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billiard table billiard table
Large Wooden Billiard Table Game - STO Rs.18,945 Rs.25,590
You don't have to have a game room or basement to own this cool, tabletop version of the game we all love. Rack up a game of pool anytime with this Billiards Table. The Billiards Table features a 16PCS ball set, with two cues, 1 rubber triangle, 1 brush and 1 chalk. Details Table size: 81 x 42.8 x 17cm
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chess shaped ludo game chess shaped ludo game
Chess Shaped Foldable Ludo Game Rs.1,995 Rs.2,595
Product Description: Introduction: Number of players:2,3,4 What you need: Playing board - Ludo Counters and die. How to Play: Ludo is a modified version of Pachisi. In Ludo, there are no eating squares, and once a counter reaches its own colored column leading to the finish, it cannot be followed or taken Each layer selects a set of 4 counters. The die is thrown to determine order of play. Players then take turns trying to roll a 6, the number needed to get ot the starting square. If a player throws a 3, they are allowed another throw.  Counters move counterclockwise, as in Pachisi. If a player has more than one counter on the board and has a double throw (6+ another throw), the counter must return to its home can only re-enter on the roll of 6.
-28% sale
2 to 4 players 3d snakes n ladders game 2 to 4 players 3d snakes n ladders game
2 to 4 Players 3D Snakes n’ ladders Game Rs.1,595 Rs.2,195
Product Description: 3D Snakes n’ ladders Family Fun Game – 2 to 4 PlayersA brilliant game sure to provide hours of rip-roaring fun for 2-4 players over the age of 3 years.The classic game of snakes & ladders with a fun 3D twist, perfect fun for all the family. The aim of the game is to climb up the ladder to reach the top but watch out for the snakes and the new spinners which can send you hurtling back to the bottom.Three Dimensional Version Of Snakes and LaddersFeaturing High Quality MaterialsA Unique Gift For EveryoneThe Old Family Favourite with a Twist!Race Around the Board & Reach Home To Win!Fun For the Whole Family!
-32% sale
2 in 1 basketball and pinball game set
2 in 1 Basketball And Pinball Game Set Rs.1,645 Rs.2,395
Product Description: Game Basket - Pinball 2 In 1 Easy to assemble, no tools required, comes with instructions. Contains 27 pieces, specification colors may vary from illustration. Have a pinball board with all the accessories, then flip it over and play the basketball shooter game. Contains a small piece recommended to be used under adult supervision. A mobile platform to test your hand coordination and pulse !! Recommended age: from 3 years. Number of players: 1 person. Entertaining game of skill.
-17% sale
tiny pong solo electronic table tennis game tiny pong solo electronic table tennis game
Tiny Pong Solo - Electronic Table Tennis Game Rs.5,245 Rs.6,257
Product Description: TABLE TENNIS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND - Imagine being able to play a game of table tennis without the need for a full-size table. This game brings exciting bouncing action in the palm of your hand. Fun game to play alone: ​​Want something fun to do when friends aren't around? This game is great entertainment and is designed to be played alone. Challenge your friends by taking turns to get the highest score Keep it bouncing to win - Throw the ball down the court and then bounce it as long as possible to pick up the points. If the ball lands, the game is over and the unit announces the score. Lights and Sounds: The playset has lights and sounds that add to the exciting play. It lights up on the net when the game starts and when a player levels up, and records every bounce on top of the table. Tiny Pong Solo - Electronic Table Tennis Game for Kids The Tiny Pong Solo table tennis game brings exciting bouncing action to the palm of your hand! Throw the ball off the lane and repeatedly bounce it on the lane to rack up points. Move the track back and forth under the ball. Keep going, get a point for every bounce. To increase the challenge, switch from Beginner mode to Expert mode. The game responds with lights and sounds as players try to beat their high score by getting as many bounces as they can. How long can you keep going? TABLE TENNIS IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND Imagine being able to play a solo game of table tennis without needing a full size table! This game brings exciting bouncing action in the palm of your hand. FUN GAME TO PLAY ALONE Want something fun to do when friends aren't around? This game is great entertainment, and it is designed to be played alone. Challenge your friends by taking turns to get the highest score MAINTENANCE GROWING TO WIN Throw the ball on the track and then bounce it as long as possible to accumulate the points. If the ball lands, the game is over and the unit announces the score.
