Educational Computer Pad

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Educational Computer Pad

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Product description

Product Introduction

1. The flat-panel early education machine has two styles, blue and pink;

2. Eight modes: letters, words, spelling, reading, songs, music, questions,mathematics;

3. With the sounds of six animals and piano games;

4. With LED display, it will automatically shut down if there is no operation for two minutes, and can control the volume;

Function Introduction

Eight Modes

The 8 modes include 6 learning modes and 2 music modes. Different modes will bring more learning fun to kids.

Different Experience

In different modes, pressing the same letter key will have a different experience, giving kids more learning experience.

Piano and Numbers

Kids can play piano games with this toy, and they can also learn numbers and math through the piano keys

Interesting Animal Sounds

Kids can press different animal keys to distinguish the sounds of animals and touch the world of animals through sounds.

Interesting Kid's Learning Games

As a birthday gift for boys girls aged 2-5, this is the best choice.

The educational learning toy can be used as a home school and

kindergarten preschool education to lay a good learning foundation

for kids. This preschool learning toy is the best choice for kids as

birthday gifts, party gifts, and holiday gifts. Let kids learn through

learning games.

  • 📖【Educational Toys for 1 2 3 4 Years Old Kids】👍 Learning toys that can learn letters, math, and music are very suitable for preschool learning for 1-2 years old toddlers. This learning toy includes alphabets, words, spelling, mathematics, music, and other modes that allow boys and girls aged 1-4 to choose to learn. Through learning games and math games, a baby’s interest in learning can be cultivated. It is an excellent Preschool educational electronic toy for kids aged 1-4.
  • 📖【Toddler Learning Toys for Kids Age 12+ Months】👍 If you are still worried about preschool education for your kids 12 14 18 months old, then this learning toy will be your best choice. This alphabet learning and math learning toy is suitable as a learning resource for home school, with rich learning content. Your 1-3 years old son and daughter can also play piano games and learn the sounds of animals. It is a tablet learning toy specially designed for 1 2 3 years old toddlers.
  • 📖【Learning Games and Word Party Toys for Baby】👍 If you are looking for Montessori toys for your 12-24 months old baby, please buy this baby tablet toy for him/her. The study of 26 letters and the spelling of words can improve the cognitive enlightenment of 1-2 years old babies. Through the pronunciation of letters and words, cultivate the auditory recognition of 2-4 years old toddlers, and lay a good foundation for preschool education for your baby.
  • 📖【Math Games and Baby Musical Montessori Toys】👍 This preschool educational toy can allow 1 2 3 4 5 years old toddlers to learn mathematics and play piano games. By strengthening kids' feelings about mathematics, cultivate kids' thinking logic. The piano game can exercise a kid's hands-on ability, and exposure to music is conducive to the healthy development of the 2 3 4 years old toddler's brain. Parents can rest assured to buy this learning toy and musical toy for their babies.
  • 📖【Toddler Learning Toys Gifts for Boys and Girls】👍 Toys for kids to learn letters, words, math and music are the best gifts for kids age 2-5. Your kids will also love this educational toy. Educational toys are suitable for toddlers who are 1 2 3 4 5 years old as Christmas gifts, Thanksgiving Day, Children's Day, Halloween, and other holiday gifts and are more suitable as first birthday gifts for your son and daughter. Suitable as a Montessori toy gift for toddlers 1-4 years old.

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