Rabbit Scale

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Rabbit Scale

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Product description

Introducing the Rabbit Carrot Math Balance Toy Set – an engaging and educational tool designed to make learning math a delightful experience for children.

Key Features:
  • Math Skills: Fosters basic counting and foundational math skills through an interactive balancing game. Teaches math pairing weights, making learning intuitive and enjoyable. Children observe pointer deflection, enhancing their understanding of balance.
  • Memory Improvement: Enhances memory while promoting interactive play. The vibrant graphics and colorful design captivate the attention of the entire family, making learning a shared and memorable experience.
  • Easy to Grasp: The three-dimensional model ensures a perfect fit for small hands. The toy's size, featuring numbers and animal weights, provides a firm grip, and rounded corners prevent accidental falls, making it safe for young learners.
  • High-Quality Material: Crafted from safe and tasteless ABS material, the Montessori digital balance toy is wear-resistant and durable. Parents can trust in its quality, ensuring a lasting and secure playtime for their children.
  • Wide Applications: Loved by thousands of children, this math balance toy is an ideal teaching tool for parents, families, and teachers. Perfect for use in homes, schools, kindergartens, and remedial classes, it serves as an effective and enjoyable way to reinforce mathematical concepts.
  • Make learning math an exciting adventure with the Rabbit Carrot Math Balance Toy Set – where education meets entertainment for young minds.


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