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multi colors lcd writing tablet 10 inches
Multi Colors - LCD Writing Tablet 10 Inches Rs.1,995 Rs.2,745
Product Description: Function 10 Inch LCD Writing Tablet Paperless Notepad Electronic Slate Erasable Blackboard Used for Drawing Spelling Mathematics Leaving Message Shopping List Work Notes Office Memo Job Purpose (Black Case) ★ WRITING TABLET FOR KIDS BRIGHTER & CLEAR WRITING :- The LCD display makes the writing tablet pad provide brighter and clearer writing. Better protecting eyes without radiation and glare. ★ E WRITER EASY & SAFE TO USE :- The electronic writing pad can write about 100,000 times with a clearance button.By one pen that you can draw or write any idea on the LCD writing tablet, Smooth strokes and clear writing tablet make it easier for children to create. ★ WRITING PADS FOR KIDS FUNCTIONAL & CONVENIENTLY :- E writer board suit for writing, drawing, office memo board, message board and as a communication tool. It is very suitable for you to teach your kid to draw or education which can present the child’s imagination and enhance creativity by non-polluting, random graffiti, avoiding soiling children's clothes . ★ PERFECT GIFT ITEMS FOR KIDS :- It's a best gift for your kids or for your grandchild. Children can write and draw freely on the lcd writing tablet without using paper or color pen, which is very healthy and environmentally friendly .
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multi colors lcd writing tablet black 8 5 inch
Multi Colors - LCD Writing Tablet Black 8.5 Inch Rs.1,395 Rs.1,855
Product Description: ★ THE BEST DRY ERASE BOARD FOR MANY DIFFERENT APPLICATIONS - Outlined by the necessities of professionals and designers, this electronic writing tablet is multi-functional for lots of different uses. You can jot down basic notes and calculations, write shopping list, use as communication board, and draw pictures and more ★ LIGHTWEIGHT, REUSABLE, AND DURABLE - Unlike dull, off the shelf board writing tablets, we made our digital notepads with hard-wearing ABS plastic material that is scratch resistant, sturdy, and durable. The LCD screen is flexible not sensitive to stylus pressure, and it's easy to use in landscape or portrait direction. Use this convenient electronic writing board as your notebook, eWriter or iPad like ★ MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FOR DAILY USE - Engineered to be versatile, this writing tablet is aimed to feel like writing with pen on paper. You can use it for writing, drawing, doodling, drawing, reminding, office memo board and even as a communication tool. Kids, students, designers, artists and entrepreneurs can find this writing digital board useful for everyday needs ★ PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Whether giving from dad to son or vice versa, this electronic writing doodle pad makes great gifts. You can think of buying this for back to school gift, birthdays, Christmas and any occasion. It's suitable for kids and adults Size 8.5 Inches
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lcd writing tablet black 8 5 inch
LCD Writing Tablet Black 8.5 Inch Rs.1,245 Rs.1,495
Product Description: Size: 8.5inchApplicable people : Designer, Business man,teacher,students,etc.It will be your good helper when making note,draft or doing the math.Also you can leave important message for your family members with this on table,desk,refrigerator.Specification:Long service life :The case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials.Built in sealed button battery can be replaceable.Pressure-sensitive:LCD writing surface is easy to clean and maintain.Easy to take:Ultra thin and light,fits easily into a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack.Advantage :1. Sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push - just like paper and pen2. With 8.5 inch LCD screen, you can draw everything to show your imagination or education content.3. One Button to clean all thing: Erase your image with the touch of a buttonThe case and LCD are made from durable plastic materials, safe for school use and all around the office, house, and car .4. The Handwriting Tablet is an ultra 0.18" thin and is easy to take with you in a purse, scheduler, briefcase or backpack.Notice:1. Avoid using in the following condition temperature higher than 40℃, blew 5℃2. Do not let board soak in any liquid.3. Do not use sharp stuff to touch surface.1 x Writing Board1 x Writing Pen
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Character LCD Writing Tablet - TZP1 Rs.2,945 Rs.3,945
Product Description: 【Environmentally Friendly and Money saving】 It's a simple alternative to pen and paper lasting use, writing, save paper and money effectively. 【Very Easy to Use】Writing and Drawing on LCD tablet just like on the paper. Erase full screen images and words with only touch of a button fast, easy. Saving your image just lock the erase button 【Portable and Durable】 Easy to carry, great for cars, airplanes, restaurants and on the go. Easily fits in a briefcases, school bags or backpack without the mess of crayons, markers.A great idea for anyone who enjoys drawing, as a memo board for the home to leave messages on, even a product to help those suffering from hearing loss 【Perfect Gift】Perfect for kids,students, mom, elder,designers,use on the fridge for shopping lists, note taking, homework and office memo. Size approx 10inch Color & Shape May Vary 
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9 0 inch colorful lcd writing tablet
9.0 Inch Colorful LCD Writing Tablet Rs.2,895 Rs.3,745
