-35% sale
playgo curious cat aquarium
Playgo- Curious Cat Aquarium Rs.3,445 Rs.5,245
Product Description: Now your baby will have his own aquarium with fish, which activate the crumb itself, just by pulling the ring. children will find the cat funny which is observing the floating fish. Features: The toy is made in the form of a bright aquarium, next to which there is a smiling kitty. So that she could observe the floating fish, the crumb can only be pulled by the yellow ring on the body. After this, pleasant music will sound, and colorful fish will slowly swim inside the aquarium. The product comes with a latch on the back of the case, allowing to fix the toy on the babys bed or a stroller. In the process of playing with the aquarium, the child will develop fine motor skills, as well as visual perception, watching the movements of the fish.
-24% sale
playgo fairy mushroom with night light sound playgo fairy mushroom with night light sound
Playgo: Fairy Mushroom with night light sound Rs.3,545 Rs.4,645
Product Description: You can get a really cute night light for your baby that can be used from newborn age and can be a great benefit for moms. Babies in their newborn age are mostly soothed by sounds, and then the lights also have an effect on them, helping them to fall asleep. The sleeping lamp depicts a fairy-populated little mushroom with tiny star-shaped holes at the top, through which light can escape and project stars onto the ceiling. Don't hesitate, get it, your child will fall asleep more easily.Features: - mushroom-shaped night light - with soothing music - high quality - turns off after 30 minutes
-20% sale
playgo 7 in 1 car mount kit with screwdriver playgo 7 in 1 car mount kit with screwdriver
Playgo 7 in 1 Car Mount Kit with Screwdriver Rs.3,995 Rs.4,945
Product Description: With the vehicle builder kit children can assemble different vehicles. The package includes toy screwdriver and toy screws in addition to the vehicle parts, so you get a really lifelike job. A detailed guide will help you with your construction. The parts can be assembled into 7 types of vehicles.
playgo build a dino pterodactyl playgo build a dino pterodactyl
Playgo Build a Dino Pterodactyl Rs.1,299
Description: • Brand: Playgo• Material: Plastic• Age: 3 years• Screwdriver included for more fun AGE 3Y+ BRANDS PlayGo GENDER Unisex
-37% sale
playgo 4 in 1 mechanic workshop playgo 4 in 1 mechanic workshop
Playgo 4 in 1 Mechanic Workshop Rs.2,795 Rs.4,395
Description: • Brand: PlayGo• Material: Plastic• Best for ages: 3 years and up• Can be assembled into 4 types of vehicles…• Includes toy screwdriver and toy screws in addition to the vehicle parts• Vehicle builder kit children can assemble different vehicles.
-21% sale
playgo housework laundry set playgo housework laundry set
Description:  Brand Play Go. Age Recommended. 3+ Iron and washing machine set. PlayGo- Iron and Washer Set  Put Your Dirty clothes into the washer and watch it spin with realistic sound effects ! use the iron to get all the wrinkles out the clothes afterwards.
playgo trace it up fashion artist battery operated playgo trace it up fashion artist battery operated
Playgo - Trace It Up Fashion Artist Battery Operated Rs.3,460
Product Description:Budding fashion artists can create and color their own designs with this great kit. Using the light-up tracing desk, and combining the interchangeable head and body fashion plates, girls can make dozens of cool clothing ensembles and all the accessories and materials fit inside the tracing desk for easy storage and carrying! Budding fashion artists can create and color their own designs. All the accessories and materials fit inside the tracing desk for easy storage and carrying. Arts and craft sets for girls Great for making your own bracelets and jewelry, creating unique stamp and ink designs or even personalizing your own phone Perfect gift to your little princess
Sold out -25% sale
playgo 2in1 telephone and magic board playgo 2in1 telephone and magic board
PlayGo - 2in1 Telephone And Magic Board Rs.5,495 Rs.7,245
Product Description: Draw, paint and call with this amazing 2 in 1 telephone and magic board. You can draw anything and erase it in one movement or write a phone number and call it. 2 in 1 Telephone one on side and Magic Board on the other. Lights & Sounds Carry handle for take along fun Learn numbers 0 - 9 Magic board for writing or drawing Great for pretend play - jot down phone messages!
playgo table magnetic blackboard with letters playgo table magnetic blackboard with letters
PlayGo Table Magnetic Blackboard with Letters Rs.5,445
Product Description: Board Magnetic Board Table Board 90 pieces magnetic letters 1 magnetic memo board with shelfThree legs to create Tafel85 numbers letters & signs
playgo set for modeling dough christmas figures playgo set for modeling dough christmas figures
Playgo Set for modeling Dough Christmas figures Rs.1,350
Product Description:"Dough. New Year's figures" is a set for molding plasticine, with which your child can successfully blind Santa Claus, deer, snowman and other heroes and keep it all together in the form of a beautiful exposition. This set develops fine motor skills, creative abilities, imagination and imagination. Plasticine is made on food-based, harmless, pleasantly smells and does not stain hands, it is easily washed off. In a set of 6 jars with plasticine of different colors.
