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Super Dinosaur With Sensor Flying Rs.1,095 Rs.1,408
Description: Flying (Dinosaur) Helicopter with up & down movement, Led blinking light Please consider the dimensions: Box size is 30*15*5 cms & weight only 125gms Helicopter takes off auto after 3-5 seconds on switching 'ON' U can control the up & down movement 'only' by remote Though many mention it as a indoor toy I will suggest to use it in 300-500 sq feet open area Maximum attainable height when fully charged is 10 feet Please do not charge for more than 20 min Hand Sensor - U can also place your hand when it comes down, that will again push the helicopter in upward direction
Rechargeable Aircraft With Sensor Rs.1,050
Description: This product is a infrared induction helicopter toy kids luminous stimulation aircraft with sensor night vision induction helicopter.The design is simple and delicate, and the texture is realistic. You seems to feel the whistle of flying. Directions: At the bottom of the helicopter you will find a small black on/off switch. Turn on the switch. Release the helicopter from your hands and let it fly. After about 2-3 seconds, the propeller will begin to rotate. When the light is on, keep the helicopter straight up. Parameters: Power supply mode: USB charging Color:May vary Control mode: Induction flight Multi-functional: Induction Flight, LED Lighting Applicable age: over 4 years old Material: ABS plastic Packaging method: open window color box List:  1x Mini Infrared Induction Helicopter Toy 1x Charging Cable Tips: If you have any dissatisfaction or doubt about our products, please contact customer service as soon as possible, we will give you the best service to guarantee your 100% satisfaction. RC>Quadcopter>Four axle toys Remote Control Aircraft
Sold out -22% sale
Kite A Pull Vertical In Card - STO Rs.1,650 Rs.2,099
Description: 2 toys in 1:Can Be Flown As a Kite and a Glider! Kite-A-Pult is a self-launching kite system that puts the power of flight right in your hands! Pull back on the hand-held launcher, and let ‘er rip for high-flying fun and excitement!The sky is truly the limit!  Two toys in one! Easily remove the string and tail to launch as a glider! Kite Flying is a Breeze with Tucker Toys’ Kite-A-Pult. The Kite-A-Pult is a self-launching kite flying system! No more running around in circles or needing another person’s help to get your kite off the ground. The new Kite-A-Pult launches a kite in the sky and you’ll be flying it up, up and away in no time. The portable Kite-A-Pult hand-launcher makes it easy to pull back then rocket the kite into the air to catch the wind. Not only is the Kite-A-Pult the most innovative and exciting kite out there, but it also doubles as a Glider! Its two toys in one and comes in three super colorful designs.
-26% sale
Flying Doraemon with Fall Sensor Rs.995 Rs.1,336
Product Description: BEST GIFT: RC flying toys is a best gift for children,girl kids or teenagers. Cute cartoon doll design, your kids will love it. It will give you and your kids more fun. AUTO FLY: Turning on the induction helicopter and putting it horizontally on your palm for 3 S, It will take off vertically. SAFE AND FUN FLYING TOYS: Flying Helicopter are made of non-toxic plastic material, safe enough to your kids. RECHARGABLE: Built in rechargeable batteries, no need to replace the battery, convenient and environmental. Package include charging cable. WORKING TIME: Flight Time: 6-8 Minutes, Charging Time: about 30 Minutes
Sold out -31% sale
Infrared Hand Control UFO Drone With Altitude Hold Rs.2,245 Rs.3,245
Infrared Hand Control UFO Drone With Altitude Hold   Features: The lightweight body adopts infrared sensing obstacle avoidance, air pressure setting, gravity sensing and other technologies. Press and hold the power switch for 2 seconds to turn on the aircraft, then place the aircraft on the horizontal table, wait for the indicator light to be bright, complete the aircraft calibration. Hold it in your hand and try to keep the plane up and throw it up. The aircraft will take off automatically. The fuselage is distributed with multiple infrared sensing points. The sensor can be operated by palm or other obstacles.  It is suitable for 2 - 4 players to play. With the obstacle-free automatic retreat distance of 2 meters. When the aircraft is unobstructed for a long time ( 15 seconds ), it will automatically sense the descending flight, the induction height is set. When it is necessary to stop the aircraft, the flying aircraft can be stopped by flipping over 90 degrees.With four motors, it provides powerful power to fly 360°.  Equipped with high-tech infrared sensor, automatic flight, no remote control! Drones for beginners and drones for kids have never been easier!  Built-in LED lights, greatly add to the fun, bright light when the flying, the night is really cool. Green Light for LOW speed and Blue light for Fast speed, You can switch a proper flying speed according spaces we play in. USB charging is supported, and the charging method is flexible, so that you can play in different places. All of this,in a sturdy drone shell .Made of high quality non-toxic PP material to protect your fingers. It won't threaten your safety like other Flying Ball Drone. It is also highly resistant to impact and is very strong and resistant to damage when dropped.   Specifications: Function: rise, fall, turn left, turn right, forward, backward, set height, induction Eco-friendly plastic material, durable and non-toxic Built-in lithium-ion battery: 3.7V, 400mAh Flight time: 5 minutes or so Charging time: 50 minutes or so Color: Blue, Orange       ............................Package information............................ 1 x Infrared sensing flying saucer
