-23% sale
09 future car rotate 360 with flashing light music
09 Future Car Rotate 360° with Flashing Light & Music Rs.1,125 Rs.1,450
Product Description: SQUIDDY Presents 09 car Future Car Rotate 360° with Flashing Light & Music 3D Electric Toy Cars for Kids. Electric Musical Car Toy plays dynamic music while walking with Lights and Sounds,attracting the baby to crawl with brilliant changes in red,blue and green color light. Plastic/electronic original (need 5''AA battery*3 / not included);Size: 4.72*3.38*3.34 inches. It's truly magical and will keep a child entertained.Cute appearance and bright color,it is the best present for kids. Material: Plastic Battery Operated, 3 Batteries Non-rechargeable Batteries Age: 3+ Years
-17% sale
1 Box/Set 8-Pc Stationery Set & Desk Set 1 Box/Set 8-Pc Stationery Set & Desk Set
1 Box/Set 8-Pc Stationery Set & Desk Set Rs.1,295 Rs.1,545
Product Description:                                                          This 8-piece stationery set and desk set is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to be organized. The set includes a variety of essential items, including: 1 x mechanical pencil 1 x eraser 1 x ruler 1 x compass 1 x protractor 1 x set of lead refills 1 x pencil sharpener 1 x plastic storage box All of the items in the set are made of high-quality materials and are designed to last. The mechanical pencil is comfortable to hold and writes smoothly, while the eraser is effective at removing mistakes. The ruler is clear and easy to read, and the compass and protractor are both accurate and easy to use. The lead refills are durable and long-lasting, and the pencil sharpener is sharp and effective. The plastic storage box is sturdy and keeps all of the items in the set organized and easy to find. This stationery set and desk set is perfect for use at school, in the office, or at home. It is also a great gift for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to be organized. Features: 8 essential stationery items in one set Made of high-quality materials Durable and long-lasting Perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who loves to be organized Great gift for any occasion Benefits: Have all of your essential stationery items in one place Save time and money by buying a set instead of individual items Be organized and efficient with your studies or work Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you have all of the supplies you need on hand Give a thoughtful gift that is sure to be appreciated  
-25% sale
1 Palette Plattes Knife Set 1 Palette Plattes Knife Set
1 Palette Plattes Knife Set Rs.1,050 Rs.1,400
The Palette Knife Set by Mont Marte is a great addition to any artist's toolkit. The set includes five plastic palette knives with flexible blades and no cutting edges.   These knives are perfect for creating impasto effects and laying down flat colors on a canvas or painting surface. They are also great for mixing paint, mediums, and pigments on your palette.   The knives come in different sizes, making them suitable for various painting techniques and styles. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, this set is ideal for all levels of artistic ability.   These knives are suitable for use with both oil and acrylic paints. Get creative with this Palette Knife Set and take your painting skills to the next level.
-13% sale
1/24 Scale Diecast Nissan Patrol Model Car 1/24 Scale Diecast Nissan Patrol Model Car
1/24 Scale Diecast Nissan Patrol Model Car Rs.6,525 Rs.7,500
Product Description: Material: Alloying and Plastic Scale: 1:24 Function: Doors could be opened, Pull back, Sound and Light. !! Product size: Length 21cm / 8.2in Width 9cm / 3.5in Height 8cm / 3.1in Car scale 1:24. Its appearance will definitely make your eyes shine. I believe you and your kids will love this model of car, which has a temperament and value for the collection. !! Eco-friendly material: This model car is made of zinc alloy and rubber tires with a sturdy body structure. It has passed 4 safety inspections and greatly protects the durability of the car. Also, use carefully selected materials and use environmentally friendly baking varnish. !! Interesting and educational details: Pullback toy cars have sound and light and can open the door. All of these designs are designed to add more fun while increasing the curiosity and enthusiasm of children. It's also a perfect gift for children. !! Ideal Gift: This toy car model will be the perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, or other meaningful days between kids and friends. It can be used not only as a toy but also as a souvenir such as a desk.
-22% sale
10 inches soft doll
10 inches Soft Doll Rs.1,645 Rs.2,095
Product Description Detailed Features - Beautiful gentle to touch vinyl face, with big Brown eyes and sweet natural expression Trendy and Safe - This doll is safe for babies aged birth and up, all clothes are sewn on making this a perfect companion for babies 10 Inch Soft Body Doll - Doll is soft and cuddly and the perfect size to hug, snuggle and cuddle Great Gift - Ideal gift for every child. Buy for Christmas, Birthdays, or just to put a smile your little one’s face NOTECOLOR AND DESIGN MAY BE VARY
-25% sale
colorful round stamp tzp1
10 Pieces Assorted Stamps - TZP1 Rs.375 Rs.495
Product Summary: Kids Pre inked stamps assortment includes 10 pieces stampers with 10 different designs 10 Designs include 10 Emoji Stampers, 5 Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow & Pink. Great for party favor, teacher's classrooms, birthday party, classroom prizes, carnival, stationery, greeting cards, scrapbooks Design and all other uses MEET US TOY STANDARD. SAFETY TEST APPROVED.