-26% sale
play go magnetic sticker refill play go magnetic sticker refill
Play Go Magnetic Sticker Refill Rs.1,295 Rs.1,745
Product Description: Brand: PlayGo Material: Plastic & Paper Material: magnetic tape, magnetic paper, transparent film Able to create his own creative stickers-magnets
-23% sale
my day out purse 6 pcs 6000 my day out purse 6 pcs 6000
Playgo My Day Out Purse Rs.5,995 Rs.7,695
Makeup tools toy set Develop children's imagination The set consists of a bag, makeup tools and accessories For ages 3 years and over Playtime can be used as a fun means to develop children's imagination. PlayGo comes with a My Day Out Purse series toy set for your little princess. This set consists of a bag containing various accessories and make-up items such as lipstick and glass. Suitable for playing roleplay with friends so they can interact.
-29% sale
playgo air brush tattoo marker playgo air brush tattoo marker
PlayGo AIR Brush Tattoo Marker Rs.1,395 Rs.1,945
Product Description:• Material: Plastic• Age: 6+ Years• In this 16 – piece set, you have 6 beautiful stencils made of plastic and 10 pins for the airbrush tattoo studio. The colors black, brown, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, purple, and two shades of blue are included in the set. And so it works: Insert a marker pen into the airbrush gun and make sure that it is firmly seated. Then they put a mask on the skin and turn on the gun. Now you only need to press the button and the airbrush gun begins to spray on the stencil and a great tattoo is created. Spray Tattoo Colouring Pencils. Original Play Go Product. Fun To Play. Easy to Handle. • Brand: Playgo
Sold out -26% sale
playgo twirly ball tower playgo twirly ball tower
PlayGo Twirly Ball Tower Rs.2,145 Rs.2,895
Product Description: This 4-tier, multi-colored ball ramp includes three spinning activity acrylic balls, the perfect kids toys. Enhances fine motor skills, problem solving skills, and cause and effect learning, excellent educational baby toys. Fun kids toys which will mesmerize your baby for hours as three whirly, swirly balls race down the multi-colored tower shoot. a great way to encourage repeated play, and develop fine motor skills for any age Just Perfect for your little curious baby 12 months and up
-27% sale
playgo musical spinning wheel playgo musical spinning wheel
Playgo Musical Spinning Wheel - STO Rs.2,395 Rs.3,245
Product Description: With wind-up music. Multi-activity spinning toy for kids to discover. Fun spinning musical spinning with children’s activities. Helps develop coordination of the baby. Recommended age: +6 months. Features: Baby can learn to crawl Running after Musical Spinning Wheel Develop hand and eye coordination Geared for ages 6 months and up
-28% sale
playgo baby guitar
Playgo Baby Guitar Rs.945 Rs.1,295
Product Description: Abs Plastic Brand Play Go Baby Trumpet Rattle Age 3+ 
-26% sale
playgo touch count cash machine
Playgo Touch & Count Cash Machine Rs.6,545 Rs.8,795
Product Description: Playgo Touch & Count Cash Machine . The Touch and Count Supermarket Till has a real functional touchscreen cash register machine with pretentious scanner and card reader. You can make announcements using the working microphone. The Touch and Count Supermarket Till encourages the imagination and the development of social skills.  
