Early Learning Deal for Kids (79 Pieces Set)

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Early Learning Deal for Kids (79 Pieces Set)

Rs.6,950 Rs.7,500 -8% OFF

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Product description

Product Includes:

  • Wooden Toy 1 + 1 Calculation Shelf
  • Kids Magnetic White Board Set (25cm X 35cm)
  • Early Learning Library Books Box

Here's a description of the products in the kids early learning education deal:

  1. Kids Wooden Calculation Shelf: This shelf is designed to help children learn basic math concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It typically includes colorful wooden beads or blocks that can be moved around to perform calculations, helping children visualize and understand mathematical operations.
  2. Kids Whiteboard Magnets (4 pieces set, 25cm x 35cm): These whiteboard magnets are ideal for kids to use for drawing, writing, and learning activities. The magnets can be easily attached to a whiteboard or any magnetic surface, providing a fun and interactive way for kids to practice writing letters, numbers, and words.
  3. Kids Preschool Learning Library Books Box: This box contains a set of preschool learning books designed to enhance early literacy and numeracy skills. The books are usually colorful and engaging, with stories, activities, and exercises that help children develop language, reading, and math skills.

Overall, this deal offers a comprehensive set of tools to support early childhood education and development, providing a hands-on and interactive learning experience for kids.



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