-19% sale
10 10
10" Inch Lcd Electronic Drawing Tablet Rs.1,545 Rs.1,895
Product Description:                                                            A 10-inch LCD electronic drawing tablet is a portable and reusable device that allows you to draw, write, and doodle without using paper and pencil. It has a pressure-sensitive LCD screen that displays your strokes in real time. You can erase your drawings with the touch of a button, and you can also lock the screen to prevent accidental deletion. LCD drawing tablets are perfect for kids and adults alike. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including: Drawing and doodling Taking notes and writing to-do lists Creating presentations and sketches Practicing handwriting and spelling Playing educational games Here are some of the benefits of using a 10-inch LCD electronic drawing tablet: Paperless and environmentally friendly: LCD drawing tablets save paper and help to reduce waste. Durable and portable: LCD drawing tablets are made of durable materials and are lightweight and easy to carry around. Safe and easy to use: LCD drawing tablets are safe for kids to use and are easy to operate. Affordable: LCD drawing tablets are relatively affordable, making them a great value for the money. If you are looking for a fun and educational device for your kids, or if you are simply looking for a way to reduce your paper consumption, a 10-inch LCD electronic drawing tablet is a great option. Here are some additional features that you may want to look for when choosing a 10-inch LCD electronic drawing tablet: Pressure sensitivity: A higher pressure sensitivity will allow you to create more expressive drawings. Battery life:  LCD drawing tablets have longer battery life than others. Lock function: A lock function can prevent accidental deletion of your work. NOTE:COLOR MAY VARY
-21% sale
1080 Degree Rotation Extender Faucet 1080 Degree Rotation Extender Faucet
1080 Degree Rotation Extender Faucet Rs.895 Rs.1,120
Product Description: The new robotic arm rotating sink faucet aerator can rotate 1080 degrees and can be easily bent or folded at will so that water can reach every corner of the sink, making it easy to wipe the mouth, face and eyes. Faucet aerator is compatible with most faucets. Direct manual installation without tools, done in seconds. If your faucet has a male thread, connect directly. If your faucet has a female thread, use an adapter to connect. The adapter and washer are included in the package. FITS ALL STANDARD FAUCETS: Can be installed on kitchen faucets, sink faucets, bathroom faucets and sink faucets. The faucet aerator is made of ABS body and multi-layer paint for durability and longevity. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust. Four layers of filtration to remove impurities and health. Saves water and money compared to other standard bubblers. You can adjust the faucet for both soft bubble stream and powerful spray shower. Soft bubble flow mode is suitable for face washing, gargling and eye washing. Powerful spray shower mode gets items clean quickly. Kitchen faucet aerator is convenient for kids to wash their hands and vegetables. For the bathroom sink, you can wash your hair and face more easily. At the same time, the faucet adapter makes cleaning the sink more convenient. specifications: Material: ABS Color: silver Size: As shown in the pictures note: Due to lighting effects, there could be some slight differences in color. Please allow 1-2mm differs due to manual measurement, thanks. Package Included: 1pc x 1080 degree rotatable faucet extender Packaged safely in retail box.
-17% sale
11 Pcs Mini Cash Register With Multiple Accessories 11 Pcs Mini Cash Register With Multiple Accessories
11 Pcs Mini Cash Register With Multiple Accessories Rs.3,845 Rs.4,600
Product Description: Real-Working battery-operated cash registers with small screens. An 8 digital display calculator, built-in microphone, and hand-held Scanner. Slide open the drawer with the press of a button. Encourages children to learn basic math, essential money skills, functional calculator skills, and how to make a change. 2 x AA batteries are required (not included). FEATURES: 1- An 8 digital LCD display calculator, built-in microphone, and hand-held Scanner 2- Includes shopping basket with food, credit card, money bills, and Coins 3- Slide open the drawer with the press of a button 4- Recommended for ages
-17% sale
118 Pcs Mechanical Dinosaur Series Building Blocks 118 Pcs Mechanical Dinosaur Series Building Blocks
118 Pcs Mechanical Dinosaur Series Building Blocks Rs.4,595 Rs.5,500
Product Description: he 118 Pcs Mechanical Dinosaur Series Building Blocks are a set of construction toys designed for children and enthusiasts to build mechanical dinosaur models. The set includes 118 individual building blocks that can be assembled together to create various dinosaur-themed models with movable parts. Features of the set may include: Dinosaur Theme: The building blocks are designed to create dinosaur models, which can include well-known species like Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, and more. Mechanical Parts: The set may contain special blocks and gears that enable the construction of moving parts in the dinosaur models. This can add an interactive and engaging element to the building process. Easy Assembly: The blocks are typically made of durable and easy-to-connect plastic, allowing for smooth assembly without the need for additional tools or adhesives. Educational Value: Building block sets like these often offer educational benefits by enhancing creativity, problem-solving skills, and spatial awareness in children. Imagination and Play: Once assembled, the mechanical dinosaur models can serve as toys for imaginative play, encouraging storytelling and role-playing scenarios. Age Recommendation: The set might be suitable for children above a certain age range, depending on the complexity of the models and the manufacturer's guidelines. Box Contents: The set usually includes a specific number of building blocks, along with an instruction manual illustrating how to build different dinosaur models.
-14% sale
12 Inches Baby Doll With T-Shirt Diaper And Feeder 12 Inches Baby Doll With T-Shirt Diaper And Feeder
12 Inches Baby Doll With T-Shirt Diaper And Feeder Rs.6,995 Rs.8,100
Product Description;   Size: The doll measures approximately 12 inches in height, making it small and lightweight, perfect for young children to hold and play with comfortably. Material: The doll is typically made from soft, child-safe materials such as plastic or vinyl for the body, and fabric for the clothing. Appearance: The doll usually has a cute and friendly facial expression with painted or molded features like eyes, nose, and mouth. The doll's hair, if any, may be made of rooted fibers or molded plastic. Clothing: The doll comes dressed in a t-shirt, which can vary in design and color, adding to its charm and personality. Diaper: The doll is likely to be wearing a removable diaper, which allows children to practice and learn how to change diapers, fostering imaginative and nurturing play. Feeder: The doll set may also include a pretend feeding bottle or sippy cup, which can be used by the child to "feed" the doll during playtime.
