Hot Wheels Spinshotz Rs.695
Product Description:The new and amazing HyperDisks offer kids speed and innovative play. This two-pack lets kids add to their collections. Each two-pack comes with a super top and a top designed for speed, endurance, acceleration or stunting. Colours are subject to availability. For Ages 5 and older. Includes: 2 Hyper Speed Track Disks Dimensions: Approximately 2.25" Diameter Works With SpinShotz Launchers How will you put your own spin on them? Ages 5+
Hot Wheels Color Shifters Chevy Panel Assortment Rs.795
Product Description: Machine Hot Wheels Color Shifters 55 Chevy Panel BHR17 (Hot Vils BHR15) are the most popular cars, back in 1968 they became the favorite toys of many generations of children all over the world! Superfast, hardy, different, available to everyone - collecting no limit!Note
Avengers Die-Cast Vehicle Rs.1,785
Description: Includes 12 Avengers themed Hot Wheels cars per pack A must have for any Marvel Avengers or Hot Wheels collector 64 scale die-cast vehicles with unifying themes in each package
Hot Wheels FYJ44 Monster Trucks Asst Rs.1,150
Product Description: ​The Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks 1:64 scale die-cast trucks are the baddest trucks ever built for competition and ultimate dominance! They square off in head-to-head battles with their GIANT wheels! Every truck includes a collectible wheel and the package provides stats for each including name, truck type, strength, unique crash attack and motor-vation for great storytelling fun! Each sold separately, subject to availability. Colors and decorations may vary. ​Collection of 16 different 1:64 Scale Die-Cast Hot Wheels® Monster Trucks (each sold separately)! ​Giant wheels and rad details— kids will want to collect them all! ​Every Monster Truck in the collection includes a collectible wheel!  ​Each monstrous machine is packed out with awesome stats on back giving details of their strength, crash attack, motor-vation and more! ​Built to smash and crash everything in sight, crushing any car in the way!
Hot Wheels Metal Dinkey 10Pcs - TZP1 Rs.2,495
Hot Wheels Metal Dinkey 10Pcs Product Description: Speed into an instant Hot Wheels™ collection with a race-ready pack that features five highly detailed die-cast vehicles. Hot Wheels™ 10-Car packs deliver 10 times the amped up action and are perfect for car enthusiasts of all ages. With a cool unifying theme, authentic details and eye-catching decos, these packs make a great gift for kids and collectors alike. Actual vehicles shipped may differ from those pictured.Features:• Kids can collect their favorites and trade with friends.• Each 10-car pack is an instant collection!• Makes a great gift for kids and collectors!
Hot Wheels Smashing and Crashing Break Apart Big Rig Rs.2,495
Product Description:  Kids will love this big rig vehicle with special features. Crash and it breaks apart sending cars flying. Great toy truck for developing motor skills and fueling storytelling fun. Large-scale truck for transporting vehicles with surprise feature that delivers crashing action boys love. Great Hot Wheels big rig for ages 3 and older. Each set includes a Hot Wheels vehicle and features that keep kids playing for hours of fun.
Hot Wheels Shark Chomp Transporter Playset Rs.3,495
Product Description:  This super-cool shark-inspired hauler gobbles up cars and stores them in its belly for a unique and fun way to transport and store Hot Wheels vehicles. This larger version of the iconic Shark Bite Hot Wheels car has the recognizable features of a kid-favorite nemesis -an exit ramp out the back shoots cars off to their next adventure. The Hot Wheels Shark Chomp Transport vehicle comes with one Shark Bite Hot Wheels car and can hold up to four more! (Additional cars sold separately.) Kids will love the shark-chomping features that swallow up cars, while parents will love the convenient and discreet storage that it provides when not in use. Makes a great gift for kids 4-8 years old!