Sold out -23% sale
playgo toy coffee maker with light and sound
Playgo toy coffee maker with light and sound Rs.3,995 Rs.5,145
Shall we make a delicious cup of coffee? It will look great in this toy coffee maker with light and sound Accessories included: the coffee maker includes 2 coffee capsules (1 espresso and 1 ristretto coffee) and 1 cup Operation and use: the water tank can be filled and then put in the coffee capsules, when you press the power button the water falls, while you put the coffee, the tank lights up and emits coffee machine sounds Play values: symbolic toy that imitates the reproduction of adult roles, develops imagination, fine motor skills, shared play and verbal expression Recommendations and batteries: the coffee maker works with 3 AAA batteries (included) and is recommended from 3 years What does it consist of? Who wants a delicious cup of coffee? It will look great in this toy espresso maker with light and sound! Open the water tank and fill it, press the power button and watch it drip, just like real coffee makers! What includes? The coffee maker comes with 2 coffee capsules (1 espresso and 1 ristretto coffee) and 1 cup. What do they learn? With the imitation toys, the little ones have fun recreating real situations that they see in their environment. While playing with the coffee maker, they develop imagination, fine motor skills, verbal expression and socialization, being a toy that encourages shared play. What should you know? The toy electric coffee maker works with 3 AAA batteries (included) and is recommended for boys and girls from 3 years old.   Dimensions : Width: 147mm  Height: 122 mm  Depth: 240mm  Weight: 0.45 kg
-26% sale
high-quality-b-o-saudi-arabian-model-a380 high-quality-b-o-saudi-arabian-model-a380
High Quality B/O Saudi Arabian Model A380 Rs.1,150 Rs.1,550
Description: High Quality B/O Saudi Arabian Model A380 • Material: Plastic• Age: 18+ Months• The aircraft emits different sounds.• Requires 3xAAA batteries required
Sold out
crazy musical guitar crazy musical guitar
Crazy Musical Guitar Rs.2,495
Product Description: Interactive with Lights and Music: The guitar has more interactive buttons and controls for maximum fun volume and tempo controls, notes and demo mode buttons, hours of fun guaranteed. Music education: music is very important for peace of mind. this toy is truly an educational toy that is a blast to play with,Press the buttons to activate the lighting and sound effects, need 3 AA batteries (not included) FUN FOR ALL AGES: This toy is sure to be fun for all ages 3 and up. 
-23% sale
playgo magnetic sticker refill playgo magnetic sticker refill
PlayGo Magnetic Sticker Refill Rs.1,395 Rs.1,795
Product Description: Your kids will have loads of fun playing with this magnetic sticker machine from Playgo! They can create their own magnetic stickers with this sticker maker from Playgo. Using the markers, color in the included images, cut them out and place them in the machine. Your homemade sticker is ready! The machine can also easily add a magnet to your sticker so your kids can display their creations on the fridge or a whiteboard. This product is subject to specific safety warnings Warning:Not suitable for children under 4 years. For use under adult supervision Warning:Only for domestic use
-26% sale
playgo wash and brush basin playgo wash and brush basin
Playgo Wash And Brush Basin Rs.5,245 Rs.6,995
Product Description: Make your little charm learn about healthy routines while they play with the play go wash and brush basin. The toddlers will love hearing all the fun phrases about the items around the sink. It comes with realistic fun songs. It encourages healthy habits such as washing their hands, learning to give the toothpaste tube a squeeze and brushing their teeth. It comes with removable toothbrush and toothpaste. Teaches healthy routines. Comes with removable toothbrush and toothpaste. Encourages healthy habits such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth Easy to use. Safe to handle.
-29% sale
play go air brush tattoo marker play go air brush tattoo marker
Play Go Air Brush Tattoo Marker Rs.1,395 Rs.1,945
Product Description: With these great pens you can create individual tattoos! Children can either use the included stencils or draw something freehand. Of course, the color is absolutely non-toxic and can be easily washed off! Details: Great tattoo marker set for children With 6 stencils Incl. 10 brightly colored pens Warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Danger of suffocation due to small parts that can be swallowed.