-24% sale
12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens 12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens
12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens Rs.4,995 Rs.6,500
Introducing the 12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens - the perfect tool for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts looking to add vibrant colors and designs to their projects.   Crafted with high-quality, water-based acrylic ink, these pens offer vibrant, long-lasting color that won't fade over time. Each pen is also designed with a durable, fine tip that produces precise, smooth lines and allows for detailed work and intricate designs.   Whether you're painting on canvas, wood, metal, plastic, or any other surface, the 12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens are versatile enough to handle any project. They're perfect for creating custom designs, lettering, doodles, and more, making them ideal for everything from home décor to personalized gifts.   These paint pens are easy to use and require no additional equipment or tools, making them a great option for beginners and experienced artists alike. They're also non-toxic and odorless, making them safe for use by people of all ages.   Invest in the 12 Pcs Acrylic Paint Pens and add a splash of color and creativity to your next project. Whether you're a professional artist or a casual crafter, these pens offer endless possibilities for creating unique, eye-catching designs that will stand out and impress.
-42% sale
12 pcs crayons 12 pcs crayons
12 Pcs Crayons Rs.145 Rs.250
Easy to hold and hard to break Jumbo crayons in assorted bright colors designed with a focus on true color, smoothness and durability Color(s): 12 Assorted;  Features: Jumbo crayons are easier for small hands to grasp and control. Crayons come in 12 bright colors. Double-wrapped for extra strength. Note :Color and Character may very Thanks.
-18% sale
12-pcs-pencil-set 12-pcs-pencil-set
12 Pcs Pencil Set Rs.495 Rs.600
  12 Pcs Pencil Set Product Description Great for school or fun projects at home. Use for everyday occasions. Great essential for any party A value that can't be beat. This 12 Pcs Pencil Set adds color to your office or classroom! Made of real wood, each pencil boasts a durable design that withstands repeated sharpenings and daily use. 
-33% sale
12 pcs soft stacking building blocks 12 pcs soft stacking building blocks
12 PCS Soft Stacking Building Blocks Rs.3,355 Rs.4,980
Product Description Soft Stacking Blocks for Babies - 12 PCS Stacking matching blocks toy, designed for babies, best size for toddlers’ hands, easy for babies to pick up and stack. Teething & Squeezing Toys - Blocks are soft enough for babies to chew, which is beneficial to teeth growing. Also, these blocks can be squeezed and made funny sound. Bright Color & Elegant Patterns - Compared with other baby soft building blocks, ours are brighter that is more attrdraft for toddlers. Baby soft blocks 0+ months,funny stacking rubber blocks for kids. At the same time, it’s a great early-teaching product to develop babies’ counting, balance, hand-eye coordination and cognitive ability. These soft blocks are made of food grade silicone, BPA free, non-toxic. High quality material makes the baby soft blocks durable and safe.
-22% sale
12 Piece Magnetic Pentagons Fidget Sphere 12 Piece Magnetic Pentagons Fidget Sphere
12 Piece Magnetic Pentagons Fidget Sphere Rs.2,595 Rs.3,295
Product Description: FUN : Bored at your desk? You will love the magnetic fidget sphere! With this delightful distraction you can construct and deconstruct the magnetic sphere fast, easy and fun! STACK, SHAKE, AND SNAP! : There are many ways to play with the magnetic pentagons. Stack them up to make a magnetic tower, put them all in your hand and shake them up and see the shapes they make, or build your own sphere by snapping the pieces together one by one! FUN STRESS RELIEVER : Not only will this magnetic sphere keep you distracted, it will help relieve stress from work or school! Very easy to use but at the same time hard to master! GIFT : Makes the perfect gift for any occasion. Great for Christmas gifts, parties, birthdays, school rewards, goodie bag fillers and much more! SAFE : Made out of safe and non toxic material so you have nothing to worry about. High quality and durable plastic made for long term play and usage. Magnetic Fidget Sphere Endless Creativity with Magnetic Pentagons The possibilities are endless with the magnetic pentagons! Create a magnetic tower by stacking them, shake them up in your hand to make unique shapes, or build your own sphere by snapping the pieces together. It's an entertaining and creative way to play. Fun & Relaxing Stress-Relief This magnetic sphere is not just a fun distraction but also a stress-reliever for work or school. It's easy to use but challenging to master, providing endless entertainment and mental stimulation. Beat Boredom! If you're feeling bored at your desk, try out the magnetic fidget sphere! This fun and easy-to-use distraction allows you to build and dismantle the sphere quickly and enjoyably, keeping your mind occupied and engaged. Safe and Durable Plastic Toy This product is crafted from safe, non-toxic materials, ensuring your peace of mind. The high-quality and durable plastic construction makes it perfect for long-term play and use, withstanding frequent use without breaking or wearing out.
