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basket ball fun shooter basket ball fun shooter
Basket Ball Fun Hooper - TZP1 Rs.990 Rs.1,255
Description:    Applies to a variety of interesting bath activities. Function: Hand-eye coordination, parent-child communication The powerful suction cup makes it easy to attach the basketball hoop to a smooth, flat surface. Great gift for your kids, birthday kids, Christmas, holidays, festivals, special occasions and more.Includes :1 Ball 1 Basket With Net 
-20% sale
magnetic dart board game
Magnetic Dart Board Game Rs.3,645 Rs.4,528
Magnetic Dart Board Game  Target bull's eye gameIncludes : 1 dartboard and 6 Magnetic Darts.Size : dartboard size 14"Note : Dartboard must be fixed to  a wall by an adultAge 5+   AT-150418 150518
wwe belt with boxing gloves wwe belt with boxing gloves
WWE Belt with Boxing Gloves Rs.2,425
-21% sale
plastic cricket set for kids
Plastic Cricket Set for Kids - TZP1 Rs.990 Rs.1,250
Product Description: Complete plastic cricket wicket yellow stumps set made from heavy plastic material. Must cricket equipment to set the game. Durable movable easy to fit due to removable stumps bails and stand base ( IDEAL FOR JUNIOR AND SENIOR ) - The size of this wicket is 28 inches which is an international stump size, so it is an ideal size for both children and adults. Designed for regular cricket game and easy to play at home, gully, garden, park, playground (IN BOX CONTENTS) -1 Cricket Bat, 1 Wind Ball, 3 Plastic Wickets, 1 Base & 2 Bails
-8% sale
24 inches soft cricket bat
24 inches Soft Cricket Bat Rs.1,295 Rs.1,395
Product Description CHILDREN CRICKET BAT: A safe soft foam cricket set. Your little one can practice their hooks, pulls and drives from an early age with this smashing cricket set. Although, because it's foam, there won't be any smashing of greenhouse glass! Fabulous set. CRICKET BAT FOR KIDS: An ideal first set to get your little one on the road to cricketing sports glory! Foam Cricket Bat and Foam Cricket Ball Set CRICKET GAMES: A fun activity to play in the garden or park and will help to improve hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills CRICKET BAT: It measures approximately 60 cm in length. Easy to pack! Perfect For Holidays, Beach holiday with the kids . KIDS CRICKET SET: Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. This lightweight play set has an easy grip handle. Perfect to get your little one playing cricket games. NOTECOLOR MAY VARY
-23% sale
golf master play set golf master play set
Golf Master Play-Set Rs.2,095 Rs.2,695
Product Description Unique Design: With three retractable toddler golf clubs (driver, iron, putter), it is suitable for 3-5 years old children with different heights.  SAFE AND DURABLE ACCESSORIES - The handles of our kids golf clubs are made of non-toxic, safe and comfortable materials, suitable for little hands. The rod body is made of stainless steel, which is very durable. The toy golf set also has three golf balls to attract children's attention and cultivate children's interest in golf.
-18% sale
20CM Sport Boxing Punching Bag 20CM Sport Boxing Punching Bag
20CM Sport Boxing Punching Bag Rs.3,265 Rs.3,950
Product Description Height 20CM Active play: Jr. Boxing set puts a focus on fitness, boxing teaches balance and hand: eye coordination while teaching confidence. Don't be surprised if you find the big kids trying to go a few rounds. Play anywhere: Simply fill the freestanding blow molded boxing base with water or sand for stability, Easy quick set up and your ready to box on the grass, decking, concrete and even sand! Great Starter: whether your just wanting active play focused on fitness or training for the ring our Jr. Boxing set is great way to get started and just what your looking for.
-12% sale
WWE Boxing Practics Game Set WWE Boxing Practics Game Set
WWE Boxing Practics Game Set Rs.5,295 Rs.6,000
Product Description The Boxing Set is ideal for indoor and outdoor use on varied surfaces Age 3 to 10 years Made of high quality material Bright color and new style , can be a perfect gift for the kids Specially designed to develop hand and foot technique This Product is especially designed for Training purpose Thick high density multi-layer padding on high impact zones Natural shape conforms to hand
-28% sale
Blast Ball Disc - Magic UFO Frisbee Ball
Blast Ball Disc - Magic UFO Frisbee Ball Rs.1,445 Rs.1,990
Product Description  Have endless amounts of fun outside. this awesome toy looks like a ball, but it can actually be transformed into a flat UFO, which you can use as a Frisbee.   Toss it to your opponent and watch it return to its original ball form while in flight! This is the coolest toy for playing catch! Who needs gizmos and gadgets when you've got a UFO Magic Ball to play with outdoors.   Note: There may be a slightly difference in design and color
-28% sale
Floor Game with Finger Twister Set Floor Game with Finger Twister Set
Floor Game with Finger Twister Set Rs.1,795 Rs.2,475
Product Description   Portable box game, large plastic sheet mat. Spinner is sectioned into 4 labeled sections Complete fun indoor and outdoor game Fun games for family and friends Recommended for 6+ age  
-25% sale
Racket  Sports Set 2 Pcs Pack Racket  Sports Set 2 Pcs Pack
Racket Sports Set 2 Pcs Pack Rs.1,925 Rs.2,550