-11% sale
monopoly super mario celebration edition board game monopoly super mario celebration edition board game
Monopoly Super Mario Celebration Edition Board Game Rs.10,245 Rs.11,500
Product Description: MONOPOLY GAME CELEBRATES SUPER MARIO: Players can buy, sell, trade, and scheme to win it all with this Monopoly board game inspired by iconic Super Mario artwork, characters, and themes FAVORITE CHARACTERS: In this edition of the Monopoly game, Toad houses and Princess Peach's castles replace houses and hotels. Utilities are reimagined for Bowser Jr. and Magikoopa GAMING SOUND EFFECTS: Press the Question Block to collect or lose coins or to take another turn, and hear classic Super Mario sound effects such as Bowser's laugh, the Power-Up sound, and more GAME BOARD INSPIRED BY SUPER MARIO: Board spaces feature scenes and themes that Super Mario fans will recognize including Yoshi's Island, Forest of Illusion, and New Donk City FOR SUPER MARIO FANS: The Monopoly Super Mario Celebration game is a great gift idea for Super Mario fans, gamers, and of course, Monopoly fans • Includes gameboard, 6 tokens, 6 Question Block Reminder cards, 18 Title Deed cards, 32 Community Chest cards, 32 Toad houses, 12 Princess Peach's castles, 1 die, 90 cardboard coins (50 Golden coins, 40 5-coins), Question Block sound unit, and game rules.• Ages 8 and up• For 2 to 6 players.
-39% sale
hungry hungry hippos grab and go hungry hungry hippos grab and go
Hungry Hungry Hippos Grab And Go Rs.1,525 Rs.2,500
Product Description: Hungry Hungry Hippos Grab and Go; Chomp, chomp you've got some hungry hippos on your hands! This Grab & Go version of the classic Hungry Hungry Hippos game has 2 chomping hippos and a whole bunch of marbles for munching. With a plastic cover to keep the marbles from rolling out, this compact game lets you have hippo-feeding fun anytime, anywhere!Product Features Grab & Go game is a compact mobile version of the Hungry Hungry Hippos game All-in-one game unit makes storage easy Plastic cover keeps marbles from rolling out. Product Specifications For 2 players. Warning - Choking Hazard - Children Under 3 This toy is not suitable for ages under 3 years. It contains one or more of the following items marbles; small ball; or small parts. Recommended Age: Suitable for 4 years & above
-26% sale
2 in 1 football board and shooting game set 2 in 1 football board and shooting game set
2 in 1 Football Board and Shooting Game set Rs.5,845 Rs.7,895
Product Description: 【Easy to Instal】Easy assembly Football Gates Set. No tools are required to assemble and take apart. It is can develop children's manual and brain skills well. Put the soft foam ball into the pneumatic pump gun, and then push and pull the power air toy gun head, you can easily launch the ball out.【Safe And Reliable!】The air toy guns using the principle of aerodynamics, no battery is needed. The bullet is made of environmental EVA soft foam material. Even if the soft foam ball hits the child's body, it will not harm the child or cause danger to the child. Very safe and reliable, which will not cause shooting pain. Children can play and enjoy with friends safely, and mother will more rest assured.【Best Gift for Children!】The toy gun is made of non-toxic and high-quality ABS plastic material, which is strong, durable, and without any peculiar smell, will not affect the health of children. It is the best gift for children on birthdays, Children's Day, Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and New Year.Suitable for children 5 years old and up bring more fun to your kids.Warning : Small parts. Choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 36 moths.To be used under the direct supervision of an adult.Do not aim at eyes or face.
ping pong tree tennis racket
Ping Pong Tree Tennis Racket Rs.2,995
Product Description: Feature: 1.Play table tennis can exercise eye muscles,improve the tension of the muscles, let it relax and shrink, eliminiate eye fatigue, to prevent children's myopia to a certain extent radiation away from electronic products. 2.Ping pong trainer practice ball can help children improve reaction ability,eye and hand coodination ability,promote brain development, develop intelligence. 3.Our ping pong paddle set is ergonomically designed. The handles are flared and provide durability and stability. This makes the ping pong paddles easy to grip as the hold on the blade is better and helps to play shots effortlessly, you can grip comfortably for long periods of time.
