveals over 50 surprises - including a silver metallic Barbie doll, a Chelsea Teal color reveal doll, 3 color reveal pets and 36 accessories underneath. Sleeping address!

What will you discover?

To detect dolls and pets, fill a pipe or bowl with warm water, dip a doll or pet in, swirl and... Surprise! The water changes color, and when the doll or pets are pulled out, their appearance is revealed. Then use icy cold water and the included sponge to transform the design of the doll's bibs - use warm water to change them back in for frequent transformation!

Slumber party fun!

Play outside the slumber party using the flip side of the play mat and many additional themed pieces, such as a wraparound tent, pajamas, sleeping bags, pet beds, snacks and more!



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