RISK Game of Global Domination

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RISK Game of Global Domination

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Product description

Description : 

Playing risk depends on both skill and luck. While you have a very simple goal in the game, you have to use different tactics to achieve it.

Risk board game is a game in the category of war and family games and the mechanics of the game are control of the area, moving the area, throwing dice, making sets and..
In the brain teaser game Risk, the players are in the role of army commander, whose goal is to conquer different territories of the world and defeat other armies and dominate the entire map of the planet.
In Risk board game model 55178, the game screen is a picture of the political map of the world, which is divided into 42 different territories on 6 continents, and players attack other territories with different territories in order to be able to conquer them.
The number of each territory and continent has its own points, in addition to those game cards also have their own points, which during the game with your help, at the end of the game the player with the most territory or in another mode of The game, a player wins by conquering all territories.
Risk 55178 board game is a family game that can be considered a semi-strategic game, and despite the many dice and the fact that each attack requires the roll of the dice, the percentage of chances in the game is very high.
But in any case, due to the presence of the world map on the game screen and army pieces and the general war and military theme of the game, for those who are interested in this style, it is very attractive and despite winning any attack or defense by dice or in other words luck It will be clear, but the strategy of attacking which territory and which enemy with which of your own territory and the strategy of arranging your forces will not continue, can affect the attractiveness of the game.
In the risk game, you have the role of an army commander who must try to conquer the territories and continents of the game with a certain strategy and place as many of your army pieces on the game screen as possible to attack more powerfully next time, and on the other hand Have more strength to defend against the attacks of rival players.
There are 6 continents in the game, each marked with a color that includes the continents: Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, North America and South America, and each continent contains specific regions or territories separated by borders.
Some of these territories are a specific country. For example, China, Brazil or Russia, and some regions are made up of several countries and have special names, such as: Northern Europe or Western America or the Middle East, which has a total of 42 territories in the game.
These territories are connected by a common border or sea lines, and each player can only attack territories that are connected to his own territory by a common border or sea lines.
In the risk game, you can play in both normal and classic modes, which have slight differences in the rules of the game.
Risk game time of the game varies depending on which game method you choose


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