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21 Hole Automatic Water Bubble Gun 21 Hole Automatic Water Bubble Gun
21 Hole Automatic Water Bubble Gun
Rs.1,395 Rs.1,750
About this item The bubble gun is made of environmentally friendly and non-toxic ABS material, smooth, and has a handle design that fits in child's palm and is not easy to fall. The leak-proof or overflow-proof design is very safe for children and pets. Children can carry a bubble gun with them and enjoy the fun of chasing bubbles. Ideal for indoor & outdoor activities like birthday parties, wedding, classroom parties, and many more. Let you and your children have more happy moments. This bubble gun is kid-friendly, with no sharp edges or foul-smelling bubble solution. It will keep everyone safe while having endless fun! It's light and easy to bring. You only need to install three AA batteries (not included batteries), just pour the bubble water on the spare board, immerse the muzzle of the bubble gun in the bubble water, and then press the switch to enjoy the bubble time. This Bubble Machine Gun Toy includes 1 Bubble Guns with 1 Bubble Solutions and 1 spare board, with the 21-hole large nozzle. Guns fire barrages of bubbles and is perfect as a holiday gift or for a fun summer activity!
-24% sale
Bubble Blowing Stick with Elastic Smoke Bubble Bubble Blowing Stick with Elastic Smoke Bubble
Bubble Blowing Stick with Elastic Smoke Bubble
Rs.3,995 Rs.5,250
About this item 1The most beautiful bubbles: Our bubble machine can make bubbles with smoke inside, which is more interesting, beautiful and unique than ordinary bubbles. 2.Touching Bubbles Freely: Put on gloves, you can let the bubbles stay on your hands for a longer time, bringing you any fun or interaction. 3.Safe and Improved Design: Made of high-quality materials, exquisite workmanship, non-toxic and safe to use. Round and smooth surface and edges without burrs, will not hurt children's fingers and skin. 4.Great for Parties and Gifts: this is a great design for picnics, birthday parties, barbecues, dances, stages, weddings, etc. It is also great for children's birthday or Christmas gifts. 5.With mutiple styles optional, brings lots of fun for kids in outdoor playing.
-21% sale
Duck Bubble Camera
Duck Bubble Camera
Rs.1,745 Rs.2,195
Description The QuackShooter Bubble Camera is a delightful and innovative toy that combines the fun of bubble-blowing with the excitement of capturing memories. Shaped like a friendly duck, this whimsical camera not only blows bubbles but also features a built-in camera that captures photos while creating a magical bubble-filled atmosphere. Key Features Bubble-Blowing Fun: With its built-in bubble-blowing mechanism, the QuackShooter Camera produces a continuous stream of bubbles, delighting children with its playful and whimsical charm. Built-In Camera: Equipped with a real camera, children can capture photos while enjoying bubble-blowing fun, allowing them to create lasting memories of their playtime adventures. Simple Operation: Easy-to-use buttons make it simple for children to operate the camera and capture photos with just a press of a button, promoting independence and creativity. Colorful Design: Shaped like a friendly duck with vibrant colors and fun details, the QuackShooter Bubble Camera sparks imagination and adds a touch of whimsy to playtime. Portable and Lightweight: Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry and use the camera both indoors and outdoors, perfect for parties, playdates, and family gatherings. Product Specifications Bubble Solution Capacity: Holds [provide approximate volume] of bubble solution for extended playtime Camera Resolution: [Provide resolution] for clear and sharp photos Battery Type: Requires [provide battery type and quantity] batteries (not included) Material: Made from durable and child-safe plastic materials Dimensions: [Provide dimensions of the camera] Recommended Age: Suitable for children aged 3 years and above Safety: Designed with rounded edges and sturdy construction for child safety The QuackShooter Bubble Camera combines the joy of bubble play with the excitement of photography, providing children with a unique and memorable play experience. Whether capturing photos of their bubble-filled adventures or simply enjoying the whimsical charm of the duck-shaped camera, this innovative toy promises hours of fun and entertainment for children of all ages.