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Playset Rs.4,495
Product Description:  Kids love Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with their GIANT wheels and outrageous features With the Launch & Bash set kids can slam launch their truck at the platform loaded with molded crushed cars for a car-splosion Easy set up for aiming at the trigger spot on the crash-landing zone then launching for the big moment again and again Simple set with epic pay-off includes a slam launcher, landing platform, 4 crushed cars and a fierce 1:64 scale Monster Truck Perfect birthday, holiday gift or reward for vehicle play fans
Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Track Set Rs.8,995
Product Description:  Thrilling, high-speed, side-by-side racing action Two kid-activated slam launchers get the race started Pop off characters in grandstands activated by each lap cars complete Finish flag appears to reveal the ultimate racing champ Connects to other Hot Wheels track sets ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels HW Celebration Box Rs.8,995
Product Description:  ​Item arrives in frustration-free, easy-to-open packaging that's 100% recyclable. For a gift-ready box, select "Ship in Amazon packaging" at checkout. ​The Hot Wheels HW Celebration Box is the ultimate gift set featuring everything kids need to boost and stunt their way to awesome Hot Wheels adventures! ​It includes 4 pieces of the classic Hot Wheels orange track and 4 connectors to get kids started on their own epic build or to enhance an existing build by connecting it to other sets (sold separately). ​The Hot Wheels HW Celebration Box also includes an activity page and 3 Hot Wheels logo stickers to continue the fun off-the-track. This set comes with 6 Hot Wheels 1:64 scale cars and is a fantastic starter set for kids 4 years old and up, as well as anyone with a love for everything Hot Wheels.
Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Rs.2,495
Product Description:  Collection of rivals in a 2-Pack of 1:64 Scale Hot Wheels Monster Trucks (each sold separately)! Giant wheels and rad details— kids will want to collect them all! Each set of two Monster Trucks in the collection are perfect for one-on-one crashing action! ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels City Mega Car Wash Rs.9,995
Product Description:  ​Recognizable car Wash themed set with surprising features Set has an automated conveyer belt and color change technology ​Kids squeeze warm water onto their color Shifters car for a color change moment ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels Nemesis Launcher Rs.2,495
Product Description:  Hot Wheels Dino Launcher and Hot Wheels Shark Launcher feature a t-rex and a shark as cool launchers and obstacles in the world of Hot Wheels City (sold separately). Kids must launch their cars with enough force or risk getting trapped in the mouths of the beasts! Both launchers have two connection points for kids to expand their Hot Wheels City world (sold separately), adding challenges and boosts to pre-existing sets. Each can also be played with independently without being connected to other tracks. ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels Prize Pack with 10 Vehicles Rs.3,495
Product Description:  10 Hot Wheels Award Vehicles reward children's achievements and achievements with individually wrapped Hot Wheels vehicles Each pack includes 10 different 1:64 scale Hot Wheels cars, each individually wrapped and accompanied by a gold sticker Parents and teachers can easily reward children with a Hot Wheels toy car that inspires creative storytelling and stimulates children's imaginations Each car features distinctive Hot Wheels features, a detailed design and authentic decals loved by kids and car enthusiasts ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels Builder Unlimited Track Pack Set Rs.2,495
Product Description:  This Hot Wheels Track Builder Unlimited Track Set is a basic track set for children who are just starting to build their own tracks, and for anyone who wants to expand an existing track. With the included materials, children can let their imagination run wild and create the wildest and most exciting racetracks. ​Popular Hot Wheels action sets for ages 4 to 10.
Hot Wheels Jet Jump Airport Play Set Rs.11,995
Product Description: The Hot Wheels motorized racetrack at the airport will provide an exciting gaming adventure. The endless flight of cars that start and reload from one plane to another thanks to a special design is amazing, it all starts from the runway and ends at the station where the cars land. The toy develops logic , imagination and fantasy. Then head back to the terminal to ride again continuous motorized action 2 jet planes swoop through the air, grabbing the cars waiting on the orange track taking them for a ride through the air and then stunt-dropping them back into the terminal to ride again Features Endless automatic flight of planes in a circle Run an unlimited number of cars in turn Set size - 45 cm in height Transfer the machine from one aircraft to another in the air.


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