Magnetic Soma Puzzle Cube

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Magnetic Soma Puzzle Cube

Rs.2,550 Rs.3,900 -35% OFF

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Product description


A deceptively simple puzzle, ingeniously made with embedded magnets so that the pieces lock together with a satisfying 'click' as you assemble the puzzle.

There are 7 unique pieces, one made of 3 unit cubes, and 6 more using 4 unit cubes, making all possible shapes that obey the rule 'joined at faces with at least one inside corner'

While the cube is the most compact shape, many other shapes can be created, and inside the box is a deck of cards with 102 such shapes depicted, using all 7 or a subset of the shapes.

Challenging 2 player games can be created with a single cube, and if you have 2 or more, ever larger number of participants can join in the challenge.

And finally, there are 240 solutions to assembling the cube! So no worries, you will be able to do it!

Note: Colors and packaging may vary from illustrations.

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