Things To Consider When Buying RC Helicopter & Mini Drones In Pakistan

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Things To Consider When Buying RC Helicopter & Mini Drones In Pakistan

Long gone are the days when paper airplanes were all the rage when it came to flying toys in Pakistan. Now, as with everything else, the technology for these playthings has evolved beyond what could be imagined just a few years ago. These days, there are Quadcopter , Remote control Helicopter, R/C helicopters and toy helicopters, Mini Drones , Drone Cameras for every age, and have multiple purposes beyond just playing. Therefore, there are legal concerns as well, when operating them in certain areas. So, if you’re buying flying toys in Pakistan for your child, here are some questions you should ask yourself.

1. How old is your child?

The first thing to keep in mind is your child’s age. A fully-equipped drone, complete with camera and stabilising technology is obviously not the right fit for a 5 or 6 year old boys. So, consider the age bracket and buy the flying toys accordingly. For example, simple kids flying toys would work best for anyone under the age of 10, as they do not have complex controls and stimulate your child’s senses with a variety of entertaining sounds and movements.

2. What are the toy’s safety features?

Every flying toy must come with a few safety features that protect your child and the surroundings form any potential damage. Some of these come with a one-touch return button, which will recall the toy to the operator instantly. Try to go for toys with this option, so that they’re easier to bring down when being flown.

In addition, avoid flying toys with any sharp parts or dangling pieces, as they could hurt your child or any spectator in the area. 

3. What type of flying toy do you want to buy?

There are essentially four main types available for flying toys in Pakistan; nano copters, quadcopter, RC helicopters, and kids’ flying toys. Nano copters are basically small-scale versions of proper drones, and are often equipped with cameras. These are more suitable for older children who show more of a sense of responsibility and show some enthusiasm towards photography or videography. Who knows? You may even find yourself using the nano copter more than your child.

Quadcopter are even more serious versions of these flying toys, and are to be used carefully and with some level of expertise. As for RC helicopters, they are suitable for a wide age range, and are purely for fun to play with.

The kids flying toys are the simplest choice you can go for, and are purely to entertain younger children. To explore the range of flying toys price in Pakistan and the variety of options available, check out websites such as, so that you find the best pick for your child.

4. Where will your child fly it?

Ensure that your child operates his flying toy in an open area, with no trees or people around for it to bump into. If you live near an airport or a military installation, it is inadvisable to use these toys, and it’s much better to drive to a public park to operate them. Avoid places with lots of birds, though, as a crow or eagle may attack or break the flying toy. 

Keep in mind that your child does not use any cameras on the flying toys to infringe on anyone’s privacy, and that he himself does not get injured by trying risky techniques.  

So, take all these things into consideration when buying a flying toy for your child and having them operate it. This way, your child will get the optimal experience in the safest way possible!  

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