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Hand Control Wrist Launcher RC Car Robot Hand Control Wrist Launcher RC Car Robot
Hand Control Wrist Launcher RC Car Robot
Rs.12,870 Rs.13,550
Introducing the Shield Hand Control Wrist Launcher Deformation RC Car Robot – a cutting-edge electronic toy that seamlessly combines versatility, innovation, and entertainment. This model toy is crafted from high-quality plastic, ensuring durability and a sleek design that appeals to both kids and enthusiasts alike. Key Features: Transformation Capability: This RC car robot is equipped with state-of-the-art deformation technology, allowing it to seamlessly switch between a high-speed remote-controlled car and an impressive humanoid robot with just a press of a button. Shield Hand Control: The interactive shield hand control feature adds an exciting element to the play experience. Users can easily manipulate the shield with precision, enhancing the overall enjoyment and strategic play during battles or imaginative scenarios. Remote Control Functionality: The electronic toy comes with a user-friendly remote control that enables smooth navigation for the car mode and intricate movements for the robot mode. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling for users of all ages. Light & Sound Effects: Immerse yourself in the action with captivating light and sound effects. The dynamic LED lights and realistic sounds enhance the play experience, creating a thrilling atmosphere for both solo play and interactive adventures with friends. Specifications: Toy Type: Electronic Toy, Model Toy Material: High-quality Plastic Functions: Transformation, Shield Hand Control, Light & Sound Effects Control Method: Remote Control Power Source: Rechargeable Batteries (included) Recommended Age: Suitable for enthusiasts and children aged 6 and above Dimensions: (Insert Dimensions here) Experience the future of play with the Shield Hand Control Wrist Launcher Deformation RC Car Robot – where cutting-edge technology meets endless imagination. Get ready for hours of entertainment as you unleash the power of transformation and embark on exciting adventures with this multifunctional toy.
-13% sale
Volkswagen Red Bull Polo
Volkswagen Red Bull Polo
Rs.9,601 Rs.11,000
Packaging slighlty Damaged Product: Volkswagen Red Bull Polo Car Specifications: Scale: 1:24 The car features a highly detailed 1:24 scale body, providing an authentic representation of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC. Controller Type: Intuitive Pistol-Grip The remote control comes equipped with an intuitive pistol-grip controller, offering ease of use and precise control over the Volkswagen Red Bull Polo Car. Power Requirements: Car: Powered by 2 x AA batteries Controller: Requires 2 x AAA batteries This setup ensures a convenient and easily accessible power source for extended playtime. Authentic Graphics: The Volkswagen Red Bull Polo Car boasts authentic graphics, replicating the distinctive design of the Polo R WRC, providing a realistic and immersive experience for enthusiasts. Remote Control Range: The remote control system allows for a generous range, ensuring that users can operate the car from a distance without compromising performance. Durability: Designed for durability, the Volkswagen Red Bull Polo Car is constructed with high-quality materials to withstand normal wear and tear, enhancing its longevity. Detailing: The model is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, capturing the essence of the original Polo R WRC, making it a must-have for collectors and fans alike. Indoor/Outdoor Use: Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Volkswagen Red Bull Polo Car is versatile and can be enjoyed in various environments. Speed and Agility: The car is engineered for impressive speed and agility, making it suitable for thrilling races and maneuvers, providing an exhilarating experience for users. Recommended Age: The product is recommended for users of a certain age group, ensuring safety and appropriateness for different skill levels.
-17% sale
360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car 360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car
360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car
Rs.5,845 Rs.6,995
Product Description:                                                             The 360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car! This amazing car can perform all sorts of cool stunts, including 360 degree flips, double-sided driving, and more. It's perfect for kids of all ages and skill levels, and it's sure to provide hours of entertainment. The 360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car is easy to operate, even for beginners. The remote control has a simple and intuitive design, and it features a long range, so you can control your car from a distance. The car itself is also very durable, so it can withstand even the most intense crashes and tumbles. Some of the features of the 360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car: 360 degree flips: This car can perform 360 degree flips in both forward and reverse directions. It's so much fun to watch your car do these stunts! Double-sided driving: This car can drive on both sides, so you can keep going no matter what obstacles it hits. Powerful motors: This car is powered by two powerful motors, so it can reach high speeds and perform all sorts of stunts. Durable construction: This car is made of durable materials, so it can withstand even the most intense crashes and tumbles. Easy to operate: The remote control has a simple and intuitive design, so it's easy to operate the car, even for beginners. If you're looking for a fun and exciting remote control car, the 360 Degree Roll Stunt Remote Control Car is the perfect choice for you! It's sure to provide hours of entertainment for kids of all ages.
