-40% sale
Jumping Chicken Wind up Clockwork Flipping Animal Jumping Chicken Wind up Clockwork Flipping Animal
Jumping Chicken Wind up Clockwork Flipping Animal
Rs.350 Rs.580
Product Description: You just need to rotate the switch and the chicken toy will jump ahead by itself without battery, which is funny to and easy to play.The chicken toy has exquisite soft plush texture and colorful appearance, which is lifelike and comfortable to play.The chicken toy is made of plush and plastic materials  Toy Material: Plastic    Color: colour may vary    Age 12 months and older    Toy size approximately: 7x8 cm
-31% sale
jumping bird wind up clockwork flipping animal
Wind Up Jumping Plastic Bird
Rs.345 Rs.495
Product Description After tighten the winder, the little bird toy will be bounce. Smooth surfaces, safe for the baby to play. Cartoon bird style, a cute toy for your baby. Classic style, making you recollect your carefree childhood.
-24% sale
Wind up Jumping Funny Parrot Toy Wind up Jumping Funny Parrot Toy
Wind up Jumping Funny Parrot Toy
Rs.445 Rs.580
Product Description:  Babies from 3 months old are aware and observe the world around them, they know how to be happy and excited when playing with toys and being teased by people around them. - At this age onwards, toys such as rattles, dice, sensory balls ... are very important in the multi-sensory development of the baby. Funny wind-up toys are also indispensable in the list of baby's first toys - Compact design, baby can grasp, moderate running speed, suitable for the observation ability of young children. - The sound of running sounds fun, cute parrot shape will have the effect of stimulating the baby's hearing ability
-20% sale
funny key operated wind up jumping bee toy
Funny Key Operated Wind Up Jumping Bee Toy
Rs.445 Rs.550
Product Description This is for a non-breakable toy. This is a 2 mm thick plastic toy. Wash it with water or throw it away and nothing will harm this toy. So it is durable. Light weight toys. The child can also improve hand and brain coordination. This toys for beautiful colors and no sharp edges. The toys are clockwork and a key rotating device with no batteries. It can play for indoor and outdoor gaming toys. NOTE COLOR MAY BE VARY
-21% sale
rainbow color wind up fish
Rainbow Color Wind Up Fish - STO
Rs.395 Rs.499
Product Description: Lovely Wind-up Wheeled Fish Toy for Baby Adorable and bright color design appearance High quality plastic material, safe and solid When full win-up, this fish can run on the flat surface and its tail will swing Develop child’s intelligence, and the ability of distinguishing animals and colors
-7% sale
Pull Back Flying Propeller Car Toy Pull Back Flying Propeller Car Toy
Pull Back Flying Propeller Car Toy
Rs.695 Rs.745
Product Description: Experience out-of-this-world fun with our Mini Flying Saucer Ejection Car. This innovative toy combines the thrill of a car and the excitement of a flying saucer, providing hours of entertainment for kids and adults alike. With its ability to zoom around and take off into the sky, it’s an ideal choice for those who love adventure and unique playtime. Flying Propeller Car Toy Pull Back Car      Description: 【Flying Propeller Car Toy】: Pull back cars and flying propeller launch toy, indoor and outdoor toys for kids. Very funny and exciting.【Hit and Launch】: Sports car feature yellow launcher button on the front of this car, when cars crash the launcher, then launch.【Friction Power Toy Cars】: Easy to play, push the cars and let go. Fun toy for vatious play.【High Quality】: All pieces made of PVC, soft and flexible, drop resistance, not easy to break. Smooth edge, safety to play.【Funny Gift】: Our flying propeller car toy is easy for kids to launch and fly Encourage exercise and hand eye coordination. It is will be great gift for holiday, thanksgiving, birthday, party toy. Specification: Material: PVC Size Chart: 10.8cmx4.9cmx5.2cm/4.25inchx1.93inchx2.05inch. Package Includes: 1 Pull Back Cars Toy3 Flying Propeller  
-18% sale
Cartoon Character Baby Friction Car Toy Cartoon Character Baby Friction Car Toy
Cartoon Character Baby Friction Car Toy
Rs.645 Rs.780
Product Description: The Cartoon Character Bus Friction Toy is a delightful and entertaining toy designed to captivate the imagination of children. With its vibrant colors, cute cartoon character design, and interdraft features, this toy is sure to bring hours of fun and imaginative play. This friction-powered toy bus is easy to operate and does not require batteries. Simply push it forward, and it will zoom across the floor with the help of friction wheels. The bus has a smooth and durable construction, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.  The toy features a charming cartoon character design that appeals to children. It may depict popular characters from beloved cartoons, adding an extra level of familiarity and excitement. The bright colors and friendly expressions on the bus bring the character to life, sparking the imagination and creativity of young children. Colorful cars with an attrdraft design, they work by friction Once pushed, the hood of the car opens and the driver moves left-right The size of the car is 8.9×6.4× 6.4 (cm) The car is made of plastic material  Each Sold Separately
