Philips Avent Anti Colic Baby Bottle

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Philips Avent Anti Colic Baby Bottle


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Product description

An anti-colic valve is a feature commonly found in baby bottles and teats that are designed to reduce colic and discomfort in babies during feeding. When a baby feeds from a bottle, they may swallow air along with the milk, which can lead to gas and discomfort in their tummy. The anti-colic valve helps to prevent this by allowing air to flow into the bottle and out through a separate vent, rather than into the baby's tummy.


The valve works by flexing as the baby feeds, which allows air to enter the bottle to prevent a vacuum from forming. The air is then directed towards the back of the bottle through the vent, keeping it away from the milk and reducing the risk of your baby swallowing air. This can help to prevent colic, gas, and other digestive issues that can be uncomfortable for your baby.


Overall, an anti-colic valve is a useful feature to look for when choosing a baby bottle or teat, as it can help to make feeding time more comfortable for your little one.


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