lisciani im a genius laboratory of illusions and optical sciences
Lisciani I'm A Genius Laboratory Of Illusions And Optical Sciences Rs.4,995
Product Description: A game designed for a fun and instructive approach to optical science. The package contains everything you need to create amazing dynamic effects, three-dimensional experiments, a stimulating quiz game and a perfectly functioning periscope! Kit Contain: Scientific experimentation game Plastic spinning top Cards with optical illusions  3D Cards  Self-adhesive mirrors  Periscope to assemble 3D glasses Double-faced puzzles Illustrated manual Product Dimension: Box format (cm) Width : 38.80     Height : 28.50     Depth : 7.85      
lisciani crazy science the great monster factory lisciani crazy science the great monster factory
Lisciani Crazy Science The Great Monster Factory Rs.7,999
Product Description: The biggest laboratory in the science of monsters! Large hydraulic laboratory which includes : • pressure chamber • hydraulic pump • container for amniotic fluid • incubator Collect the water in the chambers, insert the egg, wait for the monster to be born and then put it in the incubator. Lots of monsters to be hatched and to collect! Each MONSTER is UNIQUE and SPECIAL. Kit Contain: pressure chamber hydraulic aspirator amniotic fluid container incubator illustrated manual Box Format: Width : 43.50     Height : 44.00     Depth : 11.00    
lisciani i m a genius science lipsticks for girls lisciani i m a genius science lipsticks for girls
Lisciani I’m A Genius Science Lipsticks For Girls Rs.4,995
Product Description: Create and use personalized soaps RICH variety of products for your laboratory The only kit for making a classic of every make up in a safe way: lipsticks. You will find everything you need in the kit to create and color exclusive lipsticks Kit Contain: Natural and non-toxic waxes food coloring natural aromas for perfuming rich laboratory material illustrated manual Product Description: 3.09 x 15.28 x 11.22 inches
lisciani im a genius perfume and essence laboratory lisciani im a genius perfume and essence laboratory
Lisciani I'm A Genius Perfume And Essence Laboratory Rs.6,999
Product Description: An original scientific laboratory with everything needed to live the experience of a true perfume maison. Mix natural essences, create unique fragrances and package your perfumes in the latest fashion! The manual will explain you how to do it and in addition it will tell you the history of perfumes from antiquity to our days. Kit Contain: perfume box perfumed aromas solvent boxes of perfume bottles tools perfume bottles stickers  illustrated manual Box Format: Width : 53.00     Height : 36.00     Depth : 9.00    
lisciani perfume laboratory lisciani perfume laboratory
Lisciani Perfume Laboratory Rs.4,995
Product Description: Create your personal line of fragrances and signature perfume to the latest fashion. An original scientific laboratory, with everything necessary to live the experience of a real mason of perfumes. Blends of natural essences, creates unique fragrances and packaging of your perfumes, to the latest fashion. Kit Contain: Contains test tubes, Pasteur pipette, laboratory tools, food solvent, orange blossom flavor strawberry flavor, small vials with safety stopper, assembly window and illustrated manual. product Dimension: 38.8 x 7.9 x 28.5 cm
liscania im a genius the tattoo factory liscania im a genius the tattoo factory
Liscania I'm A Genius The Tattoo Factory Rs.4,995
Product Description: The first scientific product on the tattoo world. Play as a tattoo artist, choose the model, make sure that each tattoo tells a story. And with the illustrated booklet, discover a lot of curiosities! Kit Contain: Natural colors Natural solvent Brush - Stencil Handbook on the history of tattoos Paintbrushes and colors  Flasks Poster of Tattoos Product Dimension: Box format (cm) Width : 38.80     Height : 28.50     Depth : 7.85 
lisciani-puzzle-double-face-cars lisciani-puzzle-double-face-cars
Lisciani Puzzle Double-Face Cars Rs.1,795
Product Description: Lisciani Puzzle Double-Face Cars 60pcs The Lisciani Double-Face jigsaw puzzle is truly unique. It is not just a puzzle to piece together: childern can have hours of fun coloring in the picture on the back.Includes: 60pcsPuzzle dimensions: 50x35cm


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