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Metal Body Diecast Rolls Royce Cullinan With Light And Sound from Rs.2,150 Rs.3,050
Product Description: Die-cast Alloy Metal Size: 1/24 Scale Model Openable Front/Back Doors Openable Boot & Bonnet Free Wheels/Push Along Stimulate Engine Sound Functional Headlights/Backlights Detailed Rubber Tyres    
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Metal Body Mercedes Maybach With Lights and Sound Rs.4,100 Rs.5,528
Metal Body Mercedes Maybach With Lights & Sound Product Description: - Scale: 1:24- Color: Black/Maroon- Size: 20.5 x 7.5 x 5cm / 8 inch x 3 inch x 2 inch- Material: Diecast- Car doors can be opened- Pull back,Free wheels- With sound and light (apply the batteries correctly, and then open the door, or press the car, you will get the sound and light)- It is perfect for collector's display and also can be used as a toy or gift Note: Color May Vary as we don't promise any specific Color, If You Need Any Desired Color Please Below the option (Extra Charges Included) MB-SL
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Diecast Chevrolet Camaro With Light Scale 1:24 - TZP1 Rs.4,745 Rs.6,169
Product Description:This Chevrolet Camaro 1/24 car model pull back car is very suitable for children to play. It contains a display base and is also very suitable for car model lovers to collect as a decoration. Model: 6 to 7 inch"  Colour: May Be Vary Feature: Full Back n Go Action, Opening Doors Condition: New In Box Material : Diecast Metal With Plastic Part Approx. Car Size: 6 to 7" (Length) Age 3+
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RC Flying Drone Mini Bike - TZP1 Rs.2,865 Rs.3,220
Description:RC Drone Flying Motorcycle drone Ground & Flight Dual Mode Color May Vary Product specifications Product Size (cm): 15.3*8.2*9 Box Specification (cm): 21*18.5*8.99 Full set product weight (g) 265g Fuselage battery: 300 Mah
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Flying Spinner Boomerang Ball Rs.1,995 Rs.2,795
Product Description: It's easy to get started with the Flynova Pro. Turn on the power button and hold the Flynova Pro upwards, then simply shake to start and give it a toss! You will quickly understand the infinite possibilities for the flight of the Flynova Pro. Launch your Flynova Pro, then call it right back to home base - aka your hand - with The Boomerang. Toss the spinning Flynova Pro into the air, and watch as it circles right back to you. Catch it in one hand and be ready to launch your next trick. 【2021 Upgrade Flynova Pro Flying Toy】The FLYNOVA PRO's reimagined globe shape and more powerful motor. flying orb spinner climbs through the air at your command, then returns to your hand like a boomerang. With RGB light,the mini drone shines brightly and colorfully when it flies at night. In the age of social distancing, it’s the perfect way to keep kids moving so they don’t turn into couch potatoes during lockdown. 【Safe And Durable Safety tested for use with children, FLYNOVA PRO is a flying toy.The drones for kids spherical design and protective casing mean it’s completely safe to grab with your hands. And use environmentally friendly and non-toxic material, is surprisingly soft and light, with good drop resistance. When it hits an obstacle, it will slow down and stops naturally. 【Rechargeable Design & Portable】 The FLYNOVA PRO flying ball has three times the battery life of the original FLYNOVA. A quick charge of 30 minutes is enough to give your FLYNOVA PRO a full 10 minutes of pure flight time. It lets you fly longer, go further and keep the good times going. The supplied USB charging cable can be connected to a power bank, notebook, phone adapter, car charger, etc. 【Easy To Use】First turn on the switch, the "Up" logo is up, and then gently shake to make the aircraft rotate. When you throw it upwards 30 ° to get flying. It will spins around and returns to you like a boomerang.Throw it downwards 30° to get flying. It will fly travels steady in a straight line. It is perfect to play with friends. If you wish to stop playing, just shake it and stop the spinning. 