8.5"LCD Alliance Heros Writing Tablet

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8.5"LCD Alliance Heros Writing Tablet

Rs.1,695 Rs.2,295 -27% OFF

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Product description

Product Description:                                   

Size and Display: The Alliance Heroes Writing Tablet boasts an 8.5-inch LCD screen with a vivid, high-contrast display. This size strikes a perfect balance between portability and usability, making it suitable for students, professionals, artists, and anyone who wants to digitize their handwritten notes or sketches.

Pressure Sensitivity: This writing tablet supports pressure-sensitive input, which means that your lines will appear thicker or thinner based on the pressure you apply, making it a fantastic tool for artists and designers looking for a natural drawing experience.

One-Touch Erase: One of the standout features of this tablet is its one-touch erase function. With a single press of the erase button, you can instantly clear the screen and start fresh. This feature makes it incredibly user-friendly and efficient, eliminating the need for messy erasers or costly paper.

Stylus Pen Included: The Alliance Heroes Writing Tablet comes with a stylus pen that provides a comfortable grip and precise control over your writing or drawing. The stylus is lightweight and responsive, mimicking the feel of writing on paper.

Long Battery Life: You won't have to worry about frequent recharging with this tablet. It is powered by a long-lasting battery that can last for weeks or even months on a single charge, depending on usage patterns. This makes it an excellent choice for students and professionals who need a reliable device for on-the-go note-taking.

Durable and Environmentally Friendly: Constructed with high-quality materials, the tablet is designed to withstand everyday use. Additionally, it's an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper notebooks, reducing paper waste and helping you contribute to a more sustainable environment.

Versatile Applications: Whether you're a student taking notes in class, a professional in meetings, or an artist sketching your next masterpiece, the Alliance Heroes Writing Tablet is a versatile tool that can adapt to your needs. It's compatible with various note-taking and drawing apps, ensuring seamless integration with your digital workflow.

Portable and Lightweight: This tablet is slim and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your bag or backpack. It's perfect for individuals who are always on the move and need a convenient way to take notes or create art while away from their desks.



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