-18% sale
12 pieces led stretch tubes
12 Pieces LED Stretch Tubes Rs.3,295 Rs.3,995
Product Description: THE LATEST PARTY FAVOR - The new updated toys for kids for 2022 are here. Combined with traditional stress tubes and multi-color LED lights, they are now the perfect replacement for glow sticks and decorate your glow-in-the-dark party! AOVRO LED toy bag comes with 6 colored popping tubes, 12 pieces packed in a fun blue storage box and is a great gift choice for kids, friends and family. Creative Sensory Toys: Anxiety tubes light up toys to stretch, twist, connect and light up. There are many ways to play tubes for anxiety, which can be spliced ​​into letters, numbers, belts, bracelets, etc. Fidget toys provide tactile stimulation, audiovisual feedback, and are ideal as a teaching tool for autism, sensory issues, and visual deficits. Glow sticks are functional sensory toys for exploring, designing, developing dexterity and creativity. A Safer Choice: Safer and more reliable than glow sticks, the perfect alternative, colored LED tubes are made from BPA-free and lead-free plastic, meet the highest safety and quality standards, and are durable, thick and able to withstand heavy stretching, twisting and turning. Sensory toys pack to keep your child safe and accompany them to have a good time. 【Rich Colors】The length of the light tube is between 20.5 and 64 inches, and the length can be changed at will. The colors are rich, including blue, pink, green, yellow, orange, and red. Bright colors give children visual stimulation and are the first choice for these party supplies.
-20% sale
12 12
12" Inch Colorful Writing Board Rs.1,895 Rs.2,345
Product Description:                                                            The 12-inch colorful writing board is a fun and educational toy for kids of all ages. It features a pressure-sensitive screen that produces colorful lines as you draw or write. The board is also erasable, so kids can create and erase their drawings and notes over and over again. The colorful writing board is a great way for kids to express their creativity and imagination. It can also be used for educational purposes, such as learning to write, draw, and solve math problems. The board is also very durable and portable, making it perfect for travel or use on the go. It comes with a built-in stylus pen, but any blunt object can be used to write on the screen. Features: 12-inch pressure-sensitive screen Colorful lines Erasable Durable and portable Built-in stylus pen Benefits: Encourages creativity and imagination Can be used for educational purposes Fun and engaging for kids of all ages Durable and portable No need for paper or pens How to use: To write or draw on the board, simply use the stylus pen or any blunt object. To erase your writing, press the erase button on the side of the board. To lock the screen, press the lock button on the side of the board. This will prevent your writing from being erased accidentally. Tips: Use different amounts of pressure to create different thicknesses of lines. Experiment with different drawing techniques to create different effects. Use the board to learn how to write, draw, and solve math problems. Take the board with you on the go for travel or use in the car. Conclusion:The 12-inch colorful writing board is a great toy for kids of all ages. It is fun, educational, and durable. It is also perfect for travel or use on the go.                                       NOTE:COLOR MAY VARY
-16% sale
120 Pieces 2 in 1  Rainbow Beads Puzzle Board Game 120 Pieces 2 in 1  Rainbow Beads Puzzle Board Game
120 Pieces 2 in 1 Rainbow Beads Puzzle Board Game Rs.2,495 Rs.2,945
Product Description: 1、Rainbow Ball Toy: This rainbow game eliminates balls of the same color by moving a row of colored balls. Think fast in your mind, how do you get more balls.2、Safety and Entertainment: Made of high-quality ABS material, safe and non-toxic, it can be used for a long time. Large desktop with a sense of reality, multiple-person interdraft fun game, endless entertainment, it can improve children's awareness and concentration.3、Recommended Number of Players: Suitable for 2-4 people to play the game. Players can customize the rules of the game or follow the rules in the instructions. How to get more balls? Or how to get a higher score.4、Puzzle Rainbow Ball Game: This board game can cultivate children's logical thinking ability, improve their practical ability and imagination, and enhance the recognition and classification of colors.5、Perfect Gift Ideas: It can be used as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, class prizes, party gifts for children and family. Avoid swallowing rainbow beads and use children under adult supervision.Features:1. Parent-child activities: Very suitable for parent-child games. Parents can accompany their children to play together and witness their children’s growth while playing games.2. Rainbow ball bump game: Rainbow chess game is conducive to the development of children's brain, and continuously enhances children's color discrimination ability. Enjoy this happy time with your family and friends. Imagine and judge the result of pushing the ball in your mind, and get more balls of the same color through multiple inferences and comparisons. Through continuous thinking and imagination, children's thinking will be gradually exercised during the game.3. Enhance parent-child interaction: A perfect parent-child game to enhance parent-child relationship and emotions. Make the parent-child relationship more stable through parent-child games.Specifications:Name: Rainbow Ball ToyMaterial: ABSSize: about 20*20cm/7.87*7.87inWeight: about 160gPacking List:1*Rainbow Ball ToyNotes:Due to the lighting effects and shooting angles, there is color difference in the product, please understand. Due to manual measurement, there is a tolerance in the product size.
-28% sale
121 pieces 3d tiger puzzle blocks 121 pieces 3d tiger puzzle blocks
121 Pieces 3D Tiger Puzzle Blocks Rs.1,595 Rs.2,195
Product Description: 3D Blocks in 121 Pieces. Kids large soft EVA 3D Animal Figure Building Blocks is a creative educational foam brick learning toy play set. kids can easily assemble the eva blocks by themselves. Made by premium material, durable and eco-friendly. Ideal for enhancing creativity, exercise ability, and improve imagination. Improve Kids’ Imagination and Creativity: It is a good choice to teach your kids to improve the hand-eye coordination and imaginative. It helps develop child's mind, creativity and thinking ability and train their hand flexibility by their own operation. This pretend play set will ignite any child’s imagination and naturally encourage learning through play. Creative Educational Toy: Kids can enjoy hours of fun with family and friends. It strikes a good balance between affordability and performance. It can improve the spatial thinking, increase IQ level, improve overall cognitive skills and hand skills for kid. How to play: Unpack the box, gently remove the EVA blocks from the plates, find the corresponding color block shape, carry out the related splicing, complete different parts of assembly, and combine all the parts together.