-21% sale
10 Holes Automatic Crazy Bubble Gun Toy for kids 10 Holes Automatic Crazy Bubble Gun Toy for kids
10 Holes Automatic Crazy Bubble Gun Toy for kids
Rs.2,745 Rs.3,445
Product Description: Introducing the 10 Holes Automatic Crazy Bubble Gun Toy – a high-energy and entertaining play accessory designed to turn ordinary playtime into a bubble-filled extravaganza. Here are key points highlighting the features and excitement this toy brings to kids:1. **Rapid-Fire Bubble Action:** With 10 bubble-producing holes, this toy unleashes a continuous and mesmerizing stream of bubbles, creating an atmosphere of fun and excitement that captivates children of all ages.2. **Vibrant and Colorful Design:** The Crazy Bubble Gun boasts a playful and vibrant design, featuring bright colors and whimsical shapes that appeal to kids' imagination and add an extra layer of visual appeal to playtime.3. **Automatic Bubble Blasting:** A simple press of the trigger sets off the automatic bubble-blasting mechanism, allowing kids to effortlessly create a cascade of bubbles with ease.4. **Interactive and Stimulating:** The interactive nature of the toy promotes hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills as kids engage with the trigger mechanism to produce bubbles, providing both entertainment and developmental benefits.5. **Light and Sound Effects:** Enhancing the play experience, the Crazy Bubble Gun is equipped with captivating light and sound effects, turning every bubble-blasting session into a multisensory adventure that keeps kids entertained for hours.6. **Easy to Operate:** Designed for simplicity, this bubble gun is easy for kids to operate, making it suitable for a wide range of age groups. The user-friendly design encourages independent play.7. **Outdoor and Indoor Play:** Versatile and suitable for various settings, the Crazy Bubble Gun is perfect for outdoor play in the backyard, at the park, or indoor play during rainy days, ensuring year-round enjoyment.8. **Safe and Durable Construction:** Crafted from durable and child-safe materials, this toy prioritizes safety without compromising on durability. It is built to withstand the playful energy of kids during their bubble-filled adventures.9. **Portable and Travel-Friendly:** Compact and lightweight, the Crazy Bubble Gun is easy to carry, making it an excellent travel companion for family outings, vacations, or playdates at friends' houses.10. **Bubble Solution Included:** The toy comes with a generous supply of bubble solution, ensuring that the bubble-blasting fun can begin right out of the box. Additionally, a convenient refill system makes it easy to keep the bubbles flowing.In summary, the 10 Holes Automatic Crazy Bubble Gun Toy combines a dynamic design with user-friendly features, creating an engaging and lively play experience that is sure to bring smiles and laughter to kids everywhere.
-26% sale
Camera Bubble Maker With Music Camera Bubble Maker With Music
Camera Bubble Maker With Music
Rs.2,445 Rs.3,280
Product Description:                                      【Multiple Themes Bubble Camera】 - The function of this camera-style bubble machine is fully upgraded, automatic continuous bubble blowing, equipped with colorful lights and dynamic music, add more fun. Cute animal cartoon shape, exquisite workmanship, gives children extraordinary happiness in a simple way. Come and open the colorful fantasy bubble world! 【Easy to Use】-Small and cute appearance, the perfect size is easy to hold, it is a nice companion for children to play outdoors. Our bubble solutions are non-toxic and safe for pets and children faces and skin. Upgrade the design of the golf box, expand the diameter of the bubble outlet, and create larger and colorful bubbles, so that children can chase and run happily. Exquisite packaging, brings children a complete sense of unpacking ceremony! 【Safety Material】 - Bubble machine is made of safe and environmentally friendly ABS drop resistant material, which is harmless to everyone and pets. Round and smooth grinding process, delicate texture, children can be sure to play at will. The 360-degree leak-proof design solved the annoying problem of having to put the nozzle in the tray to get the bubble liquid. Make the game more fun. 【Good Gifts】- This cute bubble maker is lightweight and easy to carry. Slim body design, comfortable grip and not easy to fall off. Keep everyone safe while having fun! Perfect for indoor and outdoor events such as birthday parties, weddings, classroom parties, backyard, etc. It does not leave stains even when playing indoors. Let you and everyone have a happier time.
