cra z art disney toy tracing pad
CRA Z ART Disney Toy Tracing Pad
Packaging Slighlty Damaged Product Summary: Include Plastic Bright Led’s Light Up Pad, 10 Color Pencils, 1 Graphite Pencil, 10 Design tracing Sheets, 10 Blank Paper Sheets and Instruction. Name : Disney Toy Story 4 Bright LED’s Light Up Tracing Pad
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Glow Stick  Bead Bracelet
Glow Stick Bead Bracelet
Rs.595 Rs.845
Product Description:                                                                  Glow Stick Bead Bracelet Light up your night with our Glow Stick Bead Bracelet! This fun and festive bracelet is perfect for any party or celebration. Simply snap and shake the glow sticks to activate them, then thread them onto the bracelet beads. You can create your own unique design, or mix and match different colors to create a rainbow of light. Our Glow Stick Bead Bracelets are made with high-quality glow sticks that will glow brightly for hours. They're also non-toxic and safe for children, making them the perfect accessory for any family event. Features: Includes 2 glow sticks, 10 beads, and 2 connectors Glows for hours Non-toxic and safe for children One-time use Available in a variety of colors Great for parties, concerts, camping, and other celebrations Instructions: Snap the glow sticks to activate them. Thread the glow sticks onto the bracelet beads. Connect the two ends of the bracelet with the connectors. Enjoy your glowing bracelet! Tips: To make your bracelet glow even brighter, bend it back and forth before shaking it. If you're not going to be using your bracelet right away, store it in the refrigerator to keep it fresh. To dispose of your bracelet, simply cut the glow sticks and empty the contents into the trash. Safety: Do not puncture or cut the glow sticks. If the contents of a glow stick come into contact with your skin or eyes, wash the area immediately with soap and water. Keep glow sticks away from children under 3 years.  
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Two-in-One Braided & Knitting Set Two-in-One Braided & Knitting Set
Two-in-One Braided & Knitting Set
Rs.4,395 Rs.5,195
Description Explore endless creativity with our Two-in-One Braided & Knitting Set for Kids – a fantastic kit that combines the joy of braiding and knitting in a single, exciting package. Watch as your little ones dive into the world of crafting with this easy-to-use and versatile set. Key Features Double the Fun: Enjoy the best of both crafting worlds with a set that includes materials for both braiding and knitting projects. Colorful Yarn Delight: The set features a vibrant array of yarn colors, allowing kids to add a splash of creativity to their projects. Simple Crafting Pleasure: Kid-friendly instructions ensure an enjoyable crafting experience, making it easy for young hands to create beautiful pieces. Safe and Sturdy Materials: Crafted with the safety of your child in mind, our set is made from durable materials, ensuring hours of worry-free crafting. Versatile Project Options: From trendy braided bracelets to cozy knitted accessories, this set opens up a world of crafting possibilities for young artists. Product Specifications Materials: Safe and sturdy crafting materials Color Palette: Assorted vibrant yarn colors Recommended Age: Perfect for kids aged 8 years and above Crafting Variety: Braiding and knitting options for versatile creativity Packaging: Securely packaged for safe and exciting delivery Bring out the little artisan in your child with our Two-in-One Braided & Knitting Set. Order now and let the crafting adventures unfold!


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