Light and Sound Gear Truck

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Light and Sound Gear Truck

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Product description

Electric Universal: The gear truck model has an electric universal feature that enables it to move on its own. It also has a universal wheel design and can turn automatically when encountering obstacles.

Gear Linkage: The gear truck model is equipped with a gear transmission device that allows children to explore mechanical principles while enjoying different game experiences.

Projection Function: The gear truck model has a projection function that provides clear imaging and easy-to-see patterns. The image becomes larger as the distance increases, and the projection can be used anytime and anywhere.

Light and Music: The gear truck model has built-in lights on its tentacles and conch that flash and dazzle. At the same time, music plays, which exercises children's vision and hearing and makes them happier to play.

Round Corners: The gear truck model has polished round corners that are smooth and do not scratch hands. It has no edges or corners and no burrs, providing children with a safe and comfortable play experience.

Cute Shape: The gear truck model has a cartoon shape with a transparent shell body that displays its built-in gear dynamics.

Material: ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)


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