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5 Piece Furniture Remover Set 5 Piece Furniture Remover Set
5 Piece Furniture Remover Set
Rs.2,150 Rs.2,999
Weight of Load: can carry 150 kg, so you can easily move furniture or heavy items. 360 DEGREE DESIGN - The sliders can go directly, but they come with a black swivel pad. If you need to rotate, you can insert a lever into the hole and turn in the desired direction. Lever Bar: It is a 180 degree rotating head, the total length is 35cm/13.8", made of high quality steel. Application: ideal for all home or office furniture, such as sofa, library, tables, chairs, beds, piano, washing machine, dryer, fridge, folders, billiard tables, piano, household appliances, exercise equipment etc. PROTECT FURNITURE - The castors make your work effective, they are all quiet, no damage to your floor.
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3 Slot Knife Sharpener 3 Slot Knife Sharpener
3 Slot Knife Sharpener
Rs.550 Rs.999
Product Description A new start for old knives: Restore your straight-edge kitchen set, hunting knife, folding pocket blade, and keep them honed for precise cutting. Always clear the sharpener after use. Clean with a damp cloth or mild brush, wipe dry. You can safely sharpen the blade without worrying about cutting yourself. The product is small and can be stored in any cabinet in the kitchen. Due to the different materials and angles of the blades, if the sharpening effect is not good, it is recommended to continue to sharpen the sharpening of the knife, and gradually increase the force to observe the effect. The blade is shaped for the first time, and the blade will be sharp after successful shaping. It is easy to use for Quickly Sharpening Blunt knives at your own home. The removal head grinder allows for easy cleaning of the tool. NON-SLIP RUBBER BASE: The Non-Slip Rubber Base throughout the body of the sharpener adheres firmly to any flat surface thereby ensuring a non-slip, strong grip while the sharpener is in use. Widely used in Stainless Steel kitchen knives, fruit knife, chef's knife
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100 ML Cooking Oil Spray Bottle 100 ML Cooking Oil Spray Bottle
100 ML Cooking Oil Spray Bottle
Rs.495 Rs.999
Description Cooking Oil Sprayer Glass Oil Spray Bottle Kitchen Tool BBQ Baking Grill Vinegar Oil Sauce Bottle Short Description: 100 ML Cooking Oil Sprayer Glass Oil Spray Bottle Kitchen Tool BBQ Baking Grill Vinegar Oil Sauce Bottle Product Description: This product is an easy-to-use cooking material tool, which can be used to store oil, soy sauce, wine and other liquid seasonings. Have you ever tried to add too much seasoning when the seasoning? Please try this product, a small amount of spray, can effectively control the amount of spray, it is a good helper of cooking at home. The glass texture can contain all types of liquids without corrosion. The body of the bottle is transparent, and you can pay attention to the situation of seasoning residual agent at any time. lightly press the bottle cap to spray the mist as a seasoning agent, evenly distributed, without too salty or insufficient taste. it can be used for cooking, barbecue, baking, etc.
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Portable Air Conditioner Humidifier Fan Portable Air Conditioner Humidifier Fan
Portable Air Conditioner Humidifier Fan
Rs.6,900 Rs.7,500
Portable Air Conditioner, Personal Desk Misting Humidifier Fan with Timing Function, Adjustable 600ml USB Rechargeable Mini Evaporative Air Cooler for Home Room Office (Assortment) 600ML LARGE CAPACITY WATER TANK: This electric fan has a built in 600ml large capacity water tank, which can continuously provide humidification function for the fan, without the need to add water frequently, convenient and practical. 3 GEARS FAN AND 3 GEARS WATER SPRAY: This electric fan has three gears wind speed control and three gears water spray function, you can choose the right wind speed and water spray according to the actual demand to adjust the indoor environment. LONG TIME CONTINUOUS SPRAYING FUNCTION: The water spraying function of this electric fan has a continuous spraying time setting, you can choose 2.5, 4 or 12 hours of continuous spraying time to meet different needs. SEVEN LIGHT EFFECTS WITH TIMED ALARM CLOCK FUNCTION: The fan has a variety of light effects to choose from, which can create a cozy feeling for the user. It also has a timer alarm clock function, which is convenient for users to set reminders. USB CHARGING CONVENIENT: This electric fan supports USB charging, which can be conveniently charged by connecting to computers, mobile power and other devices.
