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Inflatable Baby Water Game Play Mat Inflatable Baby Water Game Play Mat
Inflatable Baby Water Game Play Mat Rs.2,250 Rs.2,695
A water-fill playmat is an essential tool for developing a solid head, stimulating baby development, neck and shoulder muscles as well as honing hand-eye coordination, fine motor, and social skills. It is a sensory delight that enhances brain development. Eye-catching graphics - Fascinated by the bright colors, sharp contrasts, and cute floating toys. Rain or shine is tummy time! Your baby will try to catch and pat the bright-colored toys as they float by. This baby splash pad will provide hours of quality stimulating and healthy fun. Simply fill the outer ring with air and the inner mat with your desired level of tap water set it on the floor and let the fun begin! easy to fold and bring along anywhere you go. Size:26" wide by 20" tall by 2.4" high. This water splash pad play mat is constructed from heavy-duty PVC that has been thoroughly tested and will not leak air or water period. - For ages 3 months and up Package Included: 1x Pcs Baby Water Game Pad.
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pedal music piano fitness frame pedal music piano fitness frame
Pedal Music Piano Fitness Frame Rs.10,995 Rs.12,995
Product Description 🌞【Baby Early Education Toys】Baby play mat with safety mirror, pedal piano with music and lights, 4 rattle toys to attract your little one to grab and shake, baby fitness kick and play mat, exercise your baby's hearing and reflexes, Also have fun on the fitness mat. 🌞【Multiple baby play methods】: Lying, sitting, kicking, lying down. Unique arched and musical piano, one key attracts your baby to play, makes a wonderful sound, and makes your baby curious; there are 3 music modes to improve your child's ability to listen, beat, pluck, kick, play, etc. If you are looking for the perfect newborn toy, this amazing Grow Me Up Play Mat is the right choice. 🌞【Born for your baby】Baby tummy activity pad is an innovative activity center and rest area for your baby. The piano can be adjusted at any angle, suitable for different growth stages of babies from 0-12 months. Tapping the colored piano keys will emit soft lights and music, nurturing your baby's sense of music and hearing sensitivity. 🌞【Easy to Clean】The arch bridge and keyboard are easy to remove, the smooth surface has no borders, and the floor mat can be easily folded when outdoors or even when traveling. Babies can play lying, sitting, lying, etc., so that parents can enjoy playtime with their babies. It's also a smart choice as a baby shower, Christmas or birthday present. 🌞【Best Choice】For the healthy growth of baby, fitness mat is the best choice for baby and mother. The choice of the mother will bring a rich and colorful growth experience to the baby
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winfun jungle friends music playmat
Winfun Jungle Friends Music Playmat Rs.4,145 Rs.4,800
Product Description: Jungle friends music playmat for lay-and-play, tummy time or sit-up fun Soft, plush design for a comfortable, safe play area Animal fun sounds, cheerful songs and flashing light Peekaboo crinkle rabbit and bouncy-fun crinkle monkey
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music-box-bed-bell-with-animal-characters music-box-bed-bell-with-animal-characters
Music Box Bed Bell With Animal Characters Rs.4,495 Rs.4,595
Product Description: Beautiful Light Melodies: Baby Mobiles that play music can be extra soothing for your baby. This musical crib mobile comes with many song options so you and baby don’t get bored - let baby easier to fall asleep. Rotary Pendant Mobile Toys: Spinning toys visually stimulate and delight baby. Nursery mobile is designed with cute and colorful cartoon aircraft toys, can attract baby’s attention, help to exercise baby's eyesight, which could be placed in any room of the house as an eye-catching decoration. Perfect Gift for Newborn Baby: Newborn babies love mobiles - they serve as a sleep aid or as a toy that can be watched for hours. A lovely decoration and toy for nursery and your babies. 