-23% sale
Animal Motorcycle Friction Toy Animal Motorcycle Friction Toy
Animal Motorcycle Friction Toy
Rs.895 Rs.1,150
Animal Motorcycle Friction Toy is a fun and interactive toy for kids. Made with high-quality materials, this toy is durable and long-lasting.   The toy features a rotating hand that can move 360 degrees, adding to the fun and excitement.   With its easy tap-to-go forward feature, kids can enjoy endless hours of imaginative play.   This toy comes in a variety of animal designs, making it perfect for kids who love animals.   It is recommended for kids above 3 years of age and is a great way to encourage hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and cognitive development. Let your child's childhood be full of color and fun with the Animal Motorcycle Friction Toy.
-18% sale
Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy
Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy
Rs.825 Rs.995
There are few scratches on the product Introducing the Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy, the perfect toy for children who love playing with dinosaurs! With its impressive size and high-quality design, this toy is sure to provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.   This Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy comes in a packaging box  making it a perfect gift for kids on any occasion. It's made from eco-friendly materials, ensuring that it's safe for children to play with.   Not only is this toy fun and engaging, but it's also competitively priced with good quality. You don't have to break the bank to give your child the gift of entertainment and education.   Invest in your child's playtime and development with the Machine Dinosaur Friction Toy. With its impressive size, eco-friendly materials, and affordable price, it's the perfect toy for kids of all ages. Order yours today and watch your child's imagination soar!   NOTE:COLOR MAY VARY
-16% sale
Flying Disc Launcher Space Flight Flying Disc Launcher Space Flight
Flying Disc Launcher Space Flight
Rs.845 Rs.999
Inertial Power Frisbee Space Flight Designed for children aged 3 and above, ensuring a safe and enjoyable play experience for young ones. This toy is part of a captivating space series, adding an exciting and imaginative element to playtime. Kids can embark on intergalactic adventures with their Frisbee, fostering creativity and exploration. Its eye-catching colors and charming aesthetics make it visually appealing, sparking interest and engagement. Kids can launch it into the air and watch it soar, providing a sense of excitement and wonder. Whether in the backyard, park, or open spaces, kids can enjoy tossing and catching the Frisbee, enhancing their motor skills and coordination. Kids will enjoy the dynamic and interactive experience, discovering the joy of sending their Frisbee on thrilling journeys with each toss.
-26% sale
Moto Diecast Motorcycle With Light And Sound Moto Diecast Motorcycle With Light And Sound
Moto Diecast Motorcycle With Light And Sound
Rs.2,145 Rs.2,895
Product Description: Unlike other plastic cars which is easy to break, our die-cast vehicles are made of premium quality alloy, it’s safe and non-toxic, durable & sturdy, anti-wear & fall resistant. It has racing and motorcycle sound effects, as well as showing off the lights. With independent shock absorbers, it won't , bend or break, even under intense play. Not too big and not too small, it’s just right size for the little hands to manipulate and push around, and it will automatically drive forward, even on the carpet. Friction powered (no battery needed). Just pull it back and then the car will go automatically. Push it forward and run forward to bring fun and excitement to your trot! Provide for children's birthday, holiday gifts. It's easy to play for kids, and it will make an amazing time for parents to interact with toddlers.
-21% sale
Friction 4WD Big Wheel Monster Jeep Toy Friction 4WD Big Wheel Monster Jeep Toy
Friction 4WD Big Wheel Monster Jeep Toy
Rs.1,395 Rs.1,745
Product Description: Handers inertial toy “Big Wheels: Country” is a car with huge wheels that will easily pass all obstacles and win the race. The machine is equipped with a powerful drive for performing tricks. With such a car you can organize races and compete with friends.Features:All details are carefully worked out.Bright and beautiful design.Car size: 11 cm


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