-22% sale
Automatic Summer Water Bubble Gun For Kids Automatic Summer Water Bubble Gun For Kids
Automatic Summer Water Bubble Gun For Kids
Rs.1,650 Rs.2,100
Product Description;   Girls and boys toys bubble guns for kids: looking for a great bubble gun or a fun bubble machine for kids to entertain the little ones with thousands of bubbles? The whole family will love this fantastic bubble toy! Choose from 1 bubble or 2. They are sure to provide hours of fun indoors and outdoors and create thousands of bubbles in minutes. What is included: single pack contains 1 x bubble shooter and 1 x 150ml bubble liquid. Bubble guns for kids 2 pack contains 2 x bubble guns and 2 x bottles of bubble fluid (150ml per bottle). This kids toy requires 3 x AA batteries per bubble bladder Easy to use: This bubble gun machine is easy to use and so fun for kids of all ages. They make thousands of beautiful bubbles and everything is included in the box, with the bubble guns and bubble mix. Children of all ages will love the fact that they are lightweight and shoot so many bubbles at once. Safe for children: Our fun toys for boys and girls are designed to be easy to use, long lasting and suitable for children aged 3 and up. Simply close the bottle with bubble mixture and press the power button. The included bubble machine liquid is made from non-toxic ingredients and is safe for children to use. Fun gifts for kids: are you looking for bubble bladder for kids to entertain a little one? This cute bubble bladder for children is perfect for boys or girls. Bubbles for kids are a great gift idea as they stimulate many senses and help develop new skills through play and are great outdoor games for kids.
-20% sale
32 Holes Bazooka Bubble Machine 32 Holes Bazooka Bubble Machine
32 Holes Bazooka Bubble Machine
Rs.2,495 Rs.3,100
Product Description;   【The Latest Rocket Launcher Bubble Machine Gun】The bubble machine gun has 32 bubble holes, it can blow out hundreds of bubbles per minute. when bubbles all over the sky, the color bubble can attract their attentio. 【bubble guns for kids ages 4-8】The toy uses 4 1.5V batteries, due to transportation reasons, the buyer needs to buy it by himself, and it is easy to buy. The specific operation can be seen in the picture. 【Preferred Material】 bubble Gatling gun Made of the preferred ABS material, it is durable and has strong safety performance, not causing harm to the human body. The bubble machine is suitable for children to play and entertain. 【Popular Rocket Bubble Gun】Rocket bubble machine gun Being a necessary tool for dates, birthday parties, stages, weddings, barbecues, Christmas,Social Outing , etc. It's a perfect prop for a photo. You can take perfect photos and videos with it. [ Electric Automatic Bubble Machine Toys 】 Interesting leaf blower that produces a stream of bubbles. With realistic design and fresh colors, this toy bubble blower is what you need, and tap the bubble liquid and pull the trigger, a lot of bubbles will be ejected.  
-45% sale
Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball - 3 Pcs Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball - 3 Pcs
Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball - 3 Pcs
Rs.550 Rs.995
Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball - the perfect toy for kids who love to blow bubbles! This fun and unique product is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment for children of all ages.   To use the Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball, simply remove the bubble gum from the sealed pipe and place the glue in the front of the small blowpipe. Then, blow hard to create a large and colorful bubble! The special glue formula ensures that the bubbles are long-lasting and easy to handle, making it the perfect toy for kids to play with both indoors and outdoors.   Not only is the Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball a fun and engaging toy, but it also promotes hand-eye coordination and fine skills. Children can experiment with different blowing techniques and see how they affect the size and shape of the bubbles.   This product is made with high-quality materials and is safe and non-toxic for children to use. It is also easy to clean up, making it a hassle-free toy for parents to incorporate into their child's playtime.   Overall, the Bubble Glue Blowing Bubble Ball is an innovative and exciting product that will provide endless fun and entertainment for kids. Get yours today and watch as your child's creativity and imagination soar!
Bubble Water Sachet 15ML Bubble Water Sachet 15ML
Bubble Water Sachet 15ML
from Rs.125 Rs.199
Pack of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 Bubble maker Blowing Liquid 15ML sachet recommended to be mixed with water at 250ML Non-Toxic 2 Packs are Enough For Making Half Liter of Bubbles Its bubble solution liquid Same as picture 100% Brand new and high quality. Material: liquid Color: Random Function: a special concentrated liquid for blowing bubbles. Bubble concentrate liquid, safe and nontoxic Sealed packaging, the product will not be easily leaked You'll run out of breath before you run out of bubbles
-16% sale
helicopter bubble machine with light and sound
Helicopter Bubble Machine With Light And Sound
Rs.2,545 Rs.2,995
Product Description: Bubble Machine for Toddlers - The helicopter bubble machine comes with 1 bottle bubble solutions and will attract children's attention greatly, give tons of funs. Ideal bubble toys for toddlers, kids, boys, girls. Perfect bubble machine for birthday parties, baby bath fun, photo scenes, park and backyard playing, etc Dance with LED Light and Music: This helicopter bubble machine is always a great attraction to kids. Push the power switch to second gears, LED lights; Automatically blowing the bubble with music after push to third gears, will have endless fun into the bubble dreamy world for kids boys girls. Great Gifts for Boys and Girls - Perfect birthday gift, Christmas gift, Halloween gift, party favors, a prize or reward, wedding bubbles, pool bubbles, indoor or outdoor game for kids. Perfect for the beach, pool, backyard, park, and any other outdoor activity.
