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Dinosaur Excavation Model Kit
Dinosaur Excavation Model Kit Rs.1,445 Rs.2,000
This kit provides a unique opportunity to dig, discover, and assemble your very own dinosaur skeleton. Begin by carefully excavating the fossilized bones from the gypsum block using the included digging tools. Feel the thrill as you uncover each piece, just like a real paleontologist on a dig site.   As you unearth the dinosaur bones, you'll learn fascinating facts about the species and its place in history through the informative guidebook included in the kit. Expand your knowledge about dinosaurs, their anatomy, and the incredible world they once roamed.   Once all the bones are excavated, it's time to assemble the dinosaur skeleton. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided, connecting the bones together like a puzzle. Marvel at the intricate details and the lifelike representation of the dinosaur coming to life right before your eyes.   The Dinosaur Excavation Model Kit offers more than just entertainment. It encourages critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and patience as you carefully extract the bones and reconstruct the skeleton. It's an excellent educational tool for children and adults alike, fostering a love for science, history, and discovery.
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Kids Optical Microscope Kids Optical Microscope
Kids Optical Microscope Rs.7,390 Rs.7,280
Product Description Light And Sound Microscope Features Microscope Accessories Egg Box Microscope Tweezers Cover Glasses X2 Scalpel Base Stir Collection Bottle X3  Spatula  2AA Batteries ( Not included ) Microscopes are effective curiosity-inciting devices for children. A microscope is the best scientific tool for all kids. It allows them to find answers on their own and helps a child to understand the tiny world. It can greatly strengthen your child’s academic experience.
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Science Laboratory -Hand Germs Science Laboratory -Hand Germs
Science Laboratory -Hand Germs Rs.1,890 Rs.2,380
Product Description Give your kids the tools to become an explore anywhere with scientific explorer backyard laboratory kit the will take an up-close look at nature through the microscope
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digital manual learning microscope
Digital & Manual Learning Microscope Rs.495 Rs.545
 Product Description:  Material: Plastic  Children's Educational Toy  Biological Microscope  The Picture Can Be Viewed Directly With The Eye
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magnetic play set tzp1
Magnetic Play Set - TZP1 Rs.395 Rs.495
Product Description: Creative toy  played by yourself, can be a gift,or a birthday gift.It is a good choices for your friends or families. Experience the happy of toy: these ultra-durable includes attractive, easy to store and carry. Type: Science Magnet SetMaterial: Magnet, IronFeatures: Easy to Operate, Science Experiment Tools, DurableA Science Kit
avengers binocular telescope set tzp1 avengers binocular telescope set tzp1
Avengers Binocular Telescope Set - TZP1 Rs.1,150
Description: Get the Binoculars for your curious, little observer. It features a pair of 5 x 30 magnifying power lenses for a closer view of nature in sharp detail. binoculars come with an adjustable focus and rubberized hand grips for easy handling. The eyecups also have a rubber coating that makes it safe and comfortable for your child's eyes to scan through.  Features: 5 x 30 power crystal clear power optics Offers an up-close view in crisp detail Adjustable focus Rugged and waterproof Features soft and safe rubber eyecups Rubberized Hand Grips Sturdy Carrying Strap High-quality and sturdy binoculars Crystal clear optics for a detailed view of nature Adjustable and rugged
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magnetic power thread kit tzp1
Magnetic Power Thread Kit - STO Rs.445 Rs.595
Details A Science kit of magnets and accessories for science experiments including 1 long bar magnets, 2 ring magnets, 1 horseshoe magnet, 1 Thread Roll Learn the basic Physics principles and investigate the Physics and magnetism by doing experiments with these magnets kit set Magnet kit can enhanced learning and consolidation of theory, sharpen students' powers of observation and have fun in
lisciani crazy science the great monster factory lisciani crazy science the great monster factory
Lisciani Crazy Science The Great Monster Factory Rs.7,999
Product Description: The biggest laboratory in the science of monsters! Large hydraulic laboratory which includes : • pressure chamber • hydraulic pump • container for amniotic fluid • incubator Collect the water in the chambers, insert the egg, wait for the monster to be born and then put it in the incubator. Lots of monsters to be hatched and to collect! Each MONSTER is UNIQUE and SPECIAL. Kit Contain: pressure chamber hydraulic aspirator amniotic fluid container incubator illustrated manual Box Format: Width : 43.50     Height : 44.00     Depth : 11.00    
lisciani im a genius laboratory of illusions and optical sciences
Lisciani I'm A Genius Laboratory Of Illusions And Optical Sciences Rs.4,995
Product Description: A game designed for a fun and instructive approach to optical science. The package contains everything you need to create amazing dynamic effects, three-dimensional experiments, a stimulating quiz game and a perfectly functioning periscope! Kit Contain: Scientific experimentation game Plastic spinning top Cards with optical illusions  3D Cards  Self-adhesive mirrors  Periscope to assemble 3D glasses Double-faced puzzles Illustrated manual Product Dimension: Box format (cm) Width : 38.80     Height : 28.50     Depth : 7.85      
-21% sale
little tikes stem jr explorer lens little tikes stem jr explorer lens
Little Tikes Stem Jr. Explorer Lens Rs.3,375 Rs.4,255
Product Description:Let your child see the world in a totally new way and introduce scientific exploration with these fun goggles with 4 different lenses. Fun wearable lenses with changeable optics that let kids explore in a completely new way. Features: 4 different experiments help with the fun reveals 4 unique lenses: Red Lenses – Reveal hidden images on the cards Blue Lenses – Reveal hidden images on the cards Bug Eyes – See the world like a bug (faceted lens) Light Bender – Creates a rainbow effect (diffraction lens) Unlocks unique surprises in the Wonder Lab experiment cards Adjustable strap on the goggles allow it to comfortably fit most children


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