-12% sale
1:16 RC Racing Car for Kids, 2.4Ghz High Speed 1:16 RC Racing Car for Kids, 2.4Ghz High Speed
1:16 RC Racing Car for Kids, 2.4Ghz High Speed
Rs.7,895 Rs.8,945
Product Description:                                                               This 1:16 scale RC racing car is the perfect toy for kids who love speed and excitement. It features a 2.4Ghz remote control system, which allows for multiple cars to be raced at the same time without interference. The car is also equipped with a powerful brushless motor, which can reach speeds of up to 30MPH. The car's four-wheel drive system provides excellent traction on all surfaces, while the independent suspension system helps to smooth out bumps and jumps. The car also features a durable metal chassis and shock absorbers, making it ideal for rough and tumble play. This RC racing car is easy to control, even for young drivers. The remote control is simple and intuitive to use, with features such as forward and reverse, left and right steering, and variable speed control. The car also has a low-battery indicator, so you'll always know when it's time to recharge. This RC racing car is a great way for kids to have fun and learn new skills. It's also a great way for parents to bond with their children and create lasting memories. Features: 1:16 scale RC racing car 2.4Ghz remote control system Powerful brushless motor Four-wheel drive system Independent suspension system Durable metal chassis and shock absorbers Easy to control Low-battery indicator Benefits: Provides hours of fun and excitement Helps kids develop new skills, such as coordination and hand-eye control Great way for parents to bond with their children This RC racing car is the perfect gift for any kid who loves speed and cars. It's a great way for them to have fun and learn new skills at the same time.
-12% sale
2.4G Remote Control Off-Road Vehicle Alloy Racing 2.4G Remote Control Off-Road Vehicle Alloy Racing
2.4G Remote Control Off-Road Vehicle Alloy Racing
Rs.4,995 Rs.5,675
Product Description:                                       *The off-road remote control car is powerful, can conquer all kinds of roads, strong power, and conquer all kinds of roads such as flat ground. * Vacuum tires, soft wheels, texture increases the friction and grip of the remote control car. *Independent shock absorber system, independent shock absorber system, all four wheels have coil springs, which have good elasticity and good shock absorption effect. * Wireless remote control: no interference, no channel, stable remote control signal, remote control, suitable for multiplayer competitions. *Best promise If you need more help, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problem.Color May Vary
-12% sale
Rechargeable RC Super Racing Thunder Car Rechargeable RC Super Racing Thunder Car
Rechargeable RC Super Racing Thunder Car
Rs.5,195 Rs.5,895
Product Description:                                                               Rechargeable RC Super Racing Thunder Car Scale: 1:16 High-quality material Speed Demon: The RC Super Racing Thunder Car is built for speed, with a powerful electric motor that propels it to mind-blowing velocities. Whether you're racing against friends or tackling challenging courses, this car will leave the competition in the dust. Rechargeable Battery: Say goodbye to constantly buying disposable batteries. This racing machine comes equipped with a rechargeable battery pack, ensuring you can enjoy uninterrupted playtime without worrying about running out of power. Just plug it in, and you're ready to go again. Precision Control: The included remote controller offers precise steering and throttle control, allowing you to navigate tight corners and execute impressive drifts with ease. Its ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip during those intense racing sessions. Durable Construction: Built to withstand the rigors of high-speed racing, the RC Super Racing Thunder Car features a robust and sturdy construction. Its shock-absorbing suspension system helps maintain stability, even on rough terrain, ensuring your car remains in top shape. Sleek Design: This car boasts a sleek and aerodynamic design that not only enhances its appearance but also improves its performance. The eye-catching graphics and attention to detail make it a head-turner both on and off the track. LED Lighting: Illuminate your racing experience with eye-catching LED lights that add a dynamic flair to your RC car. Whether you're racing during the day or night, these lights add an extra layer of excitement to your adventures. Multiple Frequencies: With multiple frequency options, you can race against friends without interference. Invite them to the track and engage in thrilling head-to-head competitions. Customization: Upgrade and personalize your RC Super Racing Thunder Car with a range of available accessories and parts. Fine-tune its performance to match your racing style and preferences.|COLOR MAY VARY
-18% sale
2.4GHZ Super Stunt Car 2.4GHZ Super Stunt Car
2.4GHZ Super Stunt Car
Rs.6,995 Rs.8,500
The 2.4GHz Super Stunt Car is an incredible remote-controlled toy that offers thrilling stunts and seamless control through both a remote and watch gesture control. This innovative toy combines cutting-edge technology with high-speed performance to deliver an exciting play experience for children and even adults.   Equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless connection, the Super Stunt Car provides a reliable and responsive control system. It ensures a stable signal transmission and allows multiple cars to operate simultaneously without interference. The remote control provides precise control over the car's movements, including forward, backward, left, and right turns, as well as impressive stunts like flips and spins.   The watch gesture control adds an extra level of excitement and interactivity to the toy. By wearing the watch on their wrist, children can use intuitive hand gestures to control the car's actions. They can simply move their hand in different directions to make the car follow suit, creating a unique and immersive play experience.   The Super Stunt Car is designed to perform jaw-dropping stunts and maneuvers. With its powerful motor and flexible wheels, it can conquer various terrains, including rough surfaces, ramps, and even obstacles. The car's sturdy construction ensures durability, allowing it to withstand the impact of stunts and bumps during play.   The toy's sleek and stylish design adds to its appeal. It often features vibrant colors, sleek lines, and attention-grabbing details that make it visually appealing to children. The car's compact size and lightweight build make it easy to handle and maneuver, ensuring hours of uninterrupted fun.   Parents and caregivers appreciate the Super Stunt Car for its engaging play value and developmental benefits. By operating the car with the remote control or using hand gestures with the watch, children can enhance their hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, and motor skills. Additionally, the excitement and challenges of controlling the car encourage problem-solving and critical thinking skills.