-20% sale
2d-animal-world 2d-animal-world
2D Animal World Camera
Rs.680 Rs.840
Note: Color May Vary Product Description: About the Animal World - Game for Kids app: Cartoon images of pet animals and domestic animals Images of animal young ones Touch to listen the particular animal sound Interactive learning experience for kids Share the amazing kids app on Facebook and Twitter.
duck-shaped-bubble-bath-toy duck-shaped-bubble-bath-toy
Duck-Shaped Bubble Bath Toy
Note: Color May Vary Product Description: Enjoy an explosion of bubbles. Don't you like to bathe? Let Chuchik change that with this bubble-blowing Duck bath toy. With this bubble song machine, your children will be looking forward to bath time With Songs Adhere to the bathtub. Easy to install Duck in the bathtub to ensure fun at bath time. Super strong suction cups that hold the octopus bubble machine to the bathtub or any surface in the bathroom, including ceramic, tile or wood bathtubs Reliable toy. We know the happiness that this toy will provide you and of course your children.  Specifications:Gender: unisexModel: Bubble Bath ToyMaterial: plasticPacking list:1 x Bubble Bath Toy ( does not use AA batteries)
-34% sale
Musical Duck Bubble Stick
Rs.495 Rs.750
Product Description: Suitable for ages: 3+ years Includes 1 bubble stick, Up to 100 bubbles in 60 seconds For Indoor/outdoor use only
big-bubble-bottle-tzp1 big-bubble-bottle-tzp1
Water Bubble Bottle - TZP1
from Rs.170
About this item: 1. Perfect Value Pack: Each 12-pack  2. Best Summer Gift: Let the bubble water save the children every day in the summer. Different ways of forming different bubbles to increase the fun of children. 3. Fantastic Bubbles: A lot of bubbles can be produced by waving magic wands and blowing magic wands. Bubbles produce different colors in the sun. 4. Applicable Scene: Perfect for Outdoor Activities, Bath Time, Birthday Party, School Activities, Carnivals, or whatever you choose! 5. Safe And Riskless: Our Bubble Wands contains all safe materials.These solutions are safe for the skin and face of the child.            Color & Shape May Vary   Unique Bubble Toys
automatic water bubble gun tzp1 automatic water bubble gun tzp1
Automatic Water Bubble Gun - TZP1
from Rs.895
Note: Color May Vary Product Description: Modern Style Bubble Gun the bubble machine gun has 8 bubble holes, which can blow hundreds of bubbles per minute. Adopts the appearance structure of Gatlin, the shape is fresh and the style is different, so it will become a unique bubble player, attract the surrounding vision, Safe Material: The bubble gun is made of safe ABS material, safe for children, no leakage or overflow, very safe for kids and pets, children can carry the bubble gun with them and enjoy bubble chasing.  Electric Fan: Remove the bubble head and turn it into a fan, the fan is made of ABS rotor blades, which is suitable for the safety of your children and pets. When kids feel tired after chasing, they will feel very hot, the bubble gun can be used as a small fan, it will bring cool and comfortable wind. BEST GIFT CHOICE: The unique design of the funny Gatling gun promotes the development of children's imagination and creativity. Your child can carry this bubble cannon with him, which is a fun and interactive toy. It can keep them entertained for a long time. Easy to Use:  You have to insert 3 AA batteries (not included), and pull the trigger to make lots of bubbles appear. Package includes 1 bubble gun, 1 basin bottle,The size for the Gun is approx 7 inches in length and it does come with 1 Bottle Solution, Thanks  Unique Bubble Toys


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