Sold out -30% sale
RC Flying Helicopter Avengers - STO Rs.3,850 Rs.5,499
Description: Product Description: Characteristic: 1. Up and down, load and reverse, left and turn right 2. Lighting lamps Night power technology has been adapted To make this RC channel helicopter available for night flights 3. Tough plastic stand and empennage High elasticity make this 2 RC helicopter more durable for long time playing 4. This amazing creative electric 2 channel RC helicopter machine is made of lightweight and very strong metal material 5. All you need are the batteries to start it and then Hunt to have fun with this creative 2-channel RC Helicopter 6. New design gives you a sense of controlling or driving a real helicopter with this coaxial EPP helicopter7. You do not have to worry about breaking anything when landing this 2CH RC helicopter because its' 8 strong material . This 2 RC channel helicopter is highly recommended for people aged 14 and over 9. This is also a good gift for your children and friends, fans of creative toys   Package includes:  1 * helicopter (battery not included) 1 * Remote control 1 * Last Blade 1 * Instruction manual Note:Each Sold Separately And Design May Vary
Sold out -16% sale
Air Hogs Air wing Blaster Foot Powered Rocket Rs.1,595 Rs.1,895
Description: It's the Air wing Blaster, the winged rocket that launches and then glides through the air! Fold down the extended wings on the Air wing and place it on the tower ready for lift off. Then jump on the launch pad and watch it blast off! The Air wing blasts over 30 feet into the air and glides long distances! It's made of durable materials to protect it so it can land safely. The Air wing Blaster is for kids ages 5+. No batteries required. 1 Air wing Blaster, 1 Launch pad, 1 Tower Launch it and watch it fly! It's the Air wing Blaster, the winged rocket that you launch! It's easy to use. Just place the Air wing on the tower, fold down the extended wings. When you're ready for lift off, jump on the launch pad and watch it blast off! The Air wing will blast over 30 feet into the air and glide long distances! It's made of durable materials to protect it so it can land safely and you can launch over and over again. Take flight with the Air Hogs Air wing Blaster!
Sold out -12% sale
RC Flying Drone Mini Bike - TZP1 Rs.2,865 Rs.3,220
Description:RC Drone Flying Motorcycle drone Ground & Flight Dual Mode Color May Vary Product specifications Product Size (cm): 15.3*8.2*9 Box Specification (cm): 21*18.5*8.99 Full set product weight (g) 265g Fuselage battery: 300 Mah
Avengers Flying Superman With Fall Sensor - TZP1 Rs.1,650
Avengers Flying Heroes With Fall Sensor   Product Description: With light USB Charging+ USB Cable Fly above hand Easy to play   Contains: 1x Flying Hero Note: Each Sold Separately  
-26% sale
Flying Mickey with Fall Sensor - TZP1 Rs.995 Rs.1,336
Product Description: Magical Flying Mickey : Amazed Experience: Flying Helicopter is hand-controlled flying toys, easy to control for girls,. When you turn it on the lights flash brightly. It has great visual appeal for any child. Especially at night in a darkened room, it looks very fantastic. Dazzle color light makes the flying ball become more and more beautiful and colorful. bring you a happy time with your kids! Best for Ages 6+: In order to reduce the damage of the propeller to the child, we made the body of the plastic very thin and light, Lightweight makes it easy to fly with simple operation, specially designed for beginners like little kids. The blades and balance beams are well-made with high flexibility and resistance to meet little kid's needs. So when it falls, the helicopter is very sturdy and will resist damage.
Sold out -31% sale
Flying Bee With Fall Sensor Rs.1,215 Rs.1,755
Flying Bee With Fall Sensor   Product Description: With light USB Charging+ USB Cable Fly above hand Easy to play   Contains: 1x Flying Bee Note: Each Sold SeparatelyCOLOR MAY VARY, THANKS 
Sold out -26% sale
Auto-Launcher Airplanes Kit Rs.445 Rs.595
Product Description: 1. Outdoor sports are good for children's health. Just give the kids a chance to throw these gliders, and they will far from the computer, TV, and play for a few hours in your playroom or outdoors. 2. Children will learn how to launch and control airplane toys, in a practical way to help your children develop coordination and critical thinking skills, and will also improve their hand-eye combinations, coordination, observation and sense of direction. 3. These airplane toys are made of EPP polymer materials, which are light in weight, soft and impact resistant. Even if the plane hits him/her while landing, it will not harm your child. 4. Easy to assemble, no battery required, enjoy the game at any time. 5. For people of all ages (not children), the whole family can enjoy happy time in the open area and help enhance parent-child relationship.
-31% sale
Electric USB Glider Foam Aircraft Rs.1,595 Rs.2,295
Product Description: 1. Aircraft propellers will scratch the skin when running at high speed. 2. Children must be accompanied by an adult on a plane. 3. After the aircraft continues to fly, the engine will warm up and water must be stopped for 1 to 2 minutes. 4. Stay away from people and roads. power cable. Fly by the river to avoid accidents! 5. Charge for 10 seconds, fly once, fall naturally, need to charge


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