Dinosaur Climbing Hills Rail Car Colorful Track Set

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Dinosaur Climbing Hills Rail Car Colorful Track Set

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Product description
  • Diversified Track Design: The product features two ascending electric tracks that take vehicles to a high platform for circular motion. The entire track includes six bends, adding excitement and challenges to the riding experience. The design of these bends takes into account the risk of overturning at high speeds, providing children with the fun of rescue missions.
  • Simulated Level Experience: The product includes four obstacle gates, giving riders a sense of setting up checkpoints and inspecting cargo. These gates add gaming and challenge elements, making riders feel excited and satisfied when passing through them.
  • Simulated Gas Station and Parking Lot: While the track is in motion, the product offers a simulated gas station and parking lot experience. Riders can interact with these elements to better simulate real-world traffic scenarios, increasing engagement and entertainment. Additionally, accompanying music during the ride adds dynamic and fun to the experience.
  • Dinosaur Crane: The product is equipped with a crane that can lift and lower items. Next to the crane is a loading point for items like stones. Additionally, there is a rolling track beside the crane where stones can roll from the top to the bottom and be loaded onto the train via the loading arm for transportation. This design allows children to experience crane operations and item loading, promoting interactive and creative play.
  • Rich Interactive Experience: The entire product offers a diverse range of interactive experiences, including challenging bends, rescue missions, level setups, cargo inspections, refueling and parking, crane operations, and more. These interactive elements not only enhance the fun of riding but also foster children's imagination, dexterity, and problem-solving skills.

    Dinosaur Climbing Hills Railcar Colorful Track Set


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