UNO Game Card with Shot Glasses

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UNO Game Card with Shot Glasses

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Product description

Product Description

This is the Drink UNO Emoji you love, but this version of the game you love has cards with emojis and symbols and a special rule that requires players to imitate those emojis! As in regular UNO, the player races to get rid of all their cards. You want to match the card in your hand with the current card shown on the top of the deck and you will score points for the cards your opponents leave in your hand. But UNO Emojis also has a new type of action card; When you play along with an Emoji face card, the next player must make and hold the face shown on that card! If they don't hold the expression for two turns, they must draw four cards! It's a fun twist on the world's most loved family game. The first player to reach 500 points wins. When you are on the same map, don't forget to yell UNO » contains 112 cards and instructions. For 2-10 players ages 7 and up. Easy to pick up, impossible to put down.


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