original paper dart board gameoriginal paper dart board game original paper dart board gameoriginal paper dart board game
Original Paper Dart Board Game from Rs.1,395 Rs.1,995
Original Paper Dart Board Game Summary: The perfect home Boards. A tournament sized paper coil board that is made to work with Steeltip Darts. The board comes complete with 2 sets of 18g brass darts. Product Description: Bring your favorite pub pastime to your game room with this essential dart and board set, complete with 6 brass darts and options for 20-point and bull's-eye games. Features: Includes 2 sets of brass darts (6 Darts) Dart game set 2-in-1 games: Classic 20-point darts and target bulls-eye game Paper wound dart board Wire spider web to divide scoring segments Mounting bracket built into dartboard Great for beginners and advanced players
-23% sale
miniature mini snooker pool table set miniature mini snooker pool table set
Miniature Mini Snooker Pool Table Set Rs.4,395 Rs.5,695
Product description Compact and Portable: This portable mini billiard table is ideal for saving space, ideal for places where you do not have space to accommodate a full-size billiard table, such as a children ’s playroom or family room floor. Realistic Design: This mini pool table is made of wood, and green felt covers the standard size pool table. The game ball and cue are the best size and weight for the table, making it easy to practice shooting and perfect skills. Suitable for All Ages: This table tennis game is very suitable for kids of all ages. It is small enough for children to manipulate easily, but also strong enough for adults to enjoy. Everyone can enjoy this toy at home game night.
-26% sale
gobang double sided board game gobang double sided board game
Gobang Double Sided Board Game Rs.1,795 Rs.2,395
Product Description: Flying Chess: For 2-4 People to play at the same time, holding 4 pieces of flat chess in a single color as their 4 aircraft, up to 16 pieces. Function play method: Takeoff rule: only when the dice roll 5 or 6, the plane can fly from the apron, when the dice roll 6, you can roll the dice again. Walking, jumping rules:  pieces on the map, if the plane take the initiative to fly to the same cell and their colors, can forward a same color grid, if under a same color format join the fast-track, directly across fast lanes. Rules of mid-air collision: When a chess piece reaches a single position in the process of moving, if an enemy chess piece has stopped, the opponent's chess piece can be chased back to the base. Destination: "Destination" is the destination of game pieces. When a player has a piece that reaches the bos, it means that it has reached the end point and cannot control the piecel. Traditional flying chess rule, players will just go to the end to calculate "reach", if the player throws the dice points can't just go to the end, the extra point, pieces will walk back. The first player to fly all aircraft to the destination wins. Feature:1. Wood material manufacturing ensuring durable and safety for children play.2. Helps to develop children's counts and sequences as well as spatial cognition ability.3. Perfect birthday gift for a child, and can be used for party games.4. Finely polished surface without burrs makes it safety for children to play.5. Double sided chess board, come with complete accessories, interesting to play.   GObang Use chess pieces: Two players play chess, each playing black or white pieces of 30 pieces, a total of 60 pieces. How to Play: Two players take turns to drop, and the first five pieces on the board are filled with diagonal lines  
-12% sale
Wooden Soccer Game Wooden Soccer Game
Wooden Soccer Game Rs.7,500 Rs.8,500
Product Description: Fun For All Age Kids and adults will be able to get lots of enjoyment from this versatile and simple-to-use interactive furniture. It will fit in nicely in a game room, garage or playroom to give you a unique entertainment option. Large Compact tabletop football game High-Quality wood build withstands wear Individual detailed players and classic slide scoreboard Suitable for kids from 4 and above Exercise Machine Build Your Child Size: 51x31x10cm
-47% sale
Snooker Pool Set Snooker Pool Set
Snooker Pool Set Rs.425 Rs.800
Product Description: Playtime with this Toy Snooker Table. More skillful and more professional. Exclusive modern pool table. Snooker play set is a great fun game Product Features: For kids above 3+ years Fun unlimited Triangle Coloured balls Cue sticks New design snooker pool set What's included in the box: 1 Cue Stick 1 Triangle 1 Rest 11 Coloured Balls 


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