Electronic Bank ATM Money Box

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Electronic Bank ATM Money Box

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Product description


Teach financial responsibility and savings habits in a fun and interactive way with our Electronic Bank ATM Money Box. This innovative toy replicates the functions of a real ATM, allowing children to deposit, withdraw, and manage their money securely while providing valuable lessons in money management and financial literacy.

Key Features

  1. Realistic ATM Functions: Mimics the functions of a real ATM machine, including a card slot, PIN keypad, display screen, and cash drawer, providing an authentic banking experience for kids.
  2. Interactive Operation: Kids can insert a pretend ATM card, enter a PIN code, check their balance, make deposits, withdraw cash, and view transaction history, promoting hands-on learning and engagement.
  3. Built-in Security Features: Features a security code system to protect access to the ATM, teaching children the importance of keeping their personal information safe and secure.
  4. Automatic Coin Recognition: Equipped with a coin slot that automatically recognizes and calculates the value of coins deposited, making it easy for kids to track their savings progress.
  5. Educational Content: Provides valuable lessons in money management, goal setting, and financial responsibility, helping children develop essential life skills from an early age.

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: Approximately 10 inches (height) x 6 inches (width) x 4 inches (depth)
  • Material: Durable plastic construction
  • Power Source: Requires batteries (not included) or can be plugged into a power outlet for continuous operation
  • Features: Card slot, PIN keypad, display screen, coin slot, cash drawer
  • Recommended Age: Suitable for children aged 5 years and above
  • Usage: Ideal for teaching financial literacy and savings habits at home or in educational settings
  • Safety: Conforms to ASTM and CPSIA safety standards

Empower children to take control of their finances and learn valuable money management skills with our Electronic Bank ATM Money Box. With its realistic features and interactive functions, it's the perfect tool for fostering financial literacy and responsible saving habits from a young age.


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