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Imaginative Arts | Pottery Wheel - TZP1


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Product description

Imaginative Arts Pottery Wheel 

Product Description

This is a kind of handmade & educational toys.Children through the handmade create arworks by themselves.This can exercise hanmade ability and develop their art cultivation,improve their coordinated ability.
Let them to find the fun of DIY and a sense of achievement.This is helpful for children's healthy development.
Product detail:

1.pottery wheel
2.pottery plate
3.support for decorating and sculpting
4.sculpting tool X 2
5.cutting cord with girps
6.color tray
7.6 color acrylic paint
8.cenuine hair brushes X 2
9.clay 2pcs,total 800g

This product have clay supplementary bag:4 PCS clay about 1600g.

How to use
1.put the batteries inside wheel
2.turn on the wheel
3.make the clay like a cylindrical on the wheel
4.add a little water into the clay
5.begin go make the shape you like
6.after shape making,use the cutting cord transfer,put it on a ventilation area
let it air-dry,the air-dry time about 1 days
7.after air-dry,go on to doing drawing your artwork!

1.if no bake,it can't inject liquid
2.if want to repeated use the clay,don't put it to bake
3.if want to clean the pottery wheel,just use a wet towel to doing the cleaning
4.Don't eat the pigment and clay,and put them far away from children younger than 5 years old.



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