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Wooden digital train


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Product description


A selection of high-quality eucalyptus wood, carefully polished each piece of brick, so that the surface of the building blocks is smooth and delicate, no burrs, no skin damage, no hands. Environmentally friendly water-based paint, healthy and safe, non-toxic and tasteless. Plastic hook design, easy to disassemble.

Toy cleaning and maintenance

1. Can not be washed
Because wood will expand and deform when exposed to water, wooden toys must not be washed directly with water or with alcohol. Gently wipe the surface of the toy with a clean wet gauze or handkerchief, or gently wipe with some natural cleaning solution or soapy water.

2. Regular drying
Avoid environmental humidity, because wooden toys are prone to discoloration when exposed to moisture, so it is necessary to dry to the air in a regular place. Remember to flip the toy when drying, so that each side is fully dry.

3. Avoid exposure
Wooden toys should avoid long-term exposure to sunlight, because long-term sunlight can easily evaporate the moisture in the wood, causing the wood to dry and cause cracking.


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