Scrabble Magnetic Limited Edition

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Scrabble Magnetic Limited Edition

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Product description

Scrabble, is a classic word game that is richly rewarding and simple to play! This game is perfect for a head-to-head challenge or for a relaxing game night with family and friends. With Scrabble, you'll be able to sharpen your mind while having fun every time you play.


Inside the box, you'll find a magnetic board, 100 letter tiles, 4 tile racks, a tile bag, a user guide, and everything you need to get started playing right away. Plus, this game is non-toxic, making it safe for everyone to enjoy.


Playing Scrabble is easy! There are 98 alphabet tiles, each with a score value indicated by the number next to each letter. There are also two blank tiles that have no score value, which can be used as any letter desired. Once played, the letter it represents cannot be changed during the game.


To set up the game, simply place all the tiles in the tile bag. To determine who goes first, each player takes a tile out of the bag. The player with the letter closest to 'A' starts, with a blank tile beating the 'A'. Return those tiles to the bag when done.


Each player, in turn, draws seven new tiles and places them on their racks. Use a pen and paper to keep score and challenge your opponent to form words on the board using the letters on their rack.


Overall, Scrabble is a fascinating and mind-sharpening game that provides entertainment every time you play. Pick your letters, form words, and have fun with this classic game that has been enjoyed by generations of players!

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