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TOYZONE CARE: Anti-Corona Masks and Hand Sanitizers

March 20, 2020 0 comments

It is saddening and heart wrenching to hear about people losing the battle of life due to the highly contagious worldwide pandemic COVID-19 – commonly known as Corona Virus. The death toll has risen to more than nine thousand deaths all across the world and a handful of deaths in Pakistan too, as of date. Students and teachers, employees and workers, kids and parents have been quarantined as the lockdown came in effect earlier this week.


Just a few weeks ago Corona was an abstract idea; an unknown threat for most people in Pakistan. It is probably the quarantine meaning the forced isolation that has made the life-threating effects of this virus a real deal. The increase in the number of victims and deaths everyday has only backed its genuineness. Consequently it resulted in seeding emotions of fear and panic among the masses. This caused the money-makers to hoard basic items of necessity, healthcare and personal hygiene including hand sanitizers and face masks. The market as a result witnessed a bullish trend and people now have to pay a price 2-3 times higher than the actual prices of the products.


At Toyzone we are committed to serving our beloved country and its people. Acting as responsible citizens, our team worked tirelessly to design and recycle wasted cloth in such a way so as to create reusable and washable ‘Anti-Corona Masks’ and alcohol based ‘Hand Sanitizer’ that is quick in killing germs. Here’s a complete list of reasons why you may want to get your hands on these products as soon as you can.


Anti Corona Masks

1. Protection against Coronavirus

2. Affordable Price

3. 100% recycled cloth

4. Washable material

5. Reusable mask

6. Available in different sizes

7. NON-Profit: sold at cost price 

*available with cash on delivery all over Pakistan. Click here to buy for your family and friends and avail bulk discounts. 


Toyzone Care Hand Sanitizer


1. Kills harmful bacteria and germs

2. Alcohol based sanitizer

3. Enriched with Vitamin E to moisturize skin

4. Leakproof and portable

5. NON-Profit: sold at cost price 

 *available with cash on delivery all over Pakistan. Click here to buy for your family and friends and avail bulk discounts. 





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