SF-699 Vehicle Electric Ride-On Jeep For Children

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SF-699 Vehicle Electric Ride-On Jeep For Children

Rs.49,740 Rs.55,750 -11% OFF

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Product description


Introducing the SF-699 Vehicle Electric Ride-On Jeep – a thrilling adventure on wheels designed exclusively for children! Explore the key features and specifications that make this ride-on jeep a top choice for young explorers:

Key Features

  1. Exciting SF-699 Design: Zoom into playtime with our SF-699 Electric Ride-On Jeep, featuring an exciting design that sparks the imagination of young drivers.

  2. Kid-Friendly Power: Fueled by an electric motor, this ride-on jeep guarantees a smooth and exciting experience, tailored perfectly for children's play.

  3. Easy-to-Use Controls: The user-friendly controls empower your child to take charge of their adventures, promoting independent and confident driving.

  4. Durable Construction: Built with durability in mind, the SF-699 Electric Ride-On Jeep can withstand the energetic escapades of every young explorer.

  5. Comfortable Seating: The ride-on jeep features a comfortable seat, ensuring a cozy and enjoyable experience for your little one during every playtime journey.

  6. Realistic Sound Effects: Elevate the fun with realistic engine sounds, adding a touch of realism to your child's imaginative adventures.

Product Specifications

  1. Model: SF-699 Vehicle Electric Ride-On Jeep
  2. Power Source: Electric
  3. Design: Exciting and kid-friendly
  4. Controls: Easy-to-use for young adventurers
  5. Construction: Durable build for energetic play
  6. Seat Type: Comfortable seating for a cozy ride
  7. Sound Effects: Realistic engine sounds
  8. Recommended Age: Suitable for children [Insert age range]
  9. Dimensions: [Insert dimensions]
  10. Color Options: Available in [Insert color options]

Don't miss out on the adventure! Order the SF-699 Vehicle Electric Ride-On Jeep now and watch as your child embarks on thrilling journeys filled with joy and imagination.

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