-25% sale
playgo build a dino stegosaurus playgo build a dino stegosaurus
Playgo Build A Dino Stegosaurus Rs.4,545 Rs.5,995
Product Description: The Playgo Build-a-Dino Stegosaurus allows you to build your prehistoric pal again and again. It is colorful and fun and will provide hours of entertainment as you watch your child smile with delight after it is complete. Then, take this dino action figure apart and get started again. You can let your friends help, or do it as a family project. It combines dinosaurs and construction all in one kit, and the hands-on activity will empower kids and adults. This Build-a-Dino Stegosaurus promotes pretend play and encourages fine motor skills as well. Build-a-Dino Stegosaurus: Develops construction skills Encourages imaginative play Stegosaurus toy All in one kit; dinosaurs and construction Playgo
-18% sale
plastic shooting machine gun plastic shooting machine gun
Playgo Gear Motion Tools Machine Rs.4,345 Rs.5,245
Product Description: The Playgo Gear Motion Kids Tools Machine will give you a puzzle like feeling while connecting platforms together and making the gears work together. Kids will be satisfied when gears started to work and spin together. Bring a new fun toy that kids will enjoy playing with friends and family. Key Features: Made from high-quality, durable and non-toxic materials safe for children Lightweight, portable and easy to storage Easy to assemble and take anywhere in the house Includes 69 pcs of interlocking gears, platforms, blocks and rectangular ducts Have various vibrant and colorful designs that can attract kids and develop color perception Can help improve child’s logic and critical thinking as they work and assemble the gears Enhance their creativity and imagination playing around and making their own designs Kids can have an idea and learn how gears work Helps kids develop eye hand coordination and motor skills Develop other skills like their cognitive, logical and social skills when playing with friends and family Give your child the satisfaction you want and make the growth process more interesting and meaningful A great gift idea for celebrations, birthdays, etc. Specifications: Brand: Playgo Type: Gear Motion Machine Age: 6 Years+  
-17% sale
playgo puppy carrier 7 piece playgo puppy carrier 7 piece
Playgo Puppy Carrier 7 Piece Rs.5,745 Rs.6,845
Product Description: This pet care set is perfect for aspiring Vets, groomers and pet owners alike. A friendly, Soft plush puppy comes housed travel crate with an assortment of Veterinary and grooming tools. Veterinary accessories include: syringe, stethoscope, thermometer, tweezers, and mirror. Perfect for imaginative and creative play and encourages children to learn about how to care for a pet. Brand: Playgo Everything you need for your pet to visit the vet. Encourages role playing, socializing Includes carrying case, stuffed dog, candy puppy, thermometer, syringe, card and scissors Contains 7 pieces
-23% sale
playgo my deep fryer playgo my deep fryer
PlayGo My Deep Fryer Rs.5,995 Rs.7,695
Product Description: Playgo My Deep Fryer is just like the real thing. Put in the food. Choose the right program to the food you want to fry ! Set the Timer Function. Sizzling frying sounds are heard. Various food accessories to play with, and Utensil included to remove the "hot stuff" from the deep fryer when ready. With this red / blue colored frying pan from Playgo you can get started with fries yourself! The fryer has 4 frying programs, a timer and a realistic frying sound. Includes realistic fries. Operates on 3 x AA (LR6) batteries are not (included). Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts.
-11% sale
playgo click and explore gadget set playgo click and explore gadget set
Playgo Click And Explore Gadget Set Rs.4,945 Rs.5,545
Product Description: A fun toddler toy set that keeps your children entertained with fun melodies and sound effects. Now your child can also use their own remote control or unlock the car or make calls with the smartphone like the parents. 1 keyring with car radio remote control: with start noise, music and horn - 3 buttons for pressing and large C ring for attaching to the car seat or pushchair 1 x smartphone with 3 buttons, phone sounds and music 1 remote control with many sound functions - each button has a different sound, with on/off switch, loud quiet button and much more Test batteries not included, brand quality from Playgo for children aged 12 months and over.
-26% sale
playgo build your own dino triceratops playgo build your own dino triceratops
PlayGo Build Your Own Dino - Triceratops Rs.1,045 Rs.1,395
Product Description: Cool building kit for kids - a kit that combines dinosaurs, building and play all in one. Hands-on activity that gets kids playing - from pieces to a finished product, this kit also builds confidence. PROMOTES PLAY TOO: When the dinosaur is built, it becomes a fun toy to play with. IMPROVES FINE MOTOR SKILLS - Using the screwdriver helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. 3 designs for more fun: available in 3 styles: T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Triceratops.  
-24% sale
playgo magic gear art toy for kids playgo magic gear art toy for kids
Playgo Magic Gear Art Toy for Kids Rs.2,145 Rs.2,795
Product Description: Color the picture and watch it instantly come to life thanks to the spinning gears. The set offers you 5 different pictures which, after coloring, you place on a perforated mat, put gears on it and turn them. At that moment, your image will come alive and play with beautiful colors. The package includes a perforated mat, 5 pictures and 6 gears. Brand: Playgo Material: Plastic Age: 3 Year The set offers you 5 different pictures The package contains a perforated washer, 5 pictures and 6 gears.
-25% sale
15pieces playgo colorful birthday cake 15pieces playgo colorful birthday cake
15Pieces Playgo Colorful Birthday Cake Rs.2,845 Rs.3,745
Product Description: Birthday cake set Inside contains cake spills, knife, fork, plate, cake plate and cake scoop. cut and divide the cake to organize birthday parties whenever you want Box size 25x6x32 cm. Playgo products are toys made of grade A plastic, using Non-Toxic paint, which is harmless to children. Bright colors and easy on the eyes no sharp edges Suitable for children aged 3+


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