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Huanger Xylophone Music Bus Huanger Xylophone Music Bus
Huanger Xylophone Music Bus Rs.2,045 Rs.3,200
We are introducing the Huanger Music Bus - the perfect musical toy for your child! Made with high-quality materials, the Huanger Music Bus is built to last. It has been constructed using environmentally friendly and non-toxic materials, making it safe for your child to play with.   With its colourful xylophone, the Huanger Music Bus features 7 different colour buttons that produce enchanting and melodious sounds when pressed. It is designed to help your child learn about music, improve their hand-eye coordination and develop their creative skills.   The side and back doors of the Huanger Music Bus can be opened, adding excitement and fun to playtime. Your child can load up their favourite toys and take them for a ride in their own musical bus, stimulating their imagination and encouraging interactive play.   The hammers are conveniently stored under the bottom of the xylophone, making it easy for your child to access and play. This also adds to the bus's realistic design, mimicking a real xylophone that would have hammers for striking the keys.   The Huanger Music Bus is the perfect toy for kids who love music and imaginative play. It is a great way to promote the development of your child's skills, as well as their cognitive and social skills. Order your Huanger Music Bus today and watch your child's musical journey take off!


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