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kick play musical keyboard mat piano
Kick & Play Musical Keyboard Mat Piano Rs.4,695 Rs.6,200
Product Description: Kiditos Hunger Dream World Multifunction Piano Fitness Rack is an extremely interactive toy suited for pre-school children. Decorated with beautiful designs and bright colors, this is an overall development toy for your child. Baby kicks. Music plays. Lights sparkle. And that’s just the beginning. Movable toys on the overhead gym encourage baby to Play. Move the arch down for tummy-time play, or let baby sit and entertain you with a piano concert! This Gym is 100 % Safe & Non- Toxic for your Child & is Suitable for 6-36 Months old Baby ,Soft Cloth Mat with Cute Cartoon Pendant with a Multi Colored Piano which Attracts Baby's Attention. Suitable for 0-36 months baby. With movable musical piano keyboard can attach baby's attention and have fun. Baby can sit /lie /play in the mat. Can exercise baby's sense by sight touch and sound. Soft & comfortable 3 in 1 interesting baby carpet mat.
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winfun 3 in 1 barnyard pals play gym winfun 3 in 1 barnyard pals play gym
Winfun 3-in-1 Barnyard Pals Play Gym Rs.6,345 Rs.7,400
Product Description: A is one of the ideal toys for newborns . The toy not only gives the baby exciting hours, but it also helps the baby develop optimal senses in the early stages, including vision, hearing, touch and even thinking and perception. mobility. Consequently, the versatile Animal Shelter WinFun 0853 below will be an ideal hint to parents. Shelf design ring farm simulation fun with a lot of animals. Besides toys with many different functions, shapes and colors stimulate the exploration, explore the world around, the first step to promote the best development of children. The product is absolutely safe and suitable for use from birth above.     A versatile A-frame WinFun     Highlights of the product     Premium materials   - Animal shaped 08F WinFun is made from high quality plastic, BPA free or other toxic substances, absolutely safe for the health of infants and young children.   - Robust plastic material with smooth surface without sharp edges, no scratches on the baby's skin while playing, and make the durability of the design according to the time of use, thereby helping parents save. cost.     Toy design fun   - A hanging hanging 3 toy pictures with funny design, colorful colors, handles fit, attractive baby when lying down. The toys create motion effects and pleasant sounds when the baby pulls the handle, giving the baby more fun.     Funny toys stimulate the movement of the baby   - Frames bring unique design, simulated farm fun with many animals like funny sheep, cows, horses, ... to get familiar with many new images. The smart toy door with a toy door or book makes your hands more flexible to develop movement.   - A detachable toy desk for hanging up the cradle, a crib or carrying it for play when out.      A detachable toy table to hang onto the cot     Help your baby develop fully   A variety of toys with colorful colors, basic shapes to help children distinguish color, shape, while promoting their creativity and logical thinking. Depending on the stage of development, the baby has the appropriate play:   - Under 6 months - baby play: The horizontal bar of the shelf hangs a lot of toys with attractive colors to practice with baby and grasp.   Shelves A newborn baby with, grip, grip   - From 6 up - when the baby is sitting: Baby can sit independently and manipulate each hanging / attached toys on the shelf or enjoy the view of the animals. In this stage, the toy helps the baby to develop many senses like hearing, touching.   - 9 months or more - baby standing: thanks to the sturdy footrest design, anti-slippery and at the right height, baby can stand to start or go to work to play What she likes.   Invite parents and children to watch the video about the product!  
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winfun grow with me melody gym winfun grow with me melody gym
Winfun Grow with Me Melody Gym Rs.9,745 Rs.11,500
Product Description: The center has a lot of sound and light effects, 3 removable pendant-rattles, on the center panel there is a little book in the form of an apple, a circle-ratchet, a funny muzzle that can be rotated, music buttons and much more. Stage from 0-6 months - the child lies on his back and looks at the game center, pendant rattles, can reach out to them with handles to try them by touch. Stage from 6-9 months - the child can already play sitting, exploring all the buttons, figures, rattles, animal muzzles, depicted on the play center; Stage of 9 months - the child can stand playing with the center, while leaning on it and learning to coordinate their movements while walking. Features of the WinFun 0822-NL: material: plastic; age: from 6 months; a musical panel on two arcs, suspension 3 pieces, musical, light and sound effects, ratchet; power supply: batteries; packing size: 47x52x9 cm.


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