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4 Gadgets You Need To Buy For Your Kids In 2020

February 18, 2020 0 comments

4 Gadgets You Must Buy Your Kids In 2020


Long gone are the days when we used to see boys playing with remote control cars (RC cars) and girls spending their time changing their Barbie’s clothes and dressing her up for a party. It was quite a celebration when a tournament was won on a Hot Wheels race track and equally joyous was the day when an aunt gifted new clothes for the Barbie!


As times changed, technological advancements in the form of drones, Play Station, iPhones, iPads, tablets and smartphones flooded in and gradually but persistently replaced the essence of playing with conventional toys among kids.


However, it is quite exciting to see the evolution of toys as well. Developers are incessantly involved in crafting and designing toys for kids that meet the desires and standards of the girls and boys of today’s time. The toys we see today are evidently flashier, eye catching, finely detailed and shock proof which counters the tantrums of kids.


1. LCD Writing Tablets

LCD writing tablets are the new ipads for your kids – except they cause no harm to the eyes or the brain development of your child. Moreover it will help your focus of taking down notes or play casual games like Tic Tac Toe with his/her siblings. It also prevents children from taking a detour to Youtube and/or Facebook etc. Other features of the hand writing paperless tablet that make it a must have gadget for your kids are:


★ Brighter & Clear Writing:

The LCD display makes the writing tablet pad provide brighter and clearer writing. It also protects the eyes without radiation and glare.

★ E-Writer Easy & Safe To Use:

The electronic writing pad can write about 100,000 times with a clearance button. By one pen that you can draw or write any idea on the LCD writing tablet, Smooth strokes and clear writing tablet make it easier for children to create.

★ Writing Pads For Kids Functional & Conveniently:

E-writer or electronic writer board is suited for writing, drawing, office memo board, message board and as a communication tool. It is very suitable for you to teach your kid to draw or education which can present the child’s imagination and enhance creativity by non-polluting, random graffiti, avoiding soiling children's clothes.

★ Perfect Gift Items For Kids:

It's a best gift for your kids or for your grandchildren. Children can write and draw freely on the LCD writing tablet without using paper or color pen, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly.


2. Wireless Microphone Speaker

Let the kids sing and dance to the beat of their heart and the rhythm of their soul! Other than singing and dancing, rehearsing speeches at home using a microphone eliminates the fear of public speaking. Bluetooth connectivity of the mic to any and every latest smartphones caters the ease of access. A must have for all the young debaters and singers out there.




3. Drones

On fine Sunday afternoons, planning post brunch activities with kids is always a question unanswered. Drone toys for kids and drone cameras for adults are the perfect way to spend the day off enjoy and competing with family. They are controlled by remote and safe for the environment. Moreover, they add to your child’s outdoor activities and keep them away from electronic devices including smartphone and TVs.




4. Nail Art Pens

Nail art pens are the best fashionable toys for girls you can get. The unique pen with its fast-drying formula allows girls and teenagers to design and go. It creates nail designs over any nail color or nail polish. The fine-tip pen makes it easy to control and draw precise lines for any nail art even a French manicure.




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