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360 Degree Rotating Helicopter 360 Degree Rotating Helicopter
360 Degree Rotating Helicopter
Rs.2,195 Rs.3,300
The package contains 1 Bump and Go Musical Helicopter Toy for Kids. The Toy is Ideal for kids aged 4 years and above. The Helicopter toy has a detailed design and comes in bright colour making it attractive for the kids. Bump and Go: This is a bump-and-go toy. It has rotatable a wheel that begins rotating once the switch is turned on. It travels across the floor smoothly and changes its direction automatically when it comes into contact with an object. This will bring your children unending joy. 360-Degree Rotation: The Helicopter Toy has a 360 Degree Rotating feature. There is a disc at the bottom of the toy which starts rotating when the toy is running this makes the helicopter rotate 360 degrees for a short time then it again starts running. At this time, the wings of the helicopter also start moving. This feature of the toy adds a touch of uniqueness and an extra level of excitement to playtime. Lights and Music: The Helicopter toy has a lights and sound feature. As the switch is turned on, the helicopter starts flashing lights giving it an amazing visual effect. It's more exciting to play in the dark with lights since the darkness highlights the visual effects of the toy, making the playing experience even more exciting. In addition, the toy plays exciting music while running. Battery Operated: The Musical Toy Helicopter for kids is powered by 3 AA batteries, which are easy to replace. The battery section lies at the handle of the toy. You will need a screwdriver to open the battery section and insert batteries. [Note: the batteries are not included with the toy and you have to buy them separately. For optimum performance, use fresh batteries].
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21 Pcs Washable Makeup Set 21 Pcs Washable Makeup Set
21 Pcs Washable Makeup Set
Rs.3,650 Rs.4,500
About this item 💖【21 PIECES MAKEUP BAG FOR GIRLS 】Girls always care about mom's makeup drawer. To keep her away from her mother's makeup, we specially designed this girls makeup toy set for 21 kinds of makeup products, to meet every girl's makeup needs and satisfy the curiosity of boys. 💖【Spending Time With Friends】This makeup toy set is a great toy for girls for role play with friends and keep their kids entertained for hours! The simulation game can also help your child to promote creativity, cognitive development, and improve her aesthetic and even social skills. Portable design allows your princess to enjoy wherever she goes. 💖【NON-TOXIC WASHABLE MAKEUP KIT】This girls makeup set is made of high-quality and non-hazardous materials to ensure your child's ability to play safely. Easily washed with water, no stains on clothes or furniture, protecting your child's love of beauty. 💖【PORTABLE MAKEUP BAGE】High quality beauty bag can carry all of your makeup without the mess at home, it is very convenient to carry; Shine better at your next season meetings. 💖【PERFECT GIFT FOR A PRINCESS 】This makeup toy can help your child realize her dream of being your curiosity and inspire your love of beauty with creative gifts for girls, including birthday parties, costume parties, Halloween costumes, Christmas costumes and more.
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Ice Hockey Game 2Players Ice Hockey Game 2Players
Ice Hockey Game 2Players
Rs.1,995 Rs.2,500
About this item 💥It has a positive impact on the child’s psychology. 💥Ice Hockey Air Power (Battery Operated) for Kids with Air Cushion. A football puck that floats on an airbed and has soft protective foam edges. It may be used on any smooth surface. Ideal for indoor gaming. Do not mix old and new batteries(Use only 1.5V AAA batteries) 💥You can also use the air hockey table to reduce the screen exposure of your children. 💥It can save your entertainment cost to a great extent; instead of taking your family out, you can make them busy at home. 💥Ideal for gift-giving. For children aged 3 and up. A new design has arrived on the market. Ice hockey ball board game disk ball shuttle ball hover ball playing board game toy for kids
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Unicorn Makeup Beauty Box Unicorn Makeup Beauty Box
Unicorn Makeup Beauty Box
Rs.4,500 Rs.5,500
Description Unicorn-Themed Makeup Case: Makeup Case: The case is pink with a metallic handle and a secure latch. The interior is organized with compartments for each item and includes a built-in mirror on the inside of the lid. A set of pink makeup brushes is visible in a clear bag, stored in a compartment in the lid. Contents: Nail Polishes: Three bottles of nail polish in vibrant colors, with glittery effects. The bottles have a whimsical design. Lipsticks: Two tubes of lipstick in shades of pink and blue. Eyeshadow Palette: An eyeshadow palette with multiple colors, including pink, orange, yellow, green, and purple, as well as compartments filled with glitter. Glitter Jars: Small containers filled with various colors of glitter for added sparkle. Toe Separators: Colorful toe separators for pedicures. Stickers: A sheet of fun stickers for decoration. Other Accessories: Various small decorative items, possibly for nails or other creative uses. This makeup case is perfect for kids who love to play with makeup and enjoy creating colorful, imaginative looks. The set provides everything needed for hours of fun and creative play, all neatly organized in a portable case.

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