-22% sale
12pcs molding high quality clay dough
12pcs Molding High Quality Clay Dough Rs.545 Rs.695
Product Description: This Clay helps to stimulate children's imagination, while gaining satisfaction from playing.its Non-sticky and no harm to kid's skin.Rich and vibrant colors that can be mixed and varied to develop color recognition skills. Reusable and easy to store. The package should be opened by an adult. Adult supervision is required during play. Although the clay is made from safe, non-toxic materials, please warn and educate children not to eat it.
-12% sale
12v 3 Wheels Children's Electric Motorcycle 12v 3 Wheels Children's Electric Motorcycle
12v 3 Wheels Children's Electric Motorcycle Rs.39,750 Rs.45,000
Product Description: Children from the age of three experience great driving fun with the children's electric motorcycle Cairo. The motorcycle reaches a speed of up to 3.5 km/h and is equipped with three plastic wheels. With the help of the three wheels, the children's motorcycle has a very good stability. Entertainment is provided by music function, MP3 output and Bluetooth. Other extras such as LED lighting and two luggage baskets at the back complete the overall package. Special features Article Children's electric motorcycle Cairo three plastic wheels Music function LED Lighting Three plastic wheels for more stability two luggage baskets rear Music functionLautstärkeregelungMP3 output LED lights One-seater control by accelerator pedal Speed 3.5 km/Advance switch Age recommendation: 3 to 5 years Feautures Electric pedal controlled *With music, lights *WIth MP3,USB socket *With hand accelerator *Two motors, battery:6V7A *Colors:red,blue, *Product size:108*71*55cm *Carton size:85*42*56.5cm / CBM:0.2 *G.W/N.W.:16.2/12.7kg
-19% sale
12v battery powered sports ride on car 12v battery powered sports ride on car
12v Battery Powered Sports Ride On Car Rs.39,500 Rs.48,500
Product Description: Product nameBattery Powered Sports Toy Car Kids Electric Ride On Car 7 YearsModel NumberMRS-1688ColorBlack, Blue, Red, WhiteProduct size108*64*54CMCarton size108*54*30CMG.W.&N.W12/11KGSpeed3-6 km/hMotor35W*2Battery12V 7AHAge3-8 years oldMaterialPP Plastic, MetalSpecifications1/ One button to start, slow start 2/ With music, USB/MP3 slot3/ With lights 4/ Four wheels with suspension 5/ With caster wheel and pull handle, convenient to carry 6/ Remote controller for parent 7/ Opening doors  Product size parametersThe product size is measured manually,with an error of 1-3cm, Refer to the actual product Shipping Information FOB Port mersin Weight per Unit 15.0 Kilograms HTS Code 2342.23.78 96 Export Carton Dimensions L/W/H 2 x 3 x 4 Meters Lead Time 1–8 days Dimensions per Unit 12.0 x 11.0 x 5.0 Meters Units per Export Carton 8.0 Export Carton Weight 7 Kilograms
-15% sale
12V Battery Ride On Jeep For Kids With Remote Control 12V Battery Ride On Jeep For Kids With Remote Control
12V Battery Ride On Jeep For Kids With Remote Control Rs.49,995 Rs.58,500
Product Description: Jk 909 Electric Ride on Car is Ideal for Kids of age 1 to 6 Years with carrying capacity of 50kgs. It comes with safety seat belt. 909 Kids Ride on Jeep has two 6v Batteries and 2 motors, It will run for 45mins 1:45 hours after full charge. It can run at a speed of 6-7km/hr Kids can ride this jeep on any flat surface while listening to their fav music as mp3 player of car is compatible with aux, pen drive and some inbuilt music sounds are available in car. This electric jeep have 3 modes of operation: Kids can ride the jeep manually and parents can control it through Bluetooth remote. It also have swing option which will move like a rocker when car is not moving Main feature of 909 jeep is its beautiful Colorful lights all over the jeep. Ride on Jeep is made up of high quality plastic and passed all the safety certifications according to Indian and European Standards. Jk 909 Kids 12V Electric Ride on Jeep with Amazing Features Spacious Interior There is a wide seat with safety belts so kids can ride at once and better protect every child during every exploration! Our kid ride-on allows kids to drive with their best friend sparking imaginative play with fulfilling protection. Realistic play experience Multiple entertainment play tunes, crafted with a safe plastic body and inset traction wheels with spring suspension, our ride ons protect every cheered up adventurer in riding on all terrains. Safe Speed and Long Playing Time Manual drive with using foot accelerator Additionally an MP3/USB input and Bluetooth allow kids to play your favorite tunes which add fun to the driving experience.   Parental Remote Parents can remote control the car. Pair the remote with long button, parents can stop the jeep instantly, kid will not be able to move manually. Bluetooth Remote has a range of 20m. 1 x Ride On Jeep 1 x Charger 1 x 2.4G Remote Control (2 x AAA Batteries NOT included) 1 x User Manual GettBoles Jk 909 Ride on jeep The Best Childhood Playmate for Kids   Multiple functions: TF card , AUX input and USB interface with adjustable volume, English-learning, story-telling and nursery rhyme singing. Two Driving Modes: Controlled by child via steering wheels and pedals or by parent with remote controller. Wear-resistant and explosion-proof wheel could give your child comfortable and happy driving experience. Spacious seat with adjustable belt. Keep your kids safe and comfortable.   Use the toy only on flat surfaces. Such as inside your house, garden or playground. Charge of 6-7 Hours after assembling it Do not let the battery to be dead. Charge it after using Two powerful motors 12V Bateries Two Batteries Each of 6v4ah comes with jeep which is under the seat. Car will run for 45mins to 1:25hrs after full charge. Charging Point As batteries are rechargeable and charger comes in the package. Lights on charger will turn green once it get full charged Back Tire Back Tire with alloy makes it more beautiful. This tire fits on back side Push Start Button Ride on jeep start with one push. with a start sound. Led Lights all over is the best feature of this jeep Jk 909 ride on jeep have stunning led lights, there are lights on upper bar handle and all the lights are colorful and glow differently. Kids will love to see the realistic and bright lights Full Image   Front lights   Upper Lights   Fog Light
