Mastela Height Adjustable Baby Dining Chair

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Mastela Height Adjustable Baby Dining Chair


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Product description

Mastela Mile Chair for babies from 6 months to 4 years old

Mastela Dining Chair 07110, 07112 is the high quality product of the manufacturer Mastela, a great solution for easy sitting and eating baby. Mastela Dining Chair 07110, 07112 are trusted and used by European and American mothers.

Mastela Mile Chair 07110, 07112

Mastela Mile Chair 07110, 07112 with two cute colors is the ideal choice for your baby

When babies enter the feeding phase, mothers have to suffer with both holding their baby and feeding or having to ask for the help of someone else. From now on, everything has become much lighter thanks to the powerful assistant Mastela 07110 and 70112.

Mastela Mile Chair 07110, 07112

Size of Mastela Mile Chair 07110, 07112

Mastela Meal Chair 07110, 07112 is an extremely innovative product line for mothers and babies, weaning chairs can help babies sit and eat with all family members, training babies to be independent early. Flexible design in increasing suitable height so it can be used for a long time from the time the baby starts to practice weaning until the baby grows up.

- The chair is made of PP plastic, hard, solid and easy to clean.

- The product has a seat belt designed to keep the baby sitting in the chair without worrying about falling, and the seat belt can be adjusted according to the baby's weight.

- With an extremely innovative design, Mastela Dining Chair 07110, 07112 can be adjusted to the height of your baby's growth and growth process very easily.

- Mastela Mile Chair 07110, 07112 is very convenient to carry when going out and saves space because of its foldable feature.

- The dining table part of the chair is spacious, easy for the baby to sit and eat and can be removed when the baby gets older.

- Put the product on a high chair close to the dining table, the baby will enjoy all the fun while eating with the whole family.

- Powdered chairs for babies from 6 months to 4 years old.

- The product has two color choices for mothers and babies, the gray Mastela 07110 miles and the pink Mastela 07112 miles.

User manual for the product Mastela Mile Chair

- Adjust the height of the chair to suit your baby

- Put your baby in a neat chair

- Buckle up to hug the baby so that it is both safe and gentle and comfortable for the baby

In addition to creating a child with self-awareness and awareness when using Mastela Dining Chair 07110, 07112, mothers also need to pay attention to choosing suitable weaning powder for the most comprehensive development.


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