Product Description: 【Eye Protection and Fantastic】Lcd writing table uses the latest LCD flexible screen, safe, no radiation, no glare, to avoid the damage to your child's eyes from long time use, protect your eyes, 9.0-inch color screen of the doodle board provides enough space for doodling, easy to watch, release your child's imagination and provide a better preschool learning experience! Safe and comfortable even for long time use! 【Environmentally Friendly and Economical】The drawing pads with built-in battery, battery life of 6 months,provides 100,000 times writing and drawing on the writing tablet, no need to charge or plug in. The stylus can be hung on the doodle board by a lanyard to avoid losing it,lcd writing board like writing and drawing on paper to draw lines, depending on how hard you press with the stylus different thicknesses to achieve different creative effects, Avoid paper wasting and no mess at home. 【Erase Key and Screen Lock】This LCD drawing tablet with erase key and screen lock.Erasable and reusable, If your child want to the creation always display the screen, just lock screen. When he want to start a new creation, unlock the screen and press erase key to erase it. 【Portable and Durable】This writing board weighs only 152 grams and is about 1/3 inch thick, It can be easily put in a school bag or travel bag,Very easy to carry.drawing board for kids is made of durable plastic, add round corner design which has good shock resistance and drops resistance. 【Awesome Toys Gifts for Kids】LCD writing tablet can be used as a doodle board, doodle pad, kid’s drawing pad, writing board, toddler drawing board, drawing tablet, graphic aids, graphic tablet, magic children's board, light drawing board for kids and so on. It can be a travel toy for long drives and road trips. A parent-pick gift for 3 4 5 6 7 8 year old girls and boys on Valentine's day, back to school, homeschool, birthday, Easter, Children's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and any occasions! Innovative LCD Writing Tablet-ASX
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9 inch panda lcd writing tablet
9 Inch Panda LCD Writing Tablet Rs.2,895 Rs.3,795
Product Description: The LCD writing pad provides 9 inches of space for your child to write and draw, freeing your child's imagination. Environmentally Friendly: Jervoise LCD writing pad battery can last 6 months (battery included). The battery can be replaced when dead, no need to charge, no need to plug in, the writing pad can be reused 100,000 times, the girl's toy stylus can be hung on the writing pad through the drawstring, you don't have to worry about pencil fading, reducing the amount of paper money. Easy to use: write and draw on the LCD tablet as you would on paper. Quickly erase full-screen images and text with the touch of a button. Click the Lock button on the LCD tablet to save the content. Portable and Durable Graffiti Board: JevZ oise writing board weighs 135g and measures 9 inches. It's perfect for cars, planes, restaurants, and on the go, and can easily fit in a backpack. The LCD board case is made of durable plastic material, which is shock and drop resistant, making it a great gift toy for boys and girls ages 3-16. Eye Protection Color Screen: Jervoise graffiti board eye protection color screen provides a better painting experience and prevents damage to children's eyes after long-term use. Large 9-inch color LCD screen for easy viewing. The LCD screen of the writing board has no radiation and no glare, and the toys for boys and girls are safe and comfortable, and children can use it for a long time. Innovative LCD Writing Tablet-ASX
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2 in 1 Kids Learning Tablet 2 in 1 Kids Learning Tablet
2 in 1 Kids Learning Tablet Rs.1,295 Rs.1,595
Product Description Size:- 9 X 6.5 Inches Learn And Have Fun For Children 2 In 1 Educational Computer/iPad Blue Learning Tablet With White Board For Kids
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winfun write n draw learning board winfun write n draw learning board
Winfun Write ‘N Draw Learning Board Rs.5,375 Rs.6,500
Winfun Write ‘N Draw Learning Board   Early learning board with magnetic writing pad 6 interactive modes including alphabet, numbers, upper and lower case writing, drawing, spelling, quiz games and music LCD screen with fun animations Sing-along alphabet song 10 number buttons convert to a 10 note keyboard  
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11 in 1 Multifunction Learning Machine 11 in 1 Multifunction Learning Machine
11 in 1 Multifunction Learning Machine Rs.1,595 Rs.2,300
Product Description: Do you have a problem with your kids using a cellphone almost every day? And we know too much exposure to phones is bad for the kids' health? Well, you can limit your kids from playing to cellphone, but that is a hard one.Not now, with the help of Y pad Learning Toy Tablet, the best educational toy table for your kids! They can use it every day without worrying too much about their health, and they will learn more about the alphabet, numbers, sounds, lights, vocabulary, spellings, and music   Product Benefits   Manipulative ability  Color cognition  Enhance listening  Good partner Multifunctional learning Product Features   Learning alphabets Light & Sound Touch screen  Words and Math Test the knowledge by asking question    11 in 1 Multifunction Learning Machine is good for child to gift 
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Fisher-Price  Doodle Pro Slim Fisher-Price  Doodle Pro Slim
Fisher-Price Doodle Pro Slim Rs.6,745 Rs.7,400
Big magnetic drawing screen Easy-slide eraser “magically” cleans screen Includes 4 shape stampers – square, triangle, circle and star Pen and stampers store securely on the Doodle Pro Slim Durable frame with easy-carry handle


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