-16% sale
12V Kids Motorcycle with Training Wheels, Colorful Lights And Music 12V Kids Motorcycle with Training Wheels, Colorful Lights And Music
12V Kids Motorcycle with Training Wheels, Colorful Lights And Music Rs.37,995 Rs.45,000
Product Description: 👍Comprehensive upgrades only for the better: MCBOB electric motorcycle for kids has made upgrades in terms of product functions and materials. More realistic infinitely variable speed + interesting music settings + large capacity 7AH battery for long-lasting battery life + product safety. Make your child's experience happier and safer. 👍Riding for Real: The 12V kids motorcycle looks like a race bike with LED ambient lights, this little powerhouse is equipped with a 550w motor, pushing it at a speed of 2-4 Mph. Realistically restore real Power wheels motorcycle for kids equipments to make your child enjoy more fun during driving. 👍More Interesting Multimedia Entertainment: Sometimes, just riding is not enough. With onboard music and stories, this MCBOB motorcycle kids double as your kid’s entertainment and early education center. Kids motorcycle also supports auxiliary USB input to play your child’s favorite music. 👍Upgrade Stronger Battery, Longer Use Time: When the electric motorcycle kids doesn’t run, the time on the bike isn’t fun. This is why that uses upgraded 7AH 12V large capacity stronger battery, which lasts longer than the ordinary 5ah battery. Increase the running time by 30%. Greatly prolongs the time children can have fun. 👍More expensive but better: High-quality Electric Bike for Kids use health & safety materials that strictly meet international standards, made of environmentally friendly PP materials and high-quality iron, which are more trustworthy. Excellent Quality + Exquisite Appearance + Elegant Package = the Best Choice of a lovely gift for your loved kids.
-8% sale
13 Pieces Tin Tea Party Set 13 Pieces Tin Tea Party Set
13 Pieces Tin Tea Party Set Rs.3,895 Rs.4,200
Product description:   Age Recommendation: Ideal for children aged 3 years and above, this tea party set makes a delightful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any occasion.  Educational Benefits: Tea party play encourages sharing, communication, and good manners, helping children develop essential life skills in a playful and enjoyable way. Portable and Storage-Friendly: The lightweight and compact design makes it easy for kids to carry the tea set wherever they go and neatly store it after playtime. Beautifully Designed: Each piece is exquisitely designed with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to the tea party setting.  Complete Tea Party Set: The play-set comprises a teapot with a removable lid, four teacups, four saucers, four plates, and an adorable spoon, providing all the necessary components for a delightful tea party.
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13 pcs rail train track set tzp1
14 Pcs Rail Train Track Set - TZP1 Rs.2,395 Rs.2,945
Details : 1 x locomotive 2 x passenger car 1 x coal tender Made from hard plastic materials Track length 104 cm (14 pieces) width approx 68 cm
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140 pcs multi color building blocks 140 pcs multi color building blocks
140 PCS Multi-Color Building Blocks Rs.3,195 Rs.3,595
Product Description Packet of 140 Building Bricks Toy Blocks Multi-Color Bricks The packet has 140 Pieces: Best for Kids Good Quality
-17% sale
15 Pieces Painted Ceramic Tea Set Series 15 Pieces Painted Ceramic Tea Set Series
15 Pieces Painted Ceramic Tea Set Series Rs.2,095 Rs.2,500
Product Description WE CORDIALLY REQUEST THE HONOR of your Presence at a tea Party This set is food-safe, but make sure the tea isn't too hot! This classic tea set helps children practice their social skills, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. The tea set includes a teapot, four cups and saucers, a sugar bowl and creamer. Each piece is painted with a decorative floral pattern, like a fine tea set.                                                                                                                                HOST PARTY - Do you know a little lady planning a tea party? This set is perfect for play time! A sign of sophistication for young party participants. This porcelain tea set is perfect for birthdays and theme parties. Each set in window box packaging! This makes a BEAUTIFUL Birthday Gift!                                                                                            PRETEND PLAY - This tea set Is just what your daughter will want for hosting tea parties during playdates. Excellent for pretend play and social skills. The size is not too big but it’s very dainty! Kids will be thrilled to receive this for Christmas
-24% sale
15Pcs Electric Musical Fishing Game
15Pcs Electric Musical Fishing Game Rs.1,745 Rs.2,295
Product Description: Fishing game is a very entertaining game for kids of three plus ages. It features multiple functions like music, lighting, and moving fishes in round. It is totally a hygienic and safe product for your little kiddo. Fishing Game Auditory Training Hand Touch To Cultivate Musicality Visual Perception Hand-eye Coordination
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16 pieces diy ceramic tea set
16 Pieces DIY Ceramic Tea set Rs.3,995 Rs.4,560
Product Description Create your own tea set with your own fun designs Ceramic tea service for 4, custom designed by you Bake the ceramic piece in the oven to make the paint permanent Paint Your Own Tea Set combines the joy of arts and crafts with the fun of tea time.This classic tea set helps children practice their social and artistic skills.
