Fingertip Magic Ball Magnetic Rings Controlled Spinner Ball

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Fingertip Magic Ball Magnetic Rings Controlled Spinner Ball

Rs.995 Rs.1,800 -45% OFF

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Product description

Product Description:

Master the forcefield with Spinos magnetospheres! Spin the sphere to play. Connect your power ring with the magnetic force field around the Spinos to magically control the spinning sphere without touching it. You can actually feel the power between the ball and the ring. There are tons of games and tricks you can play and learn from battling to maze challenges. There are different sets and you can collect and connect them all. Everything works together so the more you get the bigger, more challenging, and more fun your trax system becomes. Powered by magnets. No batteries required. Ages 6+. • Control the spinning sphere with the power ring! • Learn and make up tons of tricks! • Comes with one Spinos and one power ring. • Ages 6+
Become a master of magnetism! Fit the power ring onto your finger and then spin the special Spinos ball like a top. With your hand hovering over the ball, you can instantly feel the power.
Guide the spinning Spinos ball in any direction without ever touching it!
Move it through a complex obstacle course. Invent and complete all kinds of amazing tricks while exploring the limits of its force field.
You can even launch it off of a ramp and send it soaring! With the Spinos Solo set, magnetism becomes another thrilling dimension of play.

Spinos Solo
  • Magnetic ball-trick set
  • Encourages fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, creativity
  • Magnetism becomes another dimension of play
  • Spin the ball like a top and then control it without touching it using the magnetic power ring
  • Invent and attempt all kinds of tricks
  • Explore the science of magnetism and momentum
  • Includes one ball, one power ring
  • No batteries required – Powered entirely by magnets!
  • Ball measures 1.5 inches in diameter
  • High quality design and materials – Lasting durability
  • Packing List:

    1 * Ring
    1 * Ball

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