Children's Four-Axis 6-Channel Remote Control QuadCopter

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Children's Four-Axis 6-Channel Remote Control QuadCopter


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Product description


Built-in 6-Axis Gyro Quadcopter: Strong stability, can easily do various flight movements, stronger wind resistance, easier to control

360-Degree Flip: Just press the key, and you got 360-degree Flip, continuous roll for perfect action and wonderful performance

Great Protection: The propeller blades are protected by high-quality plastic blade frames which decrease impacts from collision

Built-in LED Light: Flashing LED lights enables good flight experience at night.

MUYS Quadcopter is Light Weight and Durable

The propellers are guarded by a plastic frame so that it's protected during collision. Suitable for flying indoors and outdoors, it includes a removable hull and blade guards.

The MUYS Quadcopter offers High-Speed Flight

Pushing the speed control button, switches the quad to high-performance mode. When it's stable, you can get it doing more tricks: up/downward, left/rightward, 360 degrees rotate, etc.


Step 1: Insert the battery into the quad-copter and plug it in the receptacle. Please note: make sure the battery is fully charged.

Step 2: Be sure the left throttle stick on the remote control is all down, and then insert new batteries and turn on the remote.

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to see if both devices will sync. You will hear three beep sounds when devices are paired. Proceed to Step 4 if the device is not synced.

Step 4: Push the left throttle stick all the way up and down quickly.



  • +2.4 GHz Technology And Wind Resistance
  • +Large Frequency Receive
  • +360 Unlimited Eversion
  • +6 channel 6 Axis Gyroscope
  • +Altitude Hold Mode
  • Age 5+
  • Battery Timing : max 7-10 min



  • Packaging Size: 12" x 12" x 5"
  • Packaging Weight: 1.75 lb
  • Battery: 400mah
  • Charging Time: About 60 minutes
  • Flying Time: 8~12 Minutes
  • Controlling Distance: About 180~220 meters


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