【Have Fun Anytime and Anywhere】FLYNOVA Pro mini hand-operated drone for Kids(Over 6 years) and Adults is even more fun with friends.Perfect for a back & forth game of catch or team tricks with friends. It is designed to work indoors as well as outdoors with a smooth flight pattern and boomerang effect. Use it at home, school, party or the office. It is make awesome travel toys, birthday gift and fun party activities. The Flynova Pro can spin ultra-fast while hovering in place. Put your hand underneath the Flynova Pro and follow the spinning orb as long as you can, for the feeling that you’re redefining gravity. Who said magic wasn’t real? It takes two to tango. Sometimes a whole group. Find a partner or a whole group. Then go freestyle as you hover, glide, and pass the Flynova Pro back and forth. Make things even more interesting by spicing up your catches and passes with different moves. Look up. I mean… way up. The Flynova Pro can climb straight into the air on its own before it comes back down for a safe landing in your palm. How high can yours climb? The Flynova Pro offers a unique addition to the 1st generation Flynova – the “magic” controller. With its infrared sensor and target-seeking magnet, the controller lets you unlock a new level of tricks and hours more fun. All with just the press of a button. Get greater precision and flair for your old tricks by using the controller as a launchpad. Or unfurl a whole list of new moves. Send your Flynova Pro flying sky high – up to 49 feet – then reel it back in for the catch using the controller’s magnet attraction system. And with three different colored lights, you can light up the sky with any color you choose. All from your magic controller. *The add-on magic controller is provided as an additional accessory with the purchase of Flynova Pro. Ready for a challenge? The Flynova Pro’s reimagined globe shape and more powerful motor mean one thing: more mind-blowing tricks than ever. Flex your skills with these advanced stunts and maneuvers that will push your creativity and test your accuracy - with or without the magic controller.  See below for some of the recommended stunts. And then create some of your own. The only limit is your creativity. You don’t need a ton of space to unleash the fun of the Flynova Pro. It’s easy to control, so you can enjoy yourself worry-free anywhere from the living room to a public park. And the boomerang effect ensures the Flynova Pro only has one flight path after you launch it – right back to your hand. And the Flynova Pro is great for the office, too. Use it to de-stress with your colleagues in the breakroom. Or for adding a little fun to your team-building sessions. It’s so easy, even your boss could learn. Seriously, though. Let her try. Remember when kids did more than just stare at their phones? So do we. The Flynova Pro is the perfect way to get kids up, moving, and entertained for hours. And it’s designed with their safety in mind, so you can let them play worry-free. The Flynova Pro features a grab-to-stop function - so it stops flying as soon as it touches something. Whether that’s your hand, the wall, or the shelf where mom keeps the family photos.  The spherical design and protective casing mean it’s completely safe to grab with your hands. And the material is surprisingly soft and light, so getting a bump from the Flynova Pro is like a pat on the shoulder. In the age of social distancing, it’s the perfect way to keep kids moving so they don’t turn into couch potatoes during the lockdown. We know accidents happen. That’s why we built the Flynova Pro tough, so it can take all the bumps and scrapes you throw at it. The Flynova Pro is designed so it doesn’t fall apart every time it hits the wall or crash lands on your floor. We put the Flynova Pro through numerous rigorous tests to ensure it’s durable enough to take the hits. And safe enough to protect everyone’s hands. From your kids to your uncles. So you can let anyone play. Worry-free. Dead batteries are a buzz-kill. The Flynova Pro has triple the battery life of the original Flynova. A quick 25-minute charge is all it takes to give your Flynova Pro a full 10 minutes of pure flying time. So you can fly longer, go further, and keep the good times soaring.  * The specific battery life of Flynova Pro is depending on the specific scenarios. It supports 30 minutes for discontinuous operation or 8 to 10 minutes for continuous operation. Also, the wind speed in the scenario is one of the factors influencing the battery life. And playing with the magic controller will also speed up the power consumption of the Flynova Pro.  Safety is our first priority… Right after fun. The Flynova Pro features an aerodynamic enclosed wheel design that gives it that smooth flight when you’re performing tricks. And keeps your hands 100% when you launch or catch the Flynova Pro. We put its design to rigorous testing to make sure it’s safe for children and adults to use. So you can rest assured your hands will be protected at all times as you work on mastering all those new tricks. No matter at what age you play.    
