Mont Marte Watercolour Cake Set 13Pcs

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Mont Marte Watercolour Cake Set 13Pcs

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Product description

The Mont Marte Watercolour Cake Set is a compact and convenient watercolor painting kit that offers a selection of essential colors for artists of all levels. This set includes 13 watercolour cakes, providing a versatile palette to create beautiful and vibrant artworks.


Each watercolour cake in the set is made with high-quality pigments, ensuring rich and intense colors. The cakes are easy to activate with water and offer smooth application on various watercolor paper surfaces. With a range of primary and secondary colors, as well as a few additional shades, this set allows for a variety of color mixing and blending possibilities.


The compact size of the watercolour cakes makes them portable and easy to carry, making this set ideal for artists who are on the go or want to paint outdoors. The cakes come in a durable plastic case with individual compartments, keeping the colors organized and protected.


The Mont Marte Watercolour Cake Set is suitable for artists of all ages and skill levels, from beginners to experienced painters. It is a great choice for hobbyists, art students, and professionals alike. Whether you're creating landscapes, still life, or abstract pieces, these watercolour cakes offer versatility and control in your painting process.


In addition to their vibrant colors, these watercolour cakes are known for their lightfastness, ensuring that your artworks will maintain their brilliance over time. They can be easily layered and blended to create various effects, from delicate washes to bold textures.



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