 The perfect toy for kids who love to play and stay active! This set includes two rackets, perfect for playing a variety of racket sports like tennis, badminton, and pickleball.   This super sports toy is designed with kids in mind, featuring lightweight and easy-to-hold rackets that are perfect for children of all ages. The rackets are made from high-quality materials that are durable and built to last, so your child can enjoy playing with them for hours on end.   Playing with the Racket Sports Set 2 Pcs Pack is a great way to encourage physical activity and healthy habits in kids. It's a fun and engaging way to spend time outside, whether it's in the backyard, park, or on the beach.   This set is also great for families to play together, providing a bonding experience that's both active and fun. It's a great way to get the whole family involved in physical activity, and can even help develop hand-eye coordination and other important skills.   Overall, the Racket Sports Set 2 Pcs Pack is a great investment for any family. It's a fun and engaging toy that's perfect for kids of all ages, and encourages physical activity and healthy habits. Whether your child is just starting to learn about racket sports, or is a seasoned player, this set is sure to provide hours of fun and entertainment
Frozen Bowling Set Frozen Bowling Set
Frozen Bowling Set Rs.1,695
The Frozen Bowling Set is a fun and exciting indoor or outdoor game designed for children who love the popular Disney movie "Frozen". This set comes with six colorful plastic pins featuring the beloved characters from the movie, including Elsa, Anna, and Olaf, and one lightweight plastic ball.   The pins are made from high-quality plastic and are designed to be durable and sturdy, even with regular use. The ball is also made from lightweight plastic, making it easy for young children to handle and roll towards the pins.   This Frozen Bowling Set is great for promoting hand-eye coordination, balance, and concentration in children, and is perfect for use at birthday parties, family gatherings, or any other social events. It's also a great way to encourage children to stay active and engaged in physical activity.   Overall, the Frozen Bowling Set is a fun and engaging way to bring the magic of the "Frozen" movie into your child's playtime. It's easy to set up, simple to play, and provides hours of entertainment for children of all ages.
-22% sale
LED Bowling Set with 6 Clear Pins and Bowling Ball LED Bowling Set with 6 Clear Pins and Bowling Ball
LED Bowling Set with 6 Clear Pins and Bowling Ball Rs.4,695 Rs.5,995
Product Description: -Help your kids to aim and knock out all the pins with the Clearly Sports Bowling Set-A fun activity for the little ones, this bowling set comes with pins which have colorful balls inside and enhances the play experience with sound effects-Bowling helps build balance, hand-eye coordination and develops social skills-Set up the bowling alley indoors or outdoors.Pin height: 20cmHBall diameter 27cmCarton Size: 40cmL x 16.5cmW x 23.5cmH
-23% sale
Sponge Bob Bowling Set 8 Pins & 2 Bowling Balls Sponge Bob Bowling Set 8 Pins & 2 Bowling Balls
Sponge Bob Bowling Set 8 Pins & 2 Bowling Balls Rs.2,325 Rs.3,000
Product Description:   Contents: The set includes eight bowling pins and two bowling balls. The bowling pins are designed in the shape of characters from the popular animated TV show "Sponge Bob Square Pants," making the game even more appealing to young fans of the series. Size and Material: The bowling pins are typically made from durable and child-safe plastic material. Each pin stands at a suitable height for children to knock down with the bowling balls comfortably. Sponge Bob Theme: The set is themed around the beloved characters from the "Sponge Bob Square Pants" show, featuring Sponge Bob, Patrick Star, Squid ward, and other familiar faces. The vibrant and colorful designs add to the fun and excitement of the game. Indoor or Outdoor Play: The Sponge Bob Bowling Set is versatile and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It's suitable for play in various spaces such as living rooms, playrooms, backyards, or even at birthday parties and gatherings. Easy to Set Up: The bowling pins are designed to stand upright steadily, making it easy for kids to set them up for each round of play.
-9% sale
Boxing Punching Bag Set With Gloves Boxing Punching Bag Set With Gloves
Boxing Punching Bag Set With Gloves Rs.6,195 Rs.6,800
Product Description;   Boxing Ball Set Our full punching bag set is super easy to set up and includes everything you need for a boxing session. he inflatable punching ball Speed Bag comes with a durable base, spring loaded adjustable shaft, a pair of comfortable boxing gloves and inflation pump for your boxing ball. Includes boxing punching bag, gloves, pump and adjustable stand Imported Specifications;   Weight: 4.9 pounds Material: Leather Used For: Boxing    
-13% sale
Super Archery Bow And Arrow Set
Super Archery Bow And Arrow Set Rs.3,445 Rs.3,945
Product Description: Bow with arrows on a blister. A great set that allows the child to play the role of a real, brave archer. In the package you will find a profiled bow, three arrows with suction cups and a cardboard shield with numbers. The child can place arrows in the bow and release them with complete precision. The suction cups placed at the end of the arrows allow for safe and controlled shooting. The cardboard disc with numbers can be hung on any surface, which allows the child to adjust its play area and experiment with different distances. Playing with a bow and arrow develops motor skills, concentration, precision and imagination of the child. Baby can train aiming and agility skills. The set can be used for great fun both at home and outdoors. Package content: - profiled arch, - 3 arrows with suction cups, - 1 cardboard target with numbers. Package dimensions: 21x60x4.5cm Age: 3+ The length of the bow is 55 cm. The diameter of the target is 23 cm. The size of the arrow is 4 * 44 cm. The size of the package is 21 * 4 * 60 cm.


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