-34% sale
16 RGB Remote Control Touch Bedlight 16 RGB Remote Control Touch Bedlight
16 RGB Remote Control Touch Bedlight Rs.4,600 Rs.6,900
Product Description:                                                                1 - [16 colors and 4 lighting modes] The crystal lamp projects a romantic blooming rose petal on the desktop, providing 16 RGB colors and 4 dynamic lighting modes to create a comfortable and romantic atmosphere for you, and let the light project every corner with your mood. Perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, holidays, family, office, bedroom, living room decoration. 2 - [Touch remote control] The crystal table lamp provides two operation modes, namely touch and remote control, which are very convenient. It is easy to choose your favorite color and light mode according to your mood. The touch controlled rose crystal lamp reflects the bright and colorful lighting effect, which is convenient for all people, even children and the elderly. 3 - [Perfect gift] When the night light is not turned on, it is an ornament that perfectly matches your room. In the daytime, the natural and elegant appearance of crystal diamonds allows it to be placed anywhere in the home without being out of place. At night, this is a colorful, romantic and beautiful night light, illuminating your body and mind. This is the best Valentine's Day decorative gift/birthday and party gift for family, friends and classmates. 4 - [Strong endurance] Built in large capacity lithium battery, large capacity and strong endurance, reducing frequent charging times; Charge through USB port, charge for 1-3 hours, Workable 8-12 hours. 5-【Devoted Customer Service】 This product comes with 1-MONTH full refund trial period and LIFE-TIME customer service , If you found any problem of our products,contact us,we will response you in 24 hours.
16.4ft 300 Pixels DC12V RGB Individually Addressable Dual Signal 16.4ft 300 Pixels DC12V RGB Individually Addressable Dual Signal
16.4ft 300 Pixels DC12V RGB Individually Addressable Dual Signal from Rs.2,995 Rs.3,995
Product Description:                                       WS2815 has dual signal transmission with breakpoint resume function. One of the lights broke and the lights behind continued to work. DC12V no voltage drop and low power consumption(No power supply and controller) Self-adhesive back with Adhesive tape for secure and easy application The addressable IC is built-in the 5050SMD.WS2815 LED strip has 256 brightness display and 24-bit color display. Each pixel can have its own color and brightness.Each pixel can have its own color and brightness as your wish. Compatible with Raspberry T1000S, K1000C etc programmable controllers. Support SP110E SP105E SP108E SP110E SP601E etc APP controllers, CSY07 CSY08 X2 SP106E SP107E etc music controllers, SP501E etc smart WiFi Alexa Controllers. Comes with 4pin JST-SM connectors and separated power/ground wires on both ends. Each LED can be cut off without damaging the rest strip. You can shorten, lengthen or bend it freely if you want. Hundreds of lighting effects such as colored curtains, flowing water, raindrops, etc.It can be used to make led screen, led wall, advertising board and widely applied to hotel, KTV, bars, Outdoor advertising signs,wedding party lighting, and so on.
-14% sale
170 pieces train building blocks 170 pieces train building blocks
170 Pieces Train Building Blocks Rs.3,895 Rs.4,500
Product Description: BUILDING BLOCK SET INCLUDES: A total of 170 Building Bricks to can create a Number Train colorful and fun! COLORFUL SET FOR KIDS PLAY: You will find bricks of various colors: Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Orange, Brown, Purple. Game is a great way to teach your toddler creativity and helps improve hand-eye coordination. Sorting the pieces by shape and color aids in mental development. HIGH QUALITY & KID-SAFE: Blocks are non-toxic and are Kid Safe. Strong durability and are compatible with most major brands. PERFECT GIFT FOR TODDLERS: Perfect for Holiday Toy Gifts, Christmas Gifts for Kids, Birthday Gifts for Kids, Birthday Toys for Boys and Girls, School Classroom Prizes, Kids Building Blocks, and more! Recommend Age : 4-6y Gender : Unisex Block Size : Micro building block Material : Plastic Plastic Type : ABS Package:1 box
-24% sale
18 pcs super market briefcase 18 pcs super market briefcase
18 Pcs Super Market Briefcase Rs.1,795 Rs.2,352
18 Pcs Super Market Briefcase Product Description BUILT WITH PASSION & DURABILITY - Made from durable plastic materials, provide kids with hours of fun and imaginative play Ages 3+ Suitable for children over 3 years!
