-53% sale
defective-metal-body-bentley-major-faults defective-metal-body-bentley-major-faults
Defective Metal Body Bentley - Major Faults Rs.1,550 Rs.3,250
What is the fault?  Little bit Scratches & Cracks on it  & Light & Sound not in working condition as we can see in the pictures There is no competition with this detailed exotic model or Bentley. Its a die-cast model replica of scale 1:24 with lights and sound. Its a fantastic automobile for any exotic car collection and a real gem for devoted collectors. Features:-Bentley Mulsanne (Special Edition) -1:24 Scale Die-Cast Collectible Model Car-Metal Body-Pullback-Openable Doors-Openable Bonut and Booty-Size: 6-7" inches in length Note: Color May Vary as we don't promise any specific Color, It may get deliver any of available color, Thanks 
-47% sale
defective-hot-wheels-rc-monster-truck-major-faults defective-hot-wheels-rc-monster-truck-major-faults
Defective RC Monster Truck - Major Faults Rs.1,595 Rs.2,995
What is the fault?  Little bit Scratches on it  &  not in working condition as we can see in the pictures Passionate discoveries with spectacular street adventures Fully integrate all the cars in the city from the luxury cars of Lamborghini, Ferrari to ordinary cars such as Toyota, Ford or city bus cars, motorcycles, fire engines, etc. v Learning in Traffic : Beautifully designed, sophisticated and accurate simulation with real car images to help children easily distinguish the means of transportation. From the detailed lines, beautiful and smooth water to the design on the car attracted the attention of the baby, helping her enjoy the wonderful moments. Safe to use : The design is not angular, safe material, and made from high quality materials that parents are assured when the children
-48% sale
defective-metal-body-mercedes-benz-maybah-minor-faults defective-metal-body-mercedes-benz-maybah-minor-faults
Defective Metal Body Mercedes-Benz Maybah - Minor Faults Rs.2,095 Rs.3,995
What is the fault?   Little bit Scratch on it and logo is missing But the prodcut is good working condition  Type of die cast car : die cast already assembledThe die cast cars present on this site are 99% metal. Some die cast cars are made of resin and do not have openings such as the vehicles of the Otto mobile or GT Spirit brands. This die cast car is already assembled, it's not a model. So you can offer this Maybach 62 die cast model cars directly without worrying about anything. Scale : 1/43When a die cast car is to scale 1/43, you can tell yourself that 1 centimetre on the die cast represents 43 on the real Maybach 62. Thus a die cast Maybach 62 at 1/18 scale measures about 25 to 30 centimetres and a die cast car at 1/43 scale measures about 10 centimetres Note: Color May Vary 


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