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Fly Eagle Aerial Drone With Camera Rs.11,500
Flying time 20 Minutes flying time ;Flying Range with Remote 160-2205 ft Flying Range with WiFi Camera Resolution 480P  Motor type :- Coreless DC Kit Content Drone, Remote, Drone Battery, USB Charger, Propeller Guards, One Extra pair of Propellers, Screw Driver Live Stream Range : 50-60 ft , Flying Height :55 ft. Package list: 1 * Drone 1 * remote controller 4 * propeller protection ring 1 * screwdriver 1 * USB charger 1 * English Manual
Kinsmart 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Pickup Truck Rs.975
2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Pickup Truck Product Description: This Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Pickup Truck is a 1/46 scale diecast model replica. features openable doors and tailgate, pullback action. A great piece for any pickup truck collection, and ideal for Ford admirers! Features: Kinsmart - 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor SuperCrew Pickup with sunroof. 1/46 scale diecast collectible model car. This Ford F 150 pickup is a 4"Lx 2"Wx 1.75"H die cast metal, pullback action pick-up truck. Openable doors & tailgate. This Ford F150 pick up truck is manufactured by Kinsmart. Color (May Vary) Each Sold Separately
Kinsmart Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Car Rs.975
Lamborghini Gallardo Sports Car Product Description: This Lamborghini Gallardo is a 1/32 scale diecast model replica. It comes in a orange color and features openable doors and pull back action. A great item for any sportscar collection, and a real gem for Lamborghini enthusiasts! Features: Kinsmart - Lamborghini Gallardo Sports car. 1/32 scale diecast collectible model car. 5"Lx 2"Wx 1.5"H die cast metal, pull back action. Openable doors. Manufactured by Kinsmart. Each Sold Separately Color (May Vary)
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Kinsmart 2016 Pagani Huayra Rs.975
Product Detail: Kinsmart 2016 Pagani Huayra Features: -Metal Body-Pull Back-Open Door-Color: (May vary)-Diecast Manufacturing: Kinsmart-Packaging: Loose-Size: 5-6" inches in length
KINSMART Range Rover Sport Rs.975
KINSMART Range Rover Sport Introducing - Range Rover Sports KT 5312 top class mini model car for kids as well as car lovers to increase the hobby of automobile collection Original license from the brand with its replica piece. 1:38 scale and heavy gauge die cast Ideal for kids and adults. Metal Car With Plastic Parts, Pull Back, Door Opening Please note that colors available in the market may vary depending on the model and will be delivered to you whenever the color is available!!. Non-toxic and safe material for kids to play freely with it. This is a wonderful gift for kids  Each Sold Separately Color May Vary
Rc Disney McQueen Car - TZP1 Rs.6,495
Product Description: Disney Cars Lightning McQueen RC Car: - The front light is on. Battery operated. Not include batteries and chargers for cars and remote.  Rc Cars Lightning McQueen- Remote- Battery Remote 9V- Battery Mobile "AA" 700mAh 1.2V
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1:16 Scale 2.4 GHZ RC Drift Car - TZP1 Rs.3,895 Rs.5,097
Product Summary: A very cool drift car with tons of effects.The car has roller wheels, which allows you to perform drift tricks. Made a car in a modern racing design.The machine is distinguished by its power, maneuverability and additional effects. Suitable for a variety of terrain, multi-directional movement High-power motor, strong power, ultra-high speed to enjoy the pleasure of drifting The left and right tuning device adjusts the steering deviation so that the car can walk in a straight line precisely Textured non-slip tires, deep grain uneven surface, can provide a strong grip With large capacity rechargeable battery 6V rechargeable battery pack 20 minutes battery life 2.4Ghz remote control, anti-interference technology, even if multiple players compete, they will not interfere with each other Package list: 1 * RC Car 1 * remote regulated 1 * battery   Rc Spray Runner Car