-29% sale
dolu unicorn kitchen trolley set 18 pcs dolu unicorn kitchen trolley set 18 pcs
18 Pieces Dolu Unicorn Kitchen Trolley Set Rs.3,500 Rs.4,894
Product description:                             Dolu 18-Piece Unicorn Kitchen Trolley Set Let your little chef's imagination run wild with the Dolu 18-Piece Unicorn Kitchen Trolley Set! This adorable kitchen set is perfect for role-playing and pretend play, and it comes with everything your child needs to cook up a storm. The set includes a pink trolley with a unicorn design, as well as 18 kitchen accessories, such as pots, pans, plates, utensils, and even a food mixer. The trolley has a storage shelf underneath, so your child can keep all of their kitchen supplies organized. The Dolu 18-Piece Unicorn Kitchen Trolley Set is made of high-quality materials and is built to last. It is also easy to assemble and clean. Features: 18-piece kitchen accessory set Pink trolley with unicorn design Storage shelf underneath Made of high-quality materials Easy to assemble and clean Benefits: Encourages role-playing and pretend play Develops imagination and creativity Improves motor skills and hand-eye coordination Promotes social and emotional development Provides hours of fun and entertainment Recommended for ages 2+ Order your Dolu 18-Piece Unicorn Kitchen Trolley Set today and let your little chef unleash their inner culinary master!
-31% sale
18 tall hasbro uglydolls huglies stuffed plush 18 tall hasbro uglydolls huglies stuffed plush
18" Tall Hasbro Uglydolls Huglies Stuffed Plush Rs.2,645 Rs.3,800
Product Description: THE BIGGER THE BETTER: The Ugly Dolls Huglies Plush Figure is 18 inches tall. PLUSH TOY WITH A STYLE OF ITS OWN: Inspired by the epic animated film, Ugly Dolls, this Huglies figure is a soft, squishy toy for kids to snuggle with. SEW SOFT: Embroidered details create a plush toy with quirky personality and soft, cuddly material that makes it amazing to hug. The plush can be washed. COLLECT THE BIG UGLY DOLLS TO CUDDLE: There are 2 big ugly plush dolls to collect, Ox and Huglies . (each sold separately). Subject to availability
-27% sale
180 pcs deluxe art set set wooden box
180 Pcs Deluxe Art Set Set Wooden Box Rs.3,545 Rs.4,795
Product Description: 1.180 Pieces, including paints, pens, oil pastels, crayons and more! 2. Contained in a lovely wooden box complete with, a carry handle 3. Fun for children & adults 4. Create works of art you'll be proud to personalize, your home with 5. The PERFECT GIFT for lovely person To make children enjoy coloring activities - a variety of colors, dark tones, light tones, pastel colors - for art. Stationery set for children,, enhance learning development,,, creativity,,,, a variety of colors. Fully equipped - Total number of 180 pieces - Easy to carry, suitable size for hands - Suitable for children over 3 years old. Oil paints, watercolors, wood paints, small and large meiji paints, with accessories such as erasers, sharpeners, brushes, glues, palettes Paint Set (Wooden Pallet Box) including all types of paint, wood color, watercolor, crayon, magic color, 180 piece set, great value. Prices are constantly updated locally.
-17% sale
180 PCS Drawing Art Markers Brush Pen Set 180 PCS Drawing Art Markers Brush Pen Set
180 PCS Drawing Art Markers Brush Pen Set Rs.4,395 Rs.5,245
Product Description:                                      CONVENIENT DESIGN: Our this beautiful art set provides an artist with a wide range of materials in a compact, portable case, organized and can carry easily ,it's suitable for using at home,school and travling. FEATURES:colors are lively and smooth,easier to color and mix,It glides effortlessly over the paper and absolutely looks beautiful,They're ideal for drawing,coloring,sketching,scrapbooking,crafting,doodling,filling in adult coloring books or anything else. APPLICABLE SCENE:These art sets make great gifts for birthdays,holidays,Graduations,and other celebrations,Kids will love these as well and love playing with watercolors and crayons. BRIGHT IN COLOUR:Your sketch pencils have soft,break-resistant cores made from lightfast pigment that won't fade over time;Much shades give you limitless creative freedom. SIZE:52*30cm,180-Piece Deluxe Art Set Supplies for.MATERIAL:wood,Makes a Great Gift for Children and Adults.
-25% sale
180°Rotatable Mini Handheld Steam Iron 180°Rotatable Mini Handheld Steam Iron
180°Rotatable Mini Handheld Steam Iron Rs.2,995 Rs.3,945
Product Description:                                                            A 180° rotatable mini handheld steam iron is a compact and portable iron that is perfect for travel or for quick touch-ups. It is also a good option for people who have limited space in their homes. This type of iron is typically lightweight and easy to use. It has a small water tank that can be filled with tap water. The iron heats up quickly and produces a continuous stream of steam to remove wrinkles from clothes. The 180° rotatable head allows the iron to be used in a variety of positions, making it easy to iron hard-to-reach areas such as collars, cuffs, and pleats. It can also be used to iron vertically, which is ideal for hanging clothes and curtains.  The benefits of using a 180° rotatable mini handheld steam iron include: It is portable and lightweight, making it easy to take with you on trips or to use around the house. It is easy to use and heats up quickly. It produces a continuous stream of steam to remove wrinkles from clothes quickly and efficiently. The 180° rotatable head allows for easy ironing of hard-to-reach areas and vertical ironing. It is relatively inexpensive.  Some tips for using a 180° rotatable mini handheld steam iron: Always fill the water tank with tap water. Do not use distilled or filtered water. Turn on the iron and allow it to heat up for a few minutes before using it. To iron horizontally, place the iron on the fabric and press down gently. Move the iron in a continuous motion. To iron vertically, hold the iron away from the fabric and press the steam button. Move the iron up and down in a continuous motion. Be careful not to over-steam the fabric, as this can damage it. If you are looking for a portable and easy-to-use iron, a 180° rotatable mini handheld steam iron is a good option. It is perfect for travel or for quick touch-ups.


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