-21% sale
pokemon pikachu deformation toy
Pokemon Pikachu Deformation Toy
Rs.915 Rs.1,150
There are few scratches on the product Product Description: The Pokemon Pikachu as Transform deformation Car toy This Pokemon Pikachu Figure Changes From Battle-Ready Robot Mode To Carr As The Battle Rages On! Converts From Vehicle Mode To Figure
-20% sale
hasbro transformer botbobs series 1 hasbro transformer botbobs series 1
Hasbro Transformer Botbobs Series 1
Rs.200 Rs.250
Product Description: Very recently, a fog filled with Transformers energy known as Energon descended from the sky and covered an ordinary shopping mall. As soon as things inside the mall came into contact with Energon, they came to life as little Transformers robots. These robots; it can hide under the guise of everyday items like staples, french fries or flashlights, or food and drink, and no one can tell what's a robot and what isn't! Here are these small, mischievous and super funny robots, namely Botbots! Botbots can transform from one mode to another in a few steps. Every Botbot; It is part of a team according to the theme of the store it is in, such as Candy Shocks, Toilet Union, Technical Team. Hidden inside each Transformers Botbots Surprise Pack is a small, mysterious Botbots with a huge character of their own. Collect all of these approximately 2.5cm tall Botbots, transform each one from everyday items into adventurous little robots in 3-5 easy steps! Age : 5 years and above   NOTE : The product is a surprise package and includes one Botbots.
-26% sale
transformers fusion flame hot rod tzp1 transformers fusion flame hot rod tzp1
Transformers Fusion Flame Hot Rod Assortment
Rs.2,395 Rs.3,200
Product Description: Transformers Cyber-verse Warrior Class Bumblebee; Welcome to the incredible world of Transformers robots. It is a world of high technology, ancient history, and a battle that has spanned the entire galaxy and millions of years. Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Auto-bots, battles the tyrant Megatron and his evil Deceptions for the fate of freedom across the universe. There's a Transformers figure for every kid or collector. From big converting action figures to miniature battling robots to figures that change between modes in 1 step, you can team up with Transformers toys to create your own incredible adventures. Whether you're defending Earth with the Autobots, or conquering space with the Decepticons, the action is up to you. Transformers is a world-famous entertainment brand with 30 years of history, blockbuster movies, hit television shows and countless novels and comic books. With Transformers robot toys, you can create your own chapters in this epic, ongoing story. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro. This copy is intended as placeholder text only and is not representative of individual items in the line. Product Features Choose your side: Join the mighty Autobots or the destructive Decepticons Most Transformers toys feature awesome weapons and cool converting features Collect cool converting characters from the show Transformers: Robots in Disguise Relive the original adventures with Transformers Generations figures
maisto radio controlled car project 66 maisto radio controlled car project 66
Maisto Radio-Controlled Car Project 66
Note: Packaging slightly Damaged Product Description: Bright red car Project 66 on the radio from the manufacturer Maisto surprises with its functionality and ability to transform. Technical characteristics of the model will please both connoisseurs of radio-controlled cars and fans of racing toys. The car when you press a button on the remote turns into a military convertible. The roof moves off and a cannon with missile arrows extends. The toy is complemented by sound and light effects. The car has a speed of up to five kilometers per hour, and the radius of the remote control is up to ten meters. Imagine a racing show in which three cars can participate, and all this thanks to three-channel control.The case is made of lightweight plastic, but it is durable. Rubberized wheels made of dense material. The package consists of a control panel, six AA batteries (finger-type), one 9-volt battery (krone), five missile arrows and three spare ones. Batteries allow you to use the toy up to one hour of play. It will be a great gift for a child from eight years old and an adult. Functionality:- Transforms into a combat vehicle. - Bright packaging. - Detailed design. Characteristics:Type: Radio control Material: plastic Age: from 8 years Packing sizes (length / height / width), cm: 32 x 35 x 27 cm Options: Transformer, radio remote control, arrows, batteries Effects: sound, light Power, accessories: 6 AA batteries (finger-type), 1 9V battery (crown), 5 missile units in the rocket launcher + 3 spare


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