Gobang Double Sided Board Game

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Gobang Double Sided Board Game

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Product description

Product Description:

Flying Chess:

For 2-4 People to play at the same time, holding 4 pieces of flat chess in a single color as their 4 aircraft, up to 16 pieces.

Function play method:

Takeoff rule: only when the dice roll 5 or 6, the plane can fly from the apron, when the dice roll 6, you can roll the dice again.

Walking, jumping rules: 

pieces on the map, if the plane take the initiative to fly to the same cell and their colors, can forward a same color grid, if under a same color format join the fast-track, directly across fast lanes.

Rules of mid-air collision:

When a chess piece reaches a single position in the process of moving, if an enemy chess piece has stopped, the opponent's chess piece can be chased back to the base.


"Destination" is the destination of game pieces. When a player has a piece that reaches the bos, it means that it has reached the end point and cannot control the piecel. Traditional flying chess rule, players will just go to the end to calculate "reach", if the player throws the dice points can't just go to the end, the extra point, pieces will walk back.

The first player to fly all aircraft to the destination wins.

1. Wood material manufacturing ensuring durable and safety for children play.
2. Helps to develop children's counts and sequences as well as spatial cognition ability.
3. Perfect birthday gift for a child, and can be used for party games.
4. Finely polished surface without burrs makes it safety for children to play.
5. Double sided chess board, come with complete accessories, interesting to play.



Use chess pieces:

Two players play chess, each playing black or white pieces of 30 pieces, a total of 60 pieces.

How to Play:

Two players take turns to drop, and the first five